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After reading Choupi's blog, i started to thought about my own situation... and i realize i don't understand anything about boys! :lol:

I thought i could start something with a man who worked with me, but now that he work somewhere else, when i send him messages, i don't see anything between us in the futur. He wanted me to have his number, now he has mine but even if he keep on telling me compliments, he didn't ask anything.. Maybe he has given up or he waits for me to ask first. Anyway, as i won't, the story ends here, good if we stay friends, if not.. nervermind.

I don't know what is wrong with me, but there is obviously something.
I take care of myself only for me, i want to be at ease on my own skin for Monté Carlo and Barcelona, if only tennis can makes me happy, i want to feel good and in peace with myself.

I won't talk about Gaston too much, i thought about his sadness all the time and what happened to him in the semi still upset me.
I wish i could do something for him. people are so unfair and nasty with him, whereas he's an angel. I want to protect him, defend him, support him.
I hope people around him will find the right words to comfort him :hug:
I can only swear that i will be beside him whatever it happens, i hope i will have the chance to say that to him soon.
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