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First of all i wanna say a big :tape: to the meterologists who told us the barometer will go lower :bigcry: they said the temperature will be 26 today with a lot of clouds......i went out and what i got ? 36 degrees with a huge sun, it was too hot so i came back home !! As soon as this stupid heat leave , i'll do some tennis practise, i missed it so much this holidays, i'm sure i'll play crap because i haven't play for a month now :scratch: it means that i could miss the Uso,promise i'll be ready for the Masters Cup in Shangai after my brilliant season i deserved it :lol: Roger and the other get ready !!! (others= except Rafa, i'll let him win)

Tennistically speaking now (even if i did in the last paragraph...well let's speak about professional tennis i mean!!) .
I fear there is a magic spell
above Marat's head, he can't regain his confidence,his usual coolness. In January 2005 he was back from an injure and he found the strenght to win the Ao, producing one of his best match (vs Roger everybody remebers it) but now he hasn't the same state of mind, he seems quite unhappy, less smily; in short he has no pleasure playing.I'm persuaded that there is nothing wrong with his tennis, and that all is in his stubborned head!!!! He lost weight,he has rings under the eyes, i know he had a lot of personal problems(girls,girls,girls..) but i find it strange.It seems that even Peter Lundgren one of the best coach in the world (one of Rafa's fav sentence ''one of the best in the jhistory :haha: sorry let's back to marat!!) can't help him!!It seems that there is no conversations between them, for sure it's very hard because Marat is very special and moody but i'm sure it still remain something to save Marat!!! At least i want to keep the faith, i'm sure there is somewhere in this 2 meters guy a liltle flame that is still telling him that one day he'll be in the top 3 (after Roger and Rafa ) :p at last i hope !!
Concerning we say in France "no news,good news" i hope he'll stop his sunbath on the Porto Cristo's beach with Xisca :lol: because it's time to kneel North America down chico !!!!!! So stop resting, take your rackets, the luggage mom kindly prepared you,Xisca and Toni , and course on Toronto!!! I can't wait !!!!

While i'm talking rubbish (tennis is not rubbish but in comparision to war it's ridiculous), rockets and bombs are still raining on Israel and Lebanon . I've heard something in the news is that Israel used some forbidden weapon (chimical) what an unfair war :( even if both countries are wrong acting like they are, lebanese citizen are the real victims, why destroying a whole country when all you are fighting is a bunch of terrorist, why bombing food industries ,why bombing Christians suburbs when you are fighting Hezbollah ? That's what i would like to know because i've tried to understand it, but there is no logical.The only thing they are created is another humanitary crisis.If you want to wipe Hezbollah out, so take your guts and go fighting in the streets instead of hiding behind huge tanks and planes and killing so many innocents.

The thing that drives me over the edge is US and the b*** Conddie Rice.(not sure behind this woman there is a human heart :scared: ), Us want this conflict to continue so that mid-east will be weaker and Us could rule it a bit more. She said Us want a durable ceasefire, this durable ceasefire implies that the conflict goes to its end (the end= Israel's victory) and much more killing :( If she talks about the same ceasefire as in Irak "no thanks" I'm done with it because it makes me sick!!

aw it's not a positive post ...ok promise next time i'll try to see life with pink glasses!!!!!
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