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Love the guy, wish him the best, but is it me or does he only have 1 mode: accelerate? In particular I was thinking of the passing shot he attempted in the 2nd set tb against muller, at 8-9 I believe, US Open 2k5 1st round. He drove it really hard cross-court (to which McEnroe said, I don't think he's hit a bh passing shot all match!) BUT...he didn't keep it low! Muller's a big guy, so all he had to do was get a racquet on it and aim it down into the court. And now my point:

I was watching the Coria - Mantilla first round match in grandstand a few days ago (literally in the 1st row) and was amazed at the variety of shots Coria has. Let's just discuss the passing shot. He can hit a little dipper that just loops over the net, and he can of course drive the ball quickly. (And the lob of course.) Coria doesn't always go for a winner with every passing shot, when he's out of balance he just dinks it low to stay in the point.

Anyway I think Andy needs to learn to change gears and maybe play a little smarter, not just full steam ahead. Esp 1 set down in the 1st round with all the pressure on you NOT to lose because of your mojo commercials, yada yada. Some points you can't just power your way through. Gotta gut it out.

All the best Andy! Please be a student of the game and learn touch as well as the power game!

Side note: the passing shot muller hit down the line to win the 2nd set tb was a good example of not going for too much except extreme accuracy. Good job muller just hitting a good accurate low high percentage shot!
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