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YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!! Thomas got his wild-card for the qualies of the MS Parisbas, I'm so happy !!! It was deserved as a former winner of the tournament, and he's still one of the player who won the most of titles at the moment !!! :banana:

It was a great idea to "spam" the FFT website to ask a wild-card for him !! I'd like to thank the Enqvist's fans from my website, Birte and Carlita from MTF, who mobilized and the non-enqvist fans (mainly from the Gonzalez forum) who sent a message for me, thank you girls :yeah:

So, in the first round, Thomas will face Tursunov, a young player from Russia. I have never seen him play but I think it will be a tough 1st round for Thomas. He'll have his fan club behind him, we'll be there with our traditionnal swedish flag :lol:, now, he knows her cause we come with it in each tournament, so he'll be happy to have some live support (I hope) !!!

The match will start at 10.00 am, and I'm not in bed (it's 00.30 am), and I have to get up at 7.30 am, to leave at 8.30am and to be at the stadium around 9 o'clock !!!

We'll be 5 there (Aurélie, her mum, Stéphanie and Lilia), big thoughts to Lily (Enqvist angel), who will be in Anvers to attend to an Ace of Base concert, we'll miss you Amélie !!!!!!!!! Have fun in Anvers (Antwerp) :banana:

I'll try to post some pics if I know how to upload them in this blog :lol: :lol: If someone could help me, it would appreciated.

The other good news is that Gonzalez is in the semis in Basel !!! You rock, Fernando !!! I wanted to see him in Paris on Sunday, and have a pic with him, but I think it's going to fail. I almost wished a loss today (bad fan I am), but I'm happy that he's playing great and still fighting to compete in the Masters Cup !!!

Last thing, I'm happy to be in the week-end !! This week has been tough at work, and I'm sure that tennis will be a good medecine for me :) :)

Well, good luck to Thomas tomorrow, you are the best !!! :bounce: :bounce:
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