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So first week of my final year at uni. What can I say? it seems to be better than I had expected, although... It's a mess at times. the info about the subjects we have to choose is contradictive, and nobody knows if it's the right information. :rolleyes: Anyway, I'm thinking about taking Finnish II and Northern European Culture. I also might take Middle English, since I kind of like the prof and her way of teaching. And a good thing about this year is that I have two days off (for now) :bounce:

yesterday there was some opening party for the new academic year. It was pretty cool, we went to 't hof van commerce (a belgian hip hop band), and the atmosphere was great. It was a bit too crowded though lol.

And then, about the house. It's very nice there, I like the room, but the people living there are SO asocial. We have a common kitchen but I haven't seen anyone there yet. I went knocking on their doors but only 2 of the other 5 were home. A girl called Ellen and a guy called Lieven. They seemed nice (and Lieven is kind of hmmmm attractive :angel: :lol: ), but I don't think I'll see them often lol. Both seemed a bit quiet and shy. And it doesn't help when you're like that as well :lol: it's a miracle I even went to ask them about it :eek: Two others were gone this week (including the guy who knows how to install the internet) and I haven't seen the other one yet.

So internet will have to wait for a bit since I'll be going to the challenger in Mons this weekend and on Monday and Tuesday. I hope it will be good because I really don't know what to expect lol.

have a good evening / weekend everyone! :)
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