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I almost felt myself have a nervous breakdown after having taken my adolescent lit. test last week-the test I ended up getting an A on. I had to have read four novels and six chapters from the class textbook. What a test! I'm still astounded by my effort, but I'll take it. Next test....Brit. Lit.

Second...I've decided to go to the President's Scholarship Gala this year (to be held April 8). I will ask for a new dress to wear to this occasion. Maybe a pink color?

I have three outside-the-office activities that I'll be involved in: two small workshops and the big conference. Yea...I can't wait. Unfortunately, I cannot return to NC for the regional conference workshop because the years I've been in my industry and work experience don't qualify me to go anymore. Instead, another co-worker and I may be able to attend a Mid-Level conference for those with my level of experience and higher. I haven't seen any details yet, but I'll inquire, that's for sure.'s almost here: time to apply for Student Teaching..which I will not do until next spring. I register for fall classes April 3, so I will know exactly what I'll take and when. Hopefully, by then, my advisors will have taken a look at what I need and made the necessary accommodations. Crossing my fingers on this one. In order for me to be able to student teach, I must pass the PRAXIS in the content area and my concentration area. I can do it....I know I can.

Meanwhile, I'm reading Stephen King's Carrie for adolescent literature (I'm really not into graphic novels, but I'll keep an open mind) and Spidergirl for my thematic unit. I'm more into DC Comics rather than Marvel simply because I was raised on DC. Right now, Marvel Comics are doing amazingly well, its characters making a big splash on the big screen (Spiderman and XMen in particular). So far, I like what I've read. Question is, how will I make people buy into the comparisons with The Color Purple? Now, that's what I aim to find out very soon.
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