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Because he doesn't give 2 Expletives about clay season.

I get that he is in Djokovic's half at rome so he may very well end his run in the semi final's but what happens if Kei beats Djokovic, he has
in no means been in form at rome so far. Murray beat Kei at Madrid fairly easily. The race even shows us that Murray is not far off Djokovis at this point

Djokovic 5565
Murray 3760

What i'm getting at is it seems Andy is "saving" himself for Roland Garros when he should be trying to get as many points as possible during his worst part of the season.
Which he hasn't been able to do in the past, now he's having the best clay season of his life and he quits Rome. Just doesn't make sense seeing he sat out Monte Carlo.
I mean i can almost guarantee he won't be winning Roland garros so if he somehow added final points or even title points at rome then went deep at Roland Garros he'd be defending
very little at the end of the season (unlike Djokovic) and be heading into his favorite slam with a chance to maybe snag at least a few weeks at #1 or even better for him finish a year
at #1.

Perhaps #1 just doesn't phase Murray at all. But at the moment player's like Roddick and Hewitt are in the history books for this great achievement and even though title wise Andy's done
more then both it just seems odd he doesn't give a crap.
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