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Who will o down as the greater player?

  • Stich

    Votes: 15 28.8%
  • Safin

    Votes: 37 71.2%

This is what off-season is made of: Safin vs. Stich - who's greater?

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The original idea was comparing Duck with Stich, but that was too much of a no brainer :p

I bet many Safin-Idiots will say Safin is by far greater because of his extra-Slam title, but in my book Stich will go down as the greater player, with Slam finals on all 3 surfaces and a smashing performance at the 93 YEC. It's really shocking he did not win more, but the same is often said about Safin.
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Stich is the only player in history with a perfect career record (no losses) at the year-end championships... ;)
Very hard to say. Safin did reach No. 1 though, Stich No. 2.

IMO its very hard to call.

PS - I like Stich :p
Stich reached all GS semifinals - something that Safin never did and I'm afraid will never do
Stich made a GS final on his worst surface, but hey they don't reward GS title for style alone/
Career titles

Stich: 18
Safin: 15


Stich: 13
Safin: 11


Stich: 1
Safin: 2

Slam Runner-ups

Stich: 2
Safin: 2

Career won-loss

Stich: 385-176=68%
Safin: 379-221=63%

Australian Open

Stich: 16-7
Safin: 28-7

Roland Garros

Stich: 26-8
Safin: 24-9


Stich: 25-8
Safin: 11-8

US Open

Stich: 16-8
Safin: 21-7

Overall slam record

Stich: 83-31
Safin: 84-31

Davis cup singles records

Stich: 21-9 (1 cup)
Safin: 19-14 (2 cups)
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Both of course extraordinarily talented. I loved watching Stich play. Even though he was a late-comer to the sport, he could do it all: rally from the back, serve-and-volley....everything.
Safin will win of course. :p
Off-season is made of future tournaments :rocker2:
Stich is the only player in history with a perfect career record (no losses) at the year-end championships... ;)
yep, but he only played once at YEC :p
yep, but he only played once at YEC :p
Thanks for the stats. They are very close, therefore, the extra Slam for Safin tips the scale in his favor. Considering their talent, however, both are underachievers.
#1 + 2GS >> #2 + 1GS
even if one slam wonder was better all-round player than two-time slam champion.
Safin due to his 2nd slam but certainly a legit comparison.
Stich voted in the Bundesrat

So , Safin has to win a place in the Duma
Well, this is not such a bad comparison. Stich was a great player but i feel that the extra slam and getting to Number 1 just a few weeks give safin the slight edge. And this has nothing to do wityh me being a fan of the guy :lol:
Safin but it's VERY close.
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