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I finally went to an eyes specialist yesterday :awww:
I have a big treatment for my lacrymal dryness then i will make a lot of tests on january.. Doctor suggested another operation for me, nothing is sure.. I don't want another but.. i let the door a bit open, we'll see... This man inspirated me confidence...

Is there any people here who thinks (like me) that friendship between me and women are possible? it seems it's not :rolleyes: I'm very disappointed by my situation now..

The good thing of the week is that something had changed between Tomine and me, we're linked again. i feel it.
For people who doesn't know, she was my ex-best friend and we had a stupid argument but bad people in our surroundings made our arguments bigger and Tomine became crazy!
I'm really happy about that cause, of course, i missed her.

What's more? i'm starting to be ill :s i feel very exhausted these days, of course my eyes are a part of the pb but i feel really weak, my body hurts and i feel sleepy all the time! yesterday i went to bed at 10PM, probably already slept at 10.30 but i'm still tired!
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