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sigmagirl91 said:
Why didn't you? No force of law would have prevented me from cussing her out and slapping her around the block a few times.

(a) Because I was afraid I would have been kicked out and miss the end of the match.

(b) Because I didn't want to embarrass the people who got me my ticket.

(c) Because I've never actually slapped anyone in my life and wouldn't have known what to do - LOL!!!!

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Vamos DAVID! good luck with Johansson! :bounce:
Yesterday I was watching David numbers in Grand Slams. They are impressive!

(W/L and % of wins)
Aus Open: 13/4 so 76,5%
French Open: 11/4 so 73,3%
Wimb: 13/2 so 86,7% :eek:
U.S. open: 8/4 so 66,7%
Total: 45/14 so 76,3%

And the ironic thing is that after this, you must read his detractors, saying that he is one of the more overrated players , fat and with a fat ass..... :haha:
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