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It snowed again....and as usual, no more than 2 inches fell to the ground and stuck. Nevertheless, the roads are safe to travel, and I'm scheduled to meet family for lunch/dinner in an hour.

I have a test in adolescent literature on Thurs.-over vocabulary, best methods to teach AL, and the four novels the class read thus far. Meanwhile, I'm doing work on a graphic novel for this class, and I haven't started. I'm not panicking, though, because I wrote something three years ago, and I will use it.

I still haven't received "The Picture of Dorian Gray" in the mail. Fortunately, I don't have to bother with reading this novel until March.

I still need to finish my classroom map. It's not hard, and I have a good majority of the assignment done. Just have to polish it up and submit for a grade.

And....a few more things: pay for the gala, find out from my Brit. Lit. prof what topics are acceptable for our seminar paper (and submit before I leave for conference), find out from my adolescent lit. teacher what topics are acceptable for our research paper, get Spidergirl and The Color Purple read during Spring Break (I've already started on Spidergirl), find out if I'm able to attend the spring conference for my job, and find out what classes I can take for summer and beyond.
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