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...I was in college.

Some of them were:

1. Moving out of my parents' house :awww: what a cruel world it is outside when you're on your own :p

2. Moving into a new city that i got to like very much, except for the traffic lines at rush hours. It was only a 2 hour drive from my hometown too :yeah:

3. Meeting my best friends (boys and girls included), one of them made me her 'Dame of Honor' when she got married a year ago :hug: :bounce:

4. Falling in love for the first time :inlove: - like real love, not puppy love - we broke up later on, but still talk to each other :).

5. Almost quiting - i did continue thanks to my grandma who pursue me to do otherwise (that's why i dedicated my thesis to her).

6. Dating two guys at the same time :aplot:, in my defense i told them both, and it wasn't like i was their gf, so it was OK. Haven't done it ever since: too much work :lol: or maybe i just lose my charm :scratch: Nah, don't think so :p.

7. Watching Alanis Morissette performed live (twice) :rocker2: :worship:

8. Going to a No Doubt concert :rocker2: - Gwen is good!

9. Camping on the beach :yippee:

10. Getting drunk for the first time :drink: - i'm not much of a drinker so it mark a milestone in my life :lol: my friends still remember it :lol:

11. Watching Friends - i so miss that show :sad:

12. Watching CSI, almost change my major because of it :lol: thank goodness i didn't :eek:.

13. Failing a subject for the first time, damn you diff. eq. :ras: - we're even now ;).

14. Taking 2 tests on a saturday :rolleyes:, lab practices during holidays :eek:, taking summer courses in order to advance faster or get even with my classes (thanks again diff. eq. :ras: ).

15. Not sleeping in my dorm for 2 str8 weeks. because of all the work we had to get done in such a short time we created a big study group and everyday we went to a different house. The good thing was that it worked :D the bad that i felt like living in hotels without the service.

16. Organizing events - so much fun :dance: that also helped me meeting people from other unis.

17. Watching Andy win the USO - on tv of course - but still :bounce: :rocker2:

18. Doing this crazy thing for an economics class, we were set in differents groups and were supposed to come up with a product and developed the whole campaing for it. My group was an all girl, so we came up with a cream to reduce fatness :lol: we called it reduxcream. Got an A btw. It was pretty :cool:

19. Getting gastritis :eek: do to stress. I'm fine now though.

20. Drinkin' my first Smirnoff Ice :cool:

21. Climbing a mountain that's behind my uni with a Hollywood like sing with its name on it. Legend says that in order to graduate on time you must climb it :eek:, i don't believe in such things but i did it anyway :p

22. Not sleeping for 48 h.

23. Getting my heart broken :tears:

24. Getting hearts broken :awww: - not too many though.

25. Discovering that coffee makes me sleepy :help:

26. Getting a kickass internship :bounce:

27. Graduating!!!! i wasn't 1st, 2nd or 3rd in my class, but i was 4th :bounce: and if i was last i wouldn't care either 'cause the important thing is finishing :bigclap: :D

I think this is my longest entry ever, but is just that college rules!!!

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This post made me smile. College was the most exciting and scary years of my life. Your list brought back memories...............:hug: :hug:
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