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The TennisAtlantic/The Grandstand courtside Videocast Featuring MTFers (episode 1)

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Hi MTFers my site and Ricky Dimon's site The Grandstand have combined to create a current tennis based videocast (Via google hangouts) the first episode is here and features myself, Ricky, and MTFers Courtney Massey, Niall Clarke and Jeff McMillan, in addition to blogger Jared Pine. We discussed some pre AO predictions, the Isner/Ferrer Auckland situation, ATP tour action this week and last week, and the future for Del Po, Cilic and others. I hope you check it out and we appreciate feedback/comments/questions etc so we can incorporate that into later shows, our next should be when the AO draw comes out, and generally are discussions will be ATP based with some WTA analysis as well in a laid back but professional environment. Our hangout schedule will be based around the big events on the tennis calendar.

We plan to rotate the people we have on (besides me, Ricky and Courtney), so I expect more MTF people, along with other tennis analysts) to participate on future episodes.
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Post a Link for da lazy people.
This is episode 2 featuring Prodigy, Chris, Niall, myself, Ricky Dimon and Courtney. we discussed the AO draw and such
Re: The TennisAtlantic/The Grandstand courtside Videocast Featuring MTFers (episode 3

Episode 3, discussing AO week 1 and AO week 2 lookahead. Myself, Courtney Massey, Valerie David of Tennis Inside Out, Jean-Yves Aubone a former NCAA All-American tennis player and Joey Hanf of the Tennis Nerds participated in this episode. We discussed Kyrgios, Federer and Seppi, Gael Monfils, Nadal-Berdych, Jaziri, Hewitt and more!
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