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:sad: Ivo lost to Dmitry Tursanov yesterday in the semi finals at the Sunrise Challenger in Florida.

For the second match in a row there was three tiebreaks in the match with Tusanov winning. The final score was 6-7(8), 7-6(5), 7-6(3).

Ivo also served 30 aces in the match but it wasnt enough against the No.2 seed. Ivo cant be too disappointed by his loss though, Dmirty is ranked higher than Ivo.

Ivo served a total of 88 aces in 4 matches at Sunrise! :) Its also interesting to note that in the 4 matches, Ivo played 11 sets of which 9 were tiebreak sets!!! :eek:

Still it means Ivo has a day off before Miami - NASDAQ Open . :)

From Sunrise Tournament - Interview with Tursanov.

There’s not that much strategy,” Dmitry Tursunov explained after his three-set win over Ivo Karlovic. “You just try to get one of your returns in, and make sure you don’t do anything stupid on your serve.”

Apparently that practicality worked – and, it helps if your ace-machine opponent has some trouble finding the serve box – even though Karlovic blasted 30 aces in three long sets. Tursunov got looks at second serves throughout the match – but it was still tough to break the tree-like Croat, whose first serve has been clocked in the 140s. Even Karlovic’s second serve has a wicked kick.

“It’s hard for me to judge, it comes in fairly fast so it’s hard to tell if he’s serving well or not,” Tursunov said. “My return offset some of his aces, but it’s difficult to play in these conditions where the ball is heavy. Even if you guess right and make contact with the ball it’s still fairly hard to control it. You just hope that he’s going to serve some second serves and you’re going to get some looks.”

And you have to hope that Karlovic’s wicked slice flaps the net a few times on key points – which it did. On the other hand it’s always amazing to watch the big guy play his delicate drop shots and razor-volleys – especially when the Russian whips a slice down at his shoelaces. For a 6’ 10” tall guy like Dr. Ivo – picking those off is like reaching out of a two-story window to swat a cat.

Tursonov served strongly throughout the match, and fired aggressive winners on returns when he could get a racquet on the ball.

Tursunov says that in tiebreaks – the “don’t do anything stupid” rule is especially important. “I think he also realizes that tiebreaks are a little bit of a crapshoot. With him, there’s not much I can do. If the ball comes in at 140, if I don’t guess right –it’s not that I didn’t train enough or I’m doing something wrong - it’s just physically impossible to guess it right sometimes.”

“It’s kind of hard to play the way you want to play against a server of his caliber,” Tursunov adds. “I thought I did a good job of playing within myself and not doing anything silly. Hopefully I’ll win tomorrow, but he’s definitely one of the most difficult players to play so I’m very happy to get through.”

The final score was 6-7(8), 7-6(5), 7-6(3).
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