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It went as quickly as it came...the storm. Well, it really wasn't a storm. I didn't rain any harder than usual. It was the wind that blew so hard, my lights went out for more than 45 minutes. I made do without TV, computer, lights for that long.

I watched my neighbors come out of their houses with bright flashlights, talking softly among themselves; several cars and trucks pull in and out of our complex; and police cars whizzing by, their sirens wailing in the night. All this....and it was pitch dark outside. I was headed toward REM sleep when the lights came back on to snap me out my reverie.

As I type this, I'm just now getting back online as a result of the temporary power outage. I was watching American Idol when all this happened, so I missed the rest of the voting. I can check the website for updates. Hopefully, in doing so, the storm doesn't return....
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