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I've read them both, and I've discovered the one similarity that brings these two novels together-the need to be oneself despite what everyone else expects or wants.

May Mayday Parker is Spidergirl and the daughter of Peter Parker, who used to be Spiderman until the loss of his leg ends his superhero career. May ends up inheriting her father's spider senses from birth (although the doctors said that she did not) and initially does not understand what that means. She is expected, as a popular athlete and straight-A student, to go to college on an athletic scholarship. However, her legacy as Spiderman's daughter is more pressing to her than the lure of the college experience and the scholarship offers. As a result, she ends up being a superhero-a career choice that her parents certainly do not approve of, and one that others doubt she could fulfill.

If Celie, the main character of Color Purple, has aspirations, she had better not let them be known. According to her mother and stepfather, her place was at home caring for the younger children and her mother-and catering to the incestuous whims of her stepfather. Although Mr. was promised in marriage to Nettie, Celie's younger sister, her stepfather gives Celie to him. As the novel goes on, we gather that Celie was powerless to change the situations that life presented to her, and friends like Shug Avery offer her the motivation to demand more from herself and life. Somehow, she finds the courage to say no to the oppression of her body and spirit and leave a marriage that she didn't want. Eventually, she begins a business and regains her family after years of separation.

May and Celie together offer us a portrait in the courage of women. Women are powerful forces if they choose to be. Despite society's determination to subjugate women and convince them that they are lesser, women continue to find their voices and raise them collectively to effect changes in their communities, nations, and the world.

I am expected to present this as a thematic unit at the end of the semester.
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