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Dressing cubicle and red shirt source of wins sez Paradorn

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Asia's top tennis player Paradorn Srichaphan said on Monday he owed all his victories to a single red shirt and a lucky dressing cubicle he picks out at the beginning of each tournament.

The 23-year-old Thai has shot up the world rankings to 18 from 120th at the start of the year, and said using only one cubicle in the dressing room for a whole tournament helps make him mentally strong.

"It is my belief to hold on to one single room at each tournament. It makes me happy and has induced my good performances," Paradorn told a Thai television talk show to be aired on Tuesday.

"If the one I want is occupied, I'll wait until it's free, even if there are other cubicles available."

Paradorn swaps a white shirt for his favourite lone red shirt in the middle of a match he thinks he will win.

"I only wear it when I feel a victory is coming," he said. "I wash it myself after each game, and it only takes one hour to dry."

actually, i kinda prefer him without any shirt... :lick:

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