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The Red Dragon is represent as a Welsh Dragon. I like the design and the shape of the dragon. It's cool. You know there's a famous legend be acquainted with the dragon, it's known as Merlin. It's consists about undisputed fight between a red dragon and a white dragon. According to the prophecy, as most heroes, the red dragon have gone into critical situation but at the last moment he turned it to the victory. This fight represent the conflict that happened in the 5th 'til 6th centuries when British Celts/Welsh (as a red dragon) were invaded by Saxons (as a white dragon).

The flag is the only flag of the constituent countries of the UK not to be used in the Union Jack. It always be the most favorite flag for me besides the depth history that is contained in it.

The problem is I'm not a Welsh at all... so don't be tricked by what you've seen....actually I'm coming from a place at east of Indian Ocean par with equator line and it's a border between 2 continent....sometimes my country is called as an 'emeralds in equator'.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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