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Adelaide, Australia:
JMDP bt. Paulo 7-6(3), 0-6, 6-3
:confused: :( :sad: :hug:

I choose to believe that it's the heat, not the head again!... :eek:


I'm writing a diary almost everyday. But tonight I'm too lazy to write this down so I'm just going to type it here and write down the URL! :lol:

Dear Diary

Sometimes I wonder why I like him...
Everytime he loses a match that he should have, could have won --- I really do wonder why I can't stop supporting him. I wanted to replace him with someone like Rafa or Roger. If I had been the fan of Roger, I would be super happy with his victory everyday! And even if he loses a match, I would still be fine with it! :scratch: I have no idea why nothing this :silly: does can make me like him less!


Is it the look? Maybe...
But would that be enough for me to stand the suffering for almost 4 years?!

I've been thinking...
Maybe what it comes down to is the fact that I've learnt how to appreciate little things in life from him. Every little win, every French interview I don't even understand, every news and every little silly photos... they make me happy... and there aren't many things that have the ability to do so!

It's like he gives me a reason to be strong all this time! :smooch:

"Don't give up, it's just the weight of the world."

"You give me the power to believe in myself and my dreams again.
You'll always be a big part of my life... I just want to thank you for a real good mement."


I'm going back to Bangkok tomorrow! After the New Year bombs, there have been at least 15 bombing threats! Wish me luck!! :explode: :rolls:

:wavey: Have a fine Friday and a great weekend! :hug: :smooch:
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