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As everyone is no doubt aware by now, BBB and I are massive fans of the Jamie Murray/Jelena Jankovic pairing that just won the mixed doubles title at Wimbledon. Since we've been posting about them so much in the main thread, we decided to create a thread dedicated exclusively to them. All Murkovic, all the time! :D

Transcripts of 3 interviews from Wimbledon:

J.Murray / J.Jankovic - 6 July
Friday, 6 July, 2007

Jamie Murray (GBR)/Jelena Jankovic (SRB) def Julian Knowle (AUT)[14]/ Tiantian Sun (CHN)[14] 6-3, 7-6 (7-1)

Q. You must be very pleased. Unexpected to get this far?

JAMIE MURRAY: I don't know. I guess mixed doubles is a bit of a lottery. I guess a lot of it depends how the girl plays and stuff. She obviously plays very well. That's probably the reason we're still here.

JELENA JANKOVIC: Not really. I'm trying my best. You know, I'm really enjoying playing this mixed doubles.

I'm actually surprised, sometimes I come up with some pretty good shots. My volleys, it's not usual. But I'm just trying to enjoy it. We'll try to go as far as possible.

Q. New partnership. Do you think it's coming together each match?

JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah. Well, I guess today was probably our best match I think. We got better each day. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be even better.

Q. Do you think it's a shame you don't get a chance to play more mixed?

JAMIE MURRAY: I don't know if she could handle any more.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I don't know if I could handle him (laughter).

Q. Looked like he was really making you laugh during the tiebreak.

JELENA JANKOVIC: He always does. I make a mistake. He goes, Give me a smile. He's always trying to make me it's very important to stay positive, so it's a good thing.

It's good to keep your partner you don't need to get down on yourself. It's kind of motivate each other. It's good for both of us.

Q. How hard was it to pick yourself up after losing earlier in the day?

JAMIE MURRAY: It wasn't a problem. We obviously didn't perform as well as we wanted to.

Yeah, in the mixed doubles, possible chance to win a Grand Slam title, so obviously you're going to be fired up to try and do that.

JELENA JANKOVIC: Ran for drop shots, lobs, everything.

Q. Do you think you could win it?

JAMIE MURRAY: I don't know. I don't see why not. I don't think there's any real like favorites or anything like that in mixed doubles. I mean, Bogo and South won the other day against Bryan and Raymond who were No. 1 in the world.

JELENA JANKOVIC: We beat the No. 3.

JAMIE MURRAY: We did. That's good work, isn't it? I don't see why if we kicked them out we can't progress further. Is that a good quote there?

Q. Are you surprised at what Venus has done here? What is the feeling among players?

JELENA JANKOVIC: No, people ask me before who do you think are the favorites for this tournament. I always put Venus in there. She has won this tournament three times, if not more. Her game is really great for this surface.

She played some great tennis in the last two weeks. I think she has a big chance to win the whole thing. I wish her good luck.

But I'm really disappointed. I should be not in this press conference. I should be playing right now (laughter). When I went to the locker room, I was watching the match Justine, Bartoli, I said, That's my spot. I should be there.

But that's life. Have to move on. Forget about it. Enjoy my mixed doubles.

Q. Do you know what your schedule is now? Do you play twice tomorrow?

JAMIE MURRAY: Hopefully, yeah.

JELENA JANKOVIC: If we win, we have to play two.

Q. It's the first time you've played mixed doubles. Do you think you'll play again after this tournament?

JAMIE MURRAY: Yes (laughter).

JELENA JANKOVIC: Now another proposal. He keeps coming with it each time.

No, I will see. I would love to play mixed doubles at the US Open.


JELENA JANKOVIC: We'll see. I will try. Just for me it's very difficult because I play a lot of singles. It can be sometimes very tiring to play both. I try to save my energy for singles.

JAMIE MURRAY: That's why I'm running for all the drop shots.

JELENA JANKOVIC: Okay, if he will do that, I will play with him.

JAMIE MURRAY: Loads of conditions.

Q. You obviously want to hang on to her as a mixed doubles partner.

JELENA JANKOVIC: Doesn't want to let go.

J.Murray/J.Jankovic - 7 July
Saturday, 7 July, 2007

Jamie Murray (GBR)/Jelena Jankovic (SRB) def Daniel Nestor (CAN)[11]/ Elena Likhovtseva (RUS)[11] 6-4, 4-6, 6-4

Q. How did you manage to raise your game, you particularly, Jamie, given your medical timeout in the quarters? You actually raised your level at Centre Court.

JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, we played well. I think we were pretty tired after we played our first match. But I think that almost helped us because we were pretty relaxed. We went out there, were loose. We actually played really well.

Q. Can you just talk about the nature of the injury, what the problem was.

JAMIE MURRAY: I don't know what I did. I kind of hit like a shot in an awkward place. My foot sort of slipped a bit. It was okay. I got it taped up.

I didn't really feel it at all in the match there. It's fine.

Q. It's not a concern?

JAMIE MURRAY: I don't think so.

Q. You seemed to be having an awful lot of fun out there. John Lloyd said he'd never seen anyone laugh in the middle of a rally before.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I'm so tired (laughter).

JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, we had fun. We seem to get along pretty well. I think that's probably one of the main reasons we're in the final, to be honest, because we have a lot more chemistry than any of the other teams that we play against and stuff.

I think, yeah, that's a big reason for us being in the final.

Q. Did you know you weren't actually a member of the last eight club until you won that one?

JAMIE MURRAY: No, I didn't. I thought it was after we won that match today.

JELENA JANKOVIC: So now we are?

Q. Now you are. Rule changed in 2001 apparently.

JAMIE MURRAY: You get a badge for life.


JAMIE MURRAY: She doesn't seem so impressed (laughter).

JELENA JANKOVIC: After you play six sets, what do you expect from me?

JAMIE MURRAY: A smile because we're in the final maybe.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I gave you a hundred million smiles today. Isn't that enough? Need to give me a break sometimes (laughter).

Q. Can you talk about the experience of Centre Court particularly, being out there in such a big match.

JAMIE MURRAY: I think it felt different 'cause the roof and stuff wasn't there. It felt so open.

But, yeah, we enjoyed it. At least I think we did.

JELENA JANKOVIC: It was different. You know, we were playing on the smaller courts, and then we came on Centre Court. It's a huge court. You know, it's a great atmosphere to play there. I really enjoyed it.

We are in the finals, and hopefully we can enjoy it tomorrow and maybe come up as winners. It would be nice.

Q. Where you a bit disappointed there weren't more people at the beginning, before the atmosphere really warmed up?

JAMIE MURRAY: I don't know. I don't know what the deal was. I guess they started letting in the public who didn't have tickets kind of midway through the match and stuff.

It was still a good atmosphere. Obviously, everybody wanted us to win, which is a good thing also.

Q. Now that you're obviously so close to a Wimbledon title, is it still going to be easy to stay relaxed, stay happy, keep that vibe going?

JAMIE MURRAY: I think so, yeah, because it's not so intense, you know. I mean, we never get to play mixed doubles. It's not like our career or anything like that.

I'm sure we'll be fine tomorrow. But, I mean, we'll obviously want to win and stuff. But, yeah, I'm sure we'll do the same as we've done in all the other matches.

Q. You kind of see this as a bonus, an amazing bonus?

JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, of course. When I got to Wimbledon on the first Monday, I didn't expect that I'd be playing a match on Centre Court on Sunday, especially in mixed doubles.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I didn't know what I got into, as well.

JAMIE MURRAY: She didn't know what she got into when she agreed to play.

Q. Are you aware you could become the first British champion in 20 years, the first person to have a title here since Bates and Durie?

JAMIE MURRAY: They were the last to win. They won the mixed doubles. I guess that will be our motivation. You'll be Jo Durie.

Q. Doesn't mean that much to you, by the sound of it.

JAMIE MURRAY: We're delighted to be in the final. A Wimbledon final is a Wimbledon final. I mean, yeah, we'll be going out to win. If we do, then yeah, it's great.

Q. I understand Andrew has been in touch by text message.

JAMIE MURRAY: Not yet. Still waiting (smiling).

Q. He sent a message to your mother.

JAMIE MURRAY: Okay, I haven't spoken to her.

Q. What was the process of you guys getting together?

JAMIE MURRAY: Well, I think I was fortunate that she agreed to play, to be honest. I just asked her. We kind of turned up at the same time in the morning. I don't know when it was, Tuesday maybe.

JELENA JANKOVIC: It was meant to be, I think.


JELENA JANKOVIC: Yeah, what are the odds we're going to show up at the same time in the morning?


JELENA JANKOVIC: I agreed. I didn't make a mistake, so I'm happy.

JAMIE MURRAY: You thought you did at the time.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I thought I did, but... First try, being in the finals, it's really amazing.

Q. Do you think your partnership will do something for Anglo Serbian relations?

JAMIE MURRAY: That is the most interesting question I've heard so far.

JELENA JANKOVIC: What did he say? I didn't understand.

JAMIE MURRAY: I didn't know we had a bad relationship.

JELENA JANKOVIC: What kind of relationship?

Q. Do you think it will help culturally?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I think none of these things are for the newspapers. I think it's better to keep it.

Q. In the context of brotherly rivalry, what does it mean to you to have reached a Wimbledon final before Andrew?

JELENA JANKOVIC: He's going to be jealous, big time (laughter).

JAMIE MURRAY: I hope so. I guess nobody thought I would get to a Wimbledon final before him. But it happens, so... He'll have to work harder.

Q. Is it true you've invited Jelena to Scotland for Christmas?

JAMIE MURRAY: Yes, it is true (laughter).

Q. Is this the first you heard of the invitation?

JAMIE MURRAY: When I asked you.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I heard it before. I didn't think he meant it seriously. Now it's serious (laughter). Okay, I'll think about it.

JAMIE MURRAY: She's playing hard to get.

JELENA JANKOVIC: He's trying too hard, though. But we're having a lot of fun. It's a great game that we are playing.

J. Jankovic/ J. Murray 8 July
Sunday, 8 July, 2007

6‑4, 3‑6, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR: First question for the Wimbledon mixed doubles champions.

Q. Has it sunk in yet that you are Wimbledon champions?

JAMIE MURRAY: I don't know. It feels pretty good though.


Q. Can you recall your thoughts after the winning point and also as you went up into the Royal Box?

JAMIE MURRAY: I was just looking for that kiss from her, to be honest.

JELENA JANKOVIC: No, I was motivating him every time. When it was a breakpoint, I'd tell him, Jamie, let's go. This return, hit a good one because you gonna get many kisses, you know (laughter).

You know, at the end, he did it. I was like, what I have to do to get him, you know, to pump him up a little bit so that he can play great tennis.

But it was amazing. After I look back two weeks ago, we came at the same time with the van and he asked me to play. I was thinking, what are the odds that we come at the same time and he ask me.

If this didn't happen, we wouldn't even play this tournament. Wouldn't even win Wimbledon. But maybe it was like destiny, it was meant to happen. So I'm really happy that, you know, we won this tournament. It's amazing.

Playing with Jamie, it was a great experience. Very nice guy. Very sweet, as well (smiling).

Q. She put in some serious tennis at the end of that match, didn't she?

JAMIE MURRAY: I mean, she won the match in the end because she kept returning the guy's serve and I couldn't do it. Eventually I made one. They left it. We got that 5‑1, and then she served it out pretty easy.

I got to say thanks to her for that.

JELENA JANKOVIC: You're welcome.

Q. Given the motivation now, there's obviously a chance to get a lot of kisses. Where does Eric fit into this?

JAMIE MURRAY: Eric doesn't deserve the kisses (laughter). I'm with her now.

Q. Jamie, do you have a girlfriend?


Q. Do you have a boyfriend?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I have lots (smiling).

Q. Have you spoken with Andy at all?

JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, yeah, I saw him as I was walking off the court. He was pretty pumped up.

Q. Did he say anything to you?

JAMIE MURRAY: He said he was so proud of what I've done.

JELENA JANKOVIC: He was jealous, for sure. No, just kidding.

Q. Obviously everybody said the Murray name was going on a Grand Slam trophy. In your wildest dreams, did you think it would be your name?

JAMIE MURRAY: No, of course not. I mean, I can't honestly ever think that I would ‑‑ or say that thought I would win one, especially this year, and also in the mixed doubles.

But it's happened. Lovin' it, yeah.

Q. How about the reaction of the crowd? The five‑minute standing ovation was quite extraordinary. What were the emotions like lifting the trophies up?

JELENA JANKOVIC: This is what it's all about.


JELENA JANKOVIC: These feelings that you have, these emotions that you feel inside, it's something that you have to feel. It's really an incredible feeling for me to be there and to hold the trophy. It's something that I always dreamed of.

I would love one day to have that feeling and have a trophy, singles trophy, you know. But it was very nice to play first mixed doubles title, first Grand Slam title for me. I cannot ask for more, for sure.

Q. What is it like to be an honorary Brit?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I'm an adopted Brit?

Q. Yes, adopted Brit.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I don't know. It feels great actually.

Q. Are you going to go out for dinner to celebrate maybe?

JELENA JANKOVIC: We're going to the ball.

JAMIE MURRAY: To the ball, yeah.

JELENA JANKOVIC: He was looking so forward to this ball. He was asking me the whole day what kind of dress I'm wearing, if it's going to be short or long. I had to disappoint him. It's very long.

Q. Are you more likely to go to Scotland for Christmas now?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I don't know. Christmas, it's a long way. We have so many things to do before.

Q. Will you be playing again together?

JAMIE MURRAY: I don't know. I guess that's up to her. She obviously has singles commitments and stuff, so I guess I'll keep asking her from now on until she agrees to play again.

JELENA JANKOVIC: He'll keep bugging me until I accept.

Q. Have you had other offers from other players?

JAMIE MURRAY: No, no. I think I would expect the guys normally ask the girls to play.

JELENA JANKOVIC: Now he will get a lot of offers, but he's sticking to me I think.

Q. It's going to be difficult at the US Open because you have a huge amount of points to defend. Will you make a decision, do you think, at the time?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I really don't know. I'm just focused on my singles. As soon as I leave here I would love to do well in the tournaments in California and then play well in New York. It's important for me. I have to defend semifinals.

But, you know, playing makes it something that it's kind of a relaxing game that you don't have so much pressure. You're just going on court and you can just enjoy your game.

I don't really expect too much from mixed. It can actually help me. So I can improve my returns, my serves, my volleys, and I can even maybe play better in my singles.

So I'll look forward. I hope that we can maybe play at the US Open. It would be nice.

Q. Does this make up for missing out on the singles?

JELENA JANKOVIC: Yes, it was a good consolation for me to play the mixed doubles after I was very disappointed with my singles performance here.

But, you know, winning Wimbledon in the mixed doubles, it's great. I won a Grand Slam, so what else can I ask for, you know?

Q. Jamie, does it feel strange that your brother is actually more nervous watching you than he is when he plays his own matches?

JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I guess so. Yeah, but I think it's always harder to watch than when you're actually out there yourself.

Obviously he wanted me to do as well as I possibly could. We won the tournament, so he can't ask for more.

Q. Did you ever joke about things growing up, who would be the first to have some kind of big success?

JAMIE MURRAY: No, no, I don't think so.

Q. Who would win a singles match between you two?

JELENA JANKOVIC: Between me and him?

Q. Yes.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I win it from the baseline; he wins it at the net.

JAMIE MURRAY: This is true, yeah.

JELENA JANKOVIC: That's why we are a good mix.

Q. Did Andy give you any advice before today?

JAMIE MURRAY: No. Actually I didn't really speak to him much at all during the tournament because he was kind of off doing his own thing, doing his rehab and that.

I saw him this morning. We actually arrived at the same time. He was going to watch the men's final. He wished me luck and stuff, but nothing major, no.

Q. Did Andy go to America in between?

JAMIE MURRAY: No, he's going next week.

Q. The fact that you've won now, might you get asked more questions about yourself than about your brother?

JAMIE MURRAY: It's been about half and half so far tonight. I can't really do too much more (laughter).

Q. What about your mum's reaction? She was up and down in the box, showing her emotions.

JAMIE MURRAY: Well, yeah, I hope so. Her son just won Wimbledon. I'd be disappointed if she wasn't doing that.

Q. Have you had a chance to speak to her yet?

JAMIE MURRAY: No, no, I haven't. I've been in the gym, seeing my dad and stuff. He had to leave to get the train back. I haven't seen her yet.

Q. Can you talk about Louis, the influence he's had for almost the year now?

JAMIE MURRAY: Not a lot (smiling).

No, no, I think I wouldn't be sitting in this chair right now if it wasn't for him, to be honest. I hope that he knows that, as well. He taught me so much about doubles, all the movements and the strategies and everything. I think now it's starting to pay off.

Q. Is it right that you haven't actually played mixed doubles before in a tournament, and it's all due to finding the right woman?

JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I'd never played mixed doubles. I didn't really know what to expect. Obviously I wanted to play this year. But I got lucky that I got probably one of the best partners out there, and I think she had a lot to do with our success.

Q. Jelena, had you played mixed before this?

JELENA JANKOVIC: No. I played once or twice. I don't really play much of mixed doubles. It's not something that I really know. I don't know much about doubles, mixed doubles.

I'm mainly a singles player. And we were joking when we were playing, the referee was telling, You take a lot of time between when I'm serving. He has to explain where I have to go, what I have to do.

Jamie was saying, She doesn't know the signs is why. I don't know. I'm not into all these things, signals. Doubles game is a completely different game than singles.

I was trying my best. But winning Wimbledon, it's not what I expected. But I'm very delighted, for sure.

Q. Are you going to defend your title?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I think so. I hope so. I hope so, we will be back here next year, and I would love to defend.

JAMIE MURRAY: I've got witnesses to that, as well.

JELENA JANKOVIC: We're going to sign a contract, don't worry.

Q. Before you actually asked Jelena, when you were looking around for a partner, what was it about her or her game that made you choose her?

JELENA JANKOVIC: It's not about my game, for sure. Admit it.

JAMIE MURRAY: She's a good player. It's a bonus that she's very attractive. I guess you want to get a girl who can serve well, which she obviously does.


JAMIE MURRAY: She's so steady throughout the whole tournament. She hardly missed any shots, only off maybe the guy's returns. Even the volley, she never misses the volley. The guy keeps playing to her and she keeps putting it back. Yeah, certainly didn't expect that at all.

She told me how scared she was whenever the guy hit the ball at her, but she kept putting it back in the court.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I'm kind of like, Go away. I'm hitting some kind of shot, somehow it always goes in, over the net. I was probably lucky like the whole two weeks.

Q. Is it the fact that Jelena kept smiling at the opposition put them off?

JAMIE MURRAY: You'd have to ask them.

JELENA JANKOVIC: It put them completely off. They didn't see the ball at all.

Q. It seems like you were giving the orders, Jamie.

JELENA JANKOVIC: Yeah, he was giving the orders and I was, you know ‑‑

JAMIE MURRAY: ‑‑ fulfilling them.

JELENA JANKOVIC: I was fulfilling his wishes, for sure.

Q. Any time you get to be the boss?


JAMIE MURRAY: She was getting mad when I was missing all those returns right at the end.

JELENA JANKOVIC: All I wanted was make them play at least. That's all. Make the ball over the net. But he did it. At the end, it was amazing. I was very happy when we broke to have the lead 5‑1, then I serve it out. So, great.

JAMIE MURRAY: So it's all down to you (smiling)?

JELENA JANKOVIC: No, no, not to me. I cannot play alone, no. He's just making fun. Actually in our previous matches, every time I get into a streak, maybe I cannot return the guy's serve, and it happens somehow that he gets, you know, few returns in the court.

He says, Don't you feel sorry? Don't you feel sorry that you just did that? You know, I did all the work. I'm like, Thanks, Jamie, you just make me feel better. Then the next game, and I just start somehow to put them in. Then I go to him, You see what you're doing now?

We are just enjoying our time, and that's the most important thing.

Q. We've talked about why Jamie asked you to be a doubles partner. Why did you say yes?

JELENA JANKOVIC: I told you, it was, you know, his agent asked me first. I said, I will think about it. Because of my singles, I'm very tired. I played a lot of matches this year. I didn't know how I would feel. Especially playing on grass, it's really tough on your body. I'm quite stiff everywhere. I have pains.

And then I told you that morning, I don't know, I think it was Sunday, we both came at the same time. You know, the vans arrived. He said, Are you going to play with me? I said, Okay, go and sign. I was just ‑‑ I didn't think too much.

Then between when I decided to play my singles, I was thinking, maybe it's not a good decision because I don't feel that great, especially with the rain, there's so many delays.

JAMIE MURRAY: If you'd won that singles match, there was no way you were going on court. You know that.

JELENA JANKOVIC: It was so much behind. I was thinking, my God, what are we going to do? We have to play thousands of matches. How am I going to do that, you know, per day?

But in the end, after two weeks, there's nothing I could ask. I made a good decision and I'm very, very happy.

Q. If you had beaten Bartoli, you probably wouldn't have played?

JELENA JANKOVIC: No, no, I would play, but we would have to play so many matches. I don't know how I could do it. It would be too much. Maybe four, five matches a day. I don't know how that would be possible for me to make good performances.

Download Murkovic's championship press conference here!


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It is lovely, isn't it? :hearts: It's a personal pic ;)

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Marly told me to post in here:p Murkovic has been the most entertaining part of Wimby this year - I've never before seen/heard someone giggle in the middle of a rally!:lol:

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Marly told me to post in here:p
Aha, people are finally obeying my commands! Today LLL, tomorrow the world! :devil: :p

Murkovic has been the most entertaining part of Wimby this year - I've never before seen/heard someone giggle in the middle of a rally!:lol:
Wimbledon pretty much would've been a complete wash for me this year without Murkovic (and yes, BBB, the Bartolification of Ezel :p).

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Marly told me to post in here:p Murkovic has been the most entertaining part of Wimby this year - I've never before seen/heard someone giggle in the middle of a rally!:lol:

I think JJ will have a lot of support at Wimbly next year :bounce:

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Wimbledon pretty much would've been a complete wash for me this year without Murkovic (and yes, BBB, the Bartolification of Ezel :p).
:rocker2: :p

11 July 2007

Tam Cowan

CAN'T believe Scottish tennis champ Jamie Murray says he only wants a "brother-sister relationship" with his stunning doubles partner Jelena Jankovic.

I thought he'd have been too young to remember Brookside ... :spit:
Brookside was a soap here, where brother & sister, Nathan & Georgia fell in love, but had to flee when the rest of the residents found out :p

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Sensationist journalism at it's best/worst :p The phrases in caps :rolls: :tape: :eek:

Wimbo's Jamie woos ace Jelena
July 11, 2007

TENNIS smasher Jelena Jankovic says British hero Jamie Murray is IN LOVE with her.

The curvy Serb reckons his crush on her spurred them to victory at Wimbledon on Sunday.

And she believes the real reason he played so well in the mixed doubles final was to IMPRESS HER.

Jelena, 22, said last night: “It was only at the end of the tournament I realised that it was because he has fallen in love with me. Instead of discussing tactics in pauses between games, he used to tell me how attractive I was.

“I told him I would give him a kiss for every good point — and it worked.”

Jamie — older brother of British No1 Andy Murray — became the first Brit champion for 20 years when he and Jelena lifted the trophy.

And she revealed they teamed up only after the 21-year-old BEGGED her in a car park before the championships.

Jelena added: “I told him I was not a doubles player. However, he insisted and at the end of the tournament I realised he’d fallen in love with me.

“Even during matches when I was playing badly he used to come to me and kept saying, ‘Smile for me’.”

Jelena said Jamie had asked her to spend Christmas with him in Scotland - but she has yet to make up her mind.

Jamie, who is single, admits he fancies Jelena. He said: “We have been flirting and there is an attraction. Who knows what will happen?

“A lot of people have asked me if anything happened after the Champions’ Dinner, but I went home on my own and Jelena left with her mum and her coach.”

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Sensationist journalism at it's best/worst :p The phrases in caps :rolls: :tape: :eek:
I was just going to post this :p Gotta love British tabloids :p

Jamie, who is single, admits he fancies Jelena. He said: “We have been flirting and there is an attraction. Who knows what will happen?

“A lot of people have asked me if anything happened after the Champions’ Dinner, but I went home on my own and Jelena left with her mum and her coach.”
That doesn't quite sound like Jamie, especially the first part. Are we sure he said this? :p

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This isn't Murkovic related, more to do with just Jamie & Andy.

:rolls: @ the beginning :tape: :eek: Someone should show that to JJ :p

The Murrays uncovered: a behind-the-scenes look at Hugh MacDonald’s exclusive interview with the Murray brothers. The brothers talk about their love of tennis, their sibling rivalry, and their passion for winning. They also reveal how they like to relax off the court and how they do not envy each other in their differing positions in the sport.

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Aw, that latest Murkopic is great :hearts:

I like that picture of Jamie and Andy shirtless :aplot: Care to try and hunt down a bigger version for me, Beebs? :p

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I can't believe that I am defending The Sun, but that story and all of the included quotes actually originally came from a Serbian paper. The Sun may have rehashed it, but they didn't actually make it up themselves.

Hello everybody by the way, I have also fallen under the Murkovic spell!

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:wavey: Hello! Welcome, we're glad to have you :D

I know Jelena made those remarks about Jamie being in love with her (clearly he is smitten, but I don't know that I'd go that far :p YET :aplot: :p ) but what I think is odd is Jamie's quote. Did the Serbian papers call him for that? Did the Sun? Or did they just make it up?

I'm curious because I knew about Jelena's comments, but I hadn't seen anything resembling that quote from Jamie until it popped up in that article.

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:wavey: Hello! Welcome, we're glad to have you :D

I know Jelena made those remarks about Jamie being in love with her (clearly he is smitten, but I don't know that I'd go that far :p YET :aplot: :p ) but what I think is odd is Jamie's quote. Did the Serbian papers call him for that? Did the Sun? Or did they just make it up?

I'm curious because I knew about Jelena's comments, but I hadn't seen anything resembling that quote from Jamie until it popped up in that article.
I've seen the quote from Jamie in another newspaper as well, so perhaps he did say it? Although I'm sure the "Jamie admits to fancying Jelena" was just their interpretation of events rather than an actual admission from Jamie. The thing is, they have been joking about in press conferences and interviews the whole way along :worship: but when you do that, some papers will always write quotes and stories, deliberately removing the humerous context. It then all ebcomes a bit confusing!!

I miss Murkovic!!
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