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I'm writing two papers right is due tomorrow; the other is due April 19.

The one I'm working on for tomorrow: teaching drama in the secondary classroom-the hows and whys. I already have six to eight pages of material from which to work, so I should knock this out tonight.

The second one: Women's rights in the Romantic and Victorian periods. As lucid as Mary Wollstonecraft was in her argument for women's rights-and how often we women sabotage ourselves in that quest-she was widely criticized for holding such a view. Women have rights? Her opinion must have been fodder for the politicians of her day. It wasn't until the Victorian era began and John Stuart Mill advocated on behalf of women, that people started paying attention. His point of view about the topic became part of the political and social agenda of the day. I wonder why we women who advocate on behalf of our gender are roundly ignored, but a man who expresses the same or similar viewpoints is listened to, admired, quoted, and even given a platform. This is not right to me.

Aside from the papers, I have a lesson plan and a thematic unit to prepare, a test to take, and a poster to make-all within the next month. And...I already have my class schedule planned out for fall. I explained to the department chair that I have five classes to complete before I student teach-and all five classes are offered in the fall only. I can do three maximum, but having a full-time job will not permit me to take all five at the same time. I asked him what can be done, and he assured me that they can work with me on this-and he will contact me again Monday. I'm due to student teach in the spring 2007 if all goes well (assuming, of course, I pass all my classes and all the PRAXIS components).

I cannot believe, after a year and a half, that I will be done. I've worked hard to keep up in my classes and do what was demanded-even doing more...and having a full-time job. I will be glad when this semester's complete. I'm ready for summer.
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