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On the news today:

The confirmation hearing of Samuel Alito. Apparently, the Democrats aren't too pleased with Alito thus far. Personally, I think the proceedings are boring. Hurry up, already.

An Eastern Kentucky woman was charged with the death of her baby, who died of cocaine overdose. It was believed by authorities that the mother deliberately gave the child the cocaine. That was according to an autopsy.

Another mine, another roof collapse-this time one person dies, instead of the twelve that died last week in a roof collapse in a mine in West Virginia.

Mr. Blackwell named Britney Spears as the Worst-Dressed Celebrity of 2005. Others who made the list: Jessica Simpson, Mary-Kate Olsen, Mariah Carey (that Adidas one-piece with high-heeled sneakers she wore for her performance at a well-known NFL game was just waaaay over the top), and Lindsay Lohan.

Nick and Jessica put their home up for sale, and it was bought by Justin Berfield of "Malcolm in the Middle".

And the most bizarre news item of all came from Cincinnati:
A woman who died in 2003 was left in front of her television set 2 1/2 years later. Apparently, she requested that she not be buried; instead her mummified remains were in the chair she occupied upon her death.
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