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Which players win the most tiebreaks?
The impact of winning and losing tiebreak points
Do tiebreak points have any trends?
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With this year’s tennis season now underway, it is a good time to take an alternative look at how success and failure can emerge on the court. In the third article of a four-part series analysing variants in professional tennis, Dan Weston studies the influence of tiebreaks.
Ascertaining favourites in tiebreaks
Imagine a soccer match between a top Premier League team, such as Manchester City, and a League Two side, such as their local neighbours Salford City. If Manchester City were at home against Salford in a 90-minute competitive match, you would probably see prohibitively short odds for the hosts implying that they had a 90% or greater chance of winning.

However, if they contested Salford in a one-off penalty shootout, those extremely high chances of winning would be reduced quite considerably – they would likely still be favourites, but to not nearly as great an extent.
This presents a similar scenario to tiebreaks in tennis. If Novak Djokovic took on the player ranked 100 in the world for a best of five set Grand Slam match, he would be a similar price to win as Manchester City against Salford.
Equally, if he played the same opponent in a one-off tiebreak match, his chances would be much lower. Again, he would still be the favourite, but to not nearly the same margin.
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