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Unfortunately, I only followed the match via livescore and even though I expected it, I was still gutted when I saw the tiebreak score change from 5-6 to say 'winner: Rafael Nadal'. Hopefully we could have a little fun in here during the claycourt lead up to RG.

Since my perception of the match is through livescore and MTF, I thought I would write an article on the match based on various postings, the changes in the livescore and replays from

Without further ado, I present to you:

The FedBot6000 Goes To Monte Carlo: An MTF Perspective
A true story of love, hate and betrayal during one Bot's quest for world domination through tennis.

As the Monte Carlos Tennis Masters tournament drew near, a new strain of threads started to appear (in some cases reappear) in the 'General Messages' (GM) section of the world-renown tennis-fanatic website, (MTF).

Threads ranging from the helpful Amarone's 'Live Stream for Monte Carlo' to the hopeful 'Passion of the JesusFed, Vamos Rafa!' by AlfonsoJoe and the angry 'I can't see the damn ball!' (uNIVERSE mAN) could be spotted among the chaos that is GM.

Betting odds and ever popular 'Who will win' polls were posted; opinions were tossed around like hot potatoes - tennis fever ran high. An ever narrowing draw had revealed an imminent match up like no other: the FedBot6000 vs. ClayBot 3.0 in the finals of the Monte Carlo Masters. The day before the final, a controversial thread emerged on GM. Courtesy of Mirkaland, the title said it all 'Roger on Rafa: "He's quite one-dimensional"' and immediately caused an uproar.

Set 1 (6-2 ClayBot): On the day of the final, our intrepid reporter (that would be me, folks) woke up at the unheard of time of 8.30 a.m. to watch the match. Switching between livescore, the livestream links provided on GM and the 'Monte Carlo 2006' (Fightclubber) Thread in the Federer Express, a depressing picture was emerging. The Claybot 3.0 was leading 4-0. The FedBot managed to finally get on the board with the 5th game, inspiring satisfied ClayBot fan A_Skywalker's 'Nadal Was Close To Bagelling Fed in the 1st Set' GM thread.

Quote of the Set:
Isy said:
can't believe how relief I am that Rogi actually got a game and avoided being bagelled...
Set 2 (6-7 ClayBot): Livescore showed this to be close. The Bots battled it out, staying neck and neck, with FedBot dominating the tiebreak 7-2 to win the set. Daze 11 emerged on the 'Almost Bagelled' thread to support the FedBot; Bandabou expressed horror at his level of play while various others (including one citrusy ServeBot fan who shall remain unnamed) expressed their disdain towards the FedBot and his fan base.

Quote of the set:
zimzim said:
The way this kid runs down every ball is scary :scared:
Set 3 (6-3 ClayBot): Things were looking up for the FedBot as it went up 1-0 on the ClayBot's serve. However, the ClayBot took a break for a minor malfunction and some speculated it decreased the FedBot momentum. The unstoppable ClayBot was able to break back and ended up taking the set comfortably.

Quote of the set:
lunahielo said:
Mirka looks scared.
Set 4 (7-6 ClayBot): Things looked very bleak for the FedBot6000 as the seemingly unshakeableClayBot ran off to a 3-0 lead. However, the FedBot showed indomnitable fighting spirit as the livescore slowly crept up in his favour. Reaching a tiebreak, there was some indication that there was to be a 5th set as the FedBot had 3 mini-breaks. The impressive ClayBot kept cool and 6-5 up, smacked the decisive winner to end the match.

Quote of the set:
ChloeLove said:
I'm going to piss my pants!

There was chaos. For a full 10 minutes the 'PRIORITY ACCESS' message flashed when trying to access the forums. In the 24 hours afterwards, GM contents could be broken down as follows:
3 'FedBot Lost' threads,
5 'ClayBot Won't Last',
2 'Does FedBot Need to Change It's Strategy?'
6 'Strategy to Beat ClayBot'
7 'Can FedBot win Roland Garros?' (with polls) and
1 'Boxers, Briefs or Boxer-Briefs' thread.

Quote of the Aftermath:
mirkaland said:
Not this again. :banghead: Let's be above all the 'tards' in GM.

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Very nice read..........
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