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Ok, so some of you know how I like teasing Paul, esp. about Tarti and Guille, well here are certain parts of our MSN convos that demonstrate that. :)
There's also some stuff about his spelling. And a lot of this material came from yesterday. I couldn't really be bothered to look far back into our convos. But if you liked this, then there will be more soon. :) :p
No offense Paul. :hug:
Oh and some of the smilies were replaced by their MTF equivalents.
Paul: and so begins the rollercoaster ride :scared:
Milan : is this about tarti again? :rolleyes:
Paul: no
Paul: :)
Paul: :lol:
Milan : what about then?
Paul: em
Milan: tarti? :)
Paul: life :D
Milan: admit it paul :)
Paul: yeah ok :ras:
Milan : so predictable :)
Paul: someone retired i think
Milan: where?
Paul: kuz v tat
Paul: no
Paul: updated the score
Paul: damn
Paul: 3-0 kuz
Milan: ah
Milan: i thought tati sucked so much she suffocated :shrug:
Paul: :rolleyes:
Paul: :eek: you know tati score?
Milan : i'm gonna block you :)
Paul: :lol:
Paul: i must say i don't want blocked but you surely wouldn't mind the occassional :woohoo:?
Milan : paul, i rather sit through a lecture on feli's use of hair products :)
Paul: SHIT!
Paul: sorry sorry
Paul: ignore
Milan : paul, didn't i tell you something? :)
Milan : is tarti doing one of trademark guille chokes? :)
Paul: :sobbing: YES!
Paul: :sobbing:
Milan : there is a carlos, there is a carlos....:banana:
Paul: :mad:
Paul: :sobbing:
Milan : cry, cry baby, she choked baby, keep on crying baby...:dance:
Paul: :eek:
Paul: :hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric::hysteric:
Paul: milan sent a message laughing at me
Chicky : really
Chicky : in another convo?
Chicky : or on mtf?
Paul: another convo
Paul: he opened a new window
Milan : :angel:
Paul: just to mock me
Paul: :sobbing:
Milan : actually i never closed the old one :p
Paul: don't like stosur
Milan: i like sammee
Paul: why?
Paul: she looks like 40 and she's like 20
Milan: no she doesn't
Milan: it's not all in the looks
Milan: you should know
Milan: you cheer for tarti after all
Paul: :lol:
Paul: please, call her tati
Milan: i always do
Milan: tarti
Paul: :hysteric:
Milan: feli def. guile @ life :)
Paul: huh?
Milan: oh and a query, how much does guille suck these days? He sucks like a friggin hoover :p
Paul: :mad:
Milan: Hola Paulino
Paul: Hola?
Milan: You know, it’s how the Spaniards say hi. Or how the players at 10ks will soon say to Guille: Hola Guille, ready for a beatdown? :)
Milan: like guille is taking time finding his lost form? well that's lost forever i'm afraid 
Paul: :eek: why did you say that?
Milan: Cause I can. :)
Paul: :(
Paul: :) I hate robin Vik
Milan: he has something you don’t :)
Paul: :confused: a cool name?
Milan: guille’s number :)
Paul: :(
Milan: Ken Lay died
Paul: who’s that?
Milan: enron founder :rolleyes:
Paul: ah
Paul: i new then name
Paul: :p
Milan: knew* :)
Paul: :eek:
Paul: if i said that you were wrong and it was new do you think i could convince you?
Milan: nope
Paul: :( I wont try then

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:lol: omg....this is funny! :haha:

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mean post! I thought I told you not to do it...and then bringing me into the convo. :ras:
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