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I thought of calling it GWNI (Game With No Initials) at the beggining, but i thought the ACE Tour sounds better :D

Anyways, it will be ran by myself & mboyle, the rules will be similar to the AC Tour's rules, we give you a list of 32 players (i took the names from another game i used to play with my friends), you choose your player, give him courts likings (example: Grass;best, Hard;good Clay;ok Carpet;pretty bad Hard Indoor;suck at it), his own personality & than send him to battle his way for #1!

BUT, theres more to it! :D

...To be continued on next post...

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Ok, this is *obviously* a continuation of my last post :p

Ok, to make this game more original, we decided to stretch this game to 4 months periods, which means that instead playing for 9-10 months per season, each season will be shorter, to keep people more interested in the game, & to keep the top players beatable rankings wise.

Right, now, some stuff we "stole from the AC Tour" (we asked Anabel first of course :angel: ), there will be four Directors. Those guys, after each tourny, will decide who they will give white stars & black stars to. Each director has his own personality & will decide by that & by the player's personality & achivments who to give the stars to.

But wait, what are those stars?!? If a player gets 5 white stars, it means he will have 1 extra point to "invest" in his matches. If the player gets 5 black stars, he will get one points taken off his total.

...To be continued...

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I already played this game with my friends, with the same players i will present in this post, but i decided not to give bonus points to the players who finished on the top of our game, simply because it wouldnt be fair.

Each player will have 30 points to spend in each tournaments. Extra points would be given via stars & via winning stuff (how bonus points work--on next post).

I will now post the list of players, you basiclly choose your the player that you think has a cool name & cool nationality :):

1. Dave Towel (USA)
2. Greg Golduck (CAN)
3. Max Kniperschild (GER)
4. Andrei Kuerten (BRA)
5. Xavier Doruth (YUG)
6. Alex Gatr (ISR)
7. Alexandrov Corretja (ESP)
8. Martin Features (BRA)
9. Jorge Gillete (USA)
10. Chris Ithiligore (YUG)
11. Mark Hewitt (AUS)
12. Boris Pioline (FRA)
13. Ric Silversnake (CAN)
14. Stefan Marach (GER)
15. Wayne Philipousis (AUS)
16. Goran Ivan (CRO)
17. Pete Boutter (FRA)
18. Richard Rafter (USA)
19. Philip BronzeLizard (CAN)
20. Jason Arsenal (CAN)
21. Jorgen Ivanisevic (CRO)
22. Laro Kia (USA)
23. Ben Kniperschild (GER)
24. Jiri Wonder (CZE)
25. Yevgeny Voltckov (RUS)
26. Matt Stick (USA)
27. Nathen Dent (USA)
28. Jens Haas (GER)
29. Roger Mantis (SUI)
30. Igal Retainer (CZE)
31. Mike Aero (USA)
32. Albert Ferrero (ESP)

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Im sure some stuff are totally weird. Ask me or mboyle anything, & if you wanna join & want some further info, again, ask me or mboyle.

May the fun begin :)
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