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Geezzz, I forgot. What did Paulo do yesterday?? :lol:

OK. If Guy's going to change his selection, it's fine. I guess all the FFT members and most of the French population (and of course, our MTF members :p ) are forcing him to get rid of Paulo right now.

But still, yesterday loss didn't increase a chance to choke in Paulo because he has always had that potential anyway! And Guy knows that! No offense to other guys, but even with a choking potential, Paulo is still a risk worth taken.

It's a risk with Paulo because you don't really know how it's going to turn out. He might win like those ties against Sweden or Moya or he might lose badly.
From my bias point of view, Paulo deserves a chance to play this tie.

As much as I hate him for losing such match, it kills me to know that there were so many people who expected or even rooting for him to fail. He deserves better than that...

It's just that we ask why he has no confidence in himself. But to be fair to Paulo, no one really has confidence in him neither. And I have no idea how sucks that must feel when no one believes in you and eventually he has to doubt himself. This is not an excuse but it's simple as that.

Maybe Guy should take Paulo off the team. If that's what everyone wants, why not? I guess Paulo is fine by that (I certainly do). It's better than getting trash by the fans, the medias and some team members What's good in bringing him and expecting him to lose/choke?

I'm sorry for being so selfish to think that he disappointed his fans. But the reality is he's the only one who actually has to live with it -- not us.
All the disappointment, anger or whatever we felt. His must be 1000000 times worse than us. :hug:

Paulo is no Roger. But that's how I want him to be! I wouldn't change one single hair of his!
He's always bounced back each time he falls. I just admire that so much. And frankly, it's good enough for me.

Thank you for not giving up. Thank you, Paulo :)

Ps. How could I ask for anything more?

"Everytime You Cry"

Never before have I seen you look so blue
I can't find a cure and nothing comforts you
The light at the end of the tunnel
Doesn't shine at the end of the day

Everytime you cry
Save up all your tears
I will be your rainbow
When they disappear
Wash away the pain
'Til you smile again
I will be the laughter in your eyes
Every time you cry
Every time you cry

Time has a way of wounding what has healed
What can I say? I know just how you feel
Your soul is dark and troubled
Like a river running wild

Well, you know that's what I'm here for
I will give you when you need more
There will be no hesitation
I will reap no reward

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