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I have been on a really good run the last few weeks but sadly all good runs come to an end. I never bothered with Istomin yesterday and of course he won. Then I took Youzny in running a break down and he was a load of wank, that was despite me hating betting on Russians and having a bad feeling on that one. Finally I had a bet on Robredo in play and he cost me. Not a good day at all yesterday, 2 bets and 2 losers.

Now on to todays action:

Cillic had no business beating Robredo yesterday but it happened, can he repeat his heroics today against Kei Nishkori? They were 3 long sets for Cillic yesterday whilst Nishkori had a quick 6-0 and 6-4 win over Golubev. Surely Niskori is the man today?

Nothing else stands out at present.
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