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I'm off to Hong Kong in two days so I won't be able to watch the semi and final matches :sad: Still, this has been a great experience for me :)

And I've learned that...

#1 VIP ticket is MUCH BETTER than a regular one!

#2 A free VIP ticket is the best! ;)

#3 Andy Murray is actually a very nice person!

#4 Jamie Murray is cuter than his bro in the 'looking' category!

#5 Brad Gilbert is losing ugly to any kind of camera :rolls:

#6 You can see players at Starbucks!

#7 Be sure that Brad isn't the one who takes your picture! :p

#8 Jarkko has the best @$$ in the business :smoke:

#9 Jarkko is SUPER DUPER NICE! :worship:

#10 Jarkko's hair is really cool! :cool:

#11 Feli's hair is way too beautiful for ATP player!!!

#12 Marat loves to show off! :lol:

#13 Julien, like most of the Frenchies, is cute :angel:

#14 Tim is a great player to watch! :yeah:

#15 Macos is actually bigger than what I've seen on TV!

#16 Robby dressed like a basketball player + a hiphop dude :haha:

#17 Guys, like Jarkko, wearing white pants and white undy are SEXY :drool:

#18 Jarkko's undy was too small :tape: :haha:

#19 I don't like James's butt! :lol:

#20 I'm a phycho!!! :rocker:
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