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Got the VIP tickets from someone I know -- 2 for the day session and 2 for the night one.

Arrived at the arena around noon but Jarkko and James were on at 2 pm so I hung around in the VIP lounge. SO MANY stuffs to EAT! I started with a seafood and ended with an ice cream... overall, I spent one and a half hour there!

My seat wasn't that good in term of picture taking, but it's the BEST place to sneak peek at Jarkko's butt!! :rolls:

The match was close. I personally believed that Jarkko should be the winner since he played a great match today. Still, credit to James... pulled off powerful winners when it mattered the most! :yeah:

:hug: Jarkko!

Marat vs Mischa (GER who's born in Russia!) was up next>>

I watched only about half of the 1st set cos Marat was broken and I need a break from tennis that I've been watching for the last 2 days!

I went out and :eek: I saw JARKKO!!!!!

Jarkko went to the ATP officice to do some stuff. I asked for a pic with him again and he's too nice to say no :hearts:

Now I've come to realize that Jarkko, besides the perfect butt, is a very NICE guy! :hug:

I went back in and saw Marat won the tie break... hmm what a lucky man he was!

Mischa, for me, played an interesting match. He chose to serve and volley or even chip and charge most of the time. The tactics worked, it frustrated Marat at some point. But Marat handle it well in the end. :bigclap:

Also, I've never realize how many fans Marat has here in Thailand!
OMG, he is SO popular!!

---Tim and P'dorn... the best match of the tourney so far in terms of the atmosphere and the excitement of the match!

I was rooting for Tim, but 99% of the crowd, of course, were there for P'dorn.

Tim had so many chances to wrap up the match. He must be disappointed! :sad:


The last match began quite late. Ivan vs Robby...

It supposed to be a good match to watch but well some 'jerk' ruined it!!

I was at the match and there was one "loser" who kept yelling for Robby. And at some point, he yelled when the whole stadium was quiet

"C'mon Robby, you can't lose to this jerk!"

And he kept on doing such things for most of the match! Finally, the umpire decided to say sth besides "Thank you" !! The guy was told, "Plz keep your voice down. You are disturbing everyone here"

The crowds were like :bigclap:

Ivan and Robby were pretty much disturbed by this guy. Ivan actually stared at him

The quality of this match could be much higher!

Poor Ivan...
And I could tell that Robby didn't hire the guy to do so neither :lol:

Seeing Jarkko made my day :D

I officially become a fan of Jarkko today! :bounce:
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