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Hi, my name is Francesco, I'm 21 and I come from Italy.
I'm starting this blog to post my betting tips, to have a diary of my bets, and, I hope, to help someone to earn some money.
Of course I'm not a genious, and, I admitt, I'm not so expert in tennis (I started following assidously since August 2010), but I'm having quite good results in these first times. I had a long experience in football betting, until I realised that is not a good sport to bet on (too many variables are involved! It's quite impossibile to have good forecasts); so I started looking at tennis matches, and after months of "training", I find it a really nice sport. I created a Bet365 account and started betting using both my own experience and statistics (yeah, passion for statistics is the only thing I kept from football experience).

In the next post I'll explain HOW I'll bet on tennis: I'll present Masaniello progression, what it is and which parameters I'll use. :)
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