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Tennis Tipping Statistics Website Tournament Tracker​

This thread has been made so that we can keep track of which tournaments need to be finished in the website. Anytime tournaments are added to the system, I will add them here. When any tournaments are finished they will be taken off.

Please be aware that when you go to the website to edit, you might have to click 'See all tournaments' to see other tournaments that may or may not have been completed. This is why this thread was made. It was made so that we can keep track of the tournaments that are not visible.


Nottingham CH
Nottingham 2 CH
Tianjin CH
Mohammedia CH
Milan CH
Marburg CH
Braunschweig CH
Winetka CH
Manta CH
Todi CH
You have to ask either -Evita- or dinkulpus if you can help with the website. If you ask me, I will not be able to help you. :)

Volunteers are highly appreciated. :yeah:
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