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Name: Laszlo
Place of Birth: Debrecen, Hungary
Residence: Debrecen, Hungary
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Plays: forehand
Turned Pro: Jan. 2009

Current TT Ranking
- Singles: 246
Career High TT Ranking - Singles: 246
TT Race 2009 - Singles: -
Current TT Ranking - Doubles: 237
Career High TT Ranking - Doubles: 236
TT Race 2009
- Doubles: -

ATP Singles Record: 0-0
ATP Doubles Record: 0-0
Challenger Singles Record: 5-8
Challenger Doubles Record: 9-7

Career Review
ATP Singles Record: 0-0
ATP Doubles Record: 0-0
Challenger Singles Record: 5-8
Challenger Doubles Record: 9-7
ATP Singles Titles: 0
ATP Doubles Titles: 0
Challenger Singles Titles: 0
Challenger Doubles Titles: 0


ATP Singles:


ATP Doubles:


Challenger Singles:

Q.Finale: 1
2.R: 2
1.R: 3
Q2:: 1
Q1:: 1

Challanger Doubles:

S.Finale: 1
Q.Finale: 2
1.R: 3
Q3:: 1

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Good idea - here's mine.

Name: AdeyC (I hate the name Adrian, so it's Adey)
Place of Birth: London, Great Britain
Residence: Brighton, Great Britain
Height: 6ft 1
Weight: TBA - don't have scales at home
Plays: Serve and Volley
Turned Pro: April 2009

Current TT Ranking - Singles: 133
Career High TT Ranking - Singles: 87
TT Race 2012 - Singles: - ?
Current TT Ranking - Doubles: 104
Career High TT Ranking - Doubles: 95
TT Race 2009 - Doubles: - ?

ATP Singles Record: 5-4
ATP Doubles Record: 2-2
Challenger Singles Record: 2-2
Challenger Doubles Record: 3-2


I came across Tennis Forum during a quiet afternoon at work and signed up for it, I later discovered that there was a Men’s Tennis Forum and signed up for that too.

I started my first TT tournament at Indian Wells 2009 and won my first ever match, a qualifying first round match against orangehat. I lost my first ever doubles match, playing with Harry_Callaghan and lost to Capriati Rules and In The Zone.

In doubles I first played with anybody who would pair up with me, then I started a partnership with pavkata in Trani 2009, a guy from Bulgaria, and we won our first event together and carried on playing together until July 2010, when his work situation meant that he unfortunately wouldn’t be able to carry on playing TT.

I started my current partnership with Bruno Beidacki in Athens 2011, we won our first event together and won three events last year and qualified for Challenger Year End event.

I have been lucky enough to play in all Grand Slams main draws in singles and doubles, best result being 3rd round singles in the US Open in 2011.

I’ve only won one singles title to date – but I’ve won 8 doubles titles - 1 with GoBlakeGo, 4 with pavkata and 3 with BrunoBeidacki.

In rankings terms I think my best singles win was in the first round of Genova CH 2011 first round, when I beat the Top 25 ranked top seed, mateusz2904. who also happens to have been my WTF TT partner for three years, so I only mention this fact at every available opportunity.

While I have achieved Top 50 in singles and Top 30 in doubles in WTF, I am still striving to match those achievements in MTF.

2002/3 update - made a career high of 5 in MTF doubles, won an ATP too. Other than that a disaster in singles
Reached Top 10 in TF though.

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TT Player Profile - Vilnietė

Nick: Vilnietė (it means female person from Vilnius)
Country: Lithuania
Name: Ieva
Age: 25 (10/10/1986)
Birthplace: Vilnius, Lithuania
Residence: tbd
Height: 5 ft 9 inc (175 cm)
TT debut: Geneva CH 2011

Current Ranking: 240 (13/02/2012)
Career High: 240 (13/02/2012)
Titles: Sheffield F 2012

Current Ranking: 236 (13/02/2012)
Career High: 236 (06/02/2012)
Titles: Sheffield F 2012 (with Toooom)

Playing Activity:
Wolfsburg CH
Bergamo CH ....... ? ...... ?(with Dudisela75)
Davis Cup
Burnie CH ........ R16 .... F(with Bavaria100)
Heilbronn CH ..... R32 .... -
Sheffield F ...... W ...... W (with Toooom)
Australian Open .. Q1 ..... Q1 (with Boreas)
Glasgow F ........ R32 .... -
Brisbane 250 ..... Q1 ..... -
Geneva CH ........ R16 .... R32 (with coolfish1103)

Not exactly average.
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Interesting topic, let's try:

Name: Erick (aka erickmartins)
Place of Birth: Nova Friburgo, Brazil
Residence: Paris, France
Height: 1.73m
Weight: 72kg
Turned Pro: 2011
Coach: a bottle of wine

Current TT Ranking - Singles: 44
Career High TT Ranking - Singles: 44
TT Race 2012 - Singles: - ?
Current TT Ranking - Doubles: NR
Career High TT Ranking - Doubles: NR
TT Race 2012 - Doubles: - ?

ATP Singles Record: 10-9
ATP Doubles Record: -
Challenger Singles Record: 50-33
Challenger Doubles Record: -
Titles: Astana 2 CH, Challenger Tour Finals

ATP Singles Record: 6-4
ATP Doubles Record: -
Challenger Singles Record: -
Challenger Doubles Record: -
Titles: -


Thanks to a brazilian friend who played TT during the Australian Open last year (Tuvalu), I came across the game and immediately started playing.

I was lucky enough to get a main draw place in my first Challenger (Quimper 2011), despite being NR. I won my first ever game, but lost in the second round. But at least it was enough to become ranked.

As I didn't know anyone and was too lazy to try and get a doubles partner, I never played it. When I decided I should start playing doubles, I was already leaving the Challengers and my NR in doubles would make it very difficult to make even a QD in ATPs, so I have sticked to singles. Next week I'll be playing my first Challenger in a while (Davis Cup week, I'm going to Quimper again), so I'm partnering with *Jean*.

From my first Challenger in February 2011 until around June I had to go through qualies in most tournaments, so I decided I would stick to Challengers, except for the tournaments that would be near "home", where I would try my hand at ATPs. So I played qualies in Stuttgart (I was living nearby at the time) and Paris (I'm living here now), with two QR1 losses. I didn't have better luck in GS qualies, with my best result being a QR3 in Roland Garros (and not enough LL spots to make the main draw).

I slowly moved up the ranks in the Challengers. By August I had a decent rank in the high 100s, but still nothing special. Then I won Astana 2, and all of a sudden I was in the fight for a place in the Challenger Tour Finals. Good performances in Orleans and Rennes in October consolidated my position, and I entered CTF as 7th.

I ended up winning it and scoring enough points to be in the top 100 at the end of the year. Then I made the decision to leave the Challengers altogether and be more ambitious in 2012. It didn't start well, with 1st round losses in Chennai and Auckland. But then a magic 1st week happened in my first Grand Slam ever, and I ended up going very deep, until the semifinals. Now I'm a top 50 player and I can play only ATPs.

Davis Cup was never an option for me until 2012. As I was playing for Brazil, my ranking was far from being enough to play it. Then I decided to change to France in 2012, first because I would have a shot at playing DC, second because I'm living here. I still haven't played it because we had a bye in the first round, but I'll be playing soon. Right now I'm the best-ranked player from France, and my rank would even be enough to postulate a place in the Brazilian team. Talk about irony. :)

My objective is to be a top 10 player, and I think it's possible. I don't have many points to defend soon, so I think my rank can still improve.

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Name: Nikolay
Age: 24 (22/08/1987)
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Residence: Oxford, United Kingdom
Height: 6' (183 cm)
Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Plays: Right-handed (single-handed backhand)
Favourite shot: BH DTL, reverse overhead
Turned pro: 2011
Favourite surface: Grass/Clay
Favourite tournament: Wimbledon
Favourite tennis player: Rafael Nadal / Joachim Johansson

TT debut: San Jose 2011
Current TT Singles Ranking: 158 (career high)
Current TT Doubles Ranking: 222 (career high)

ATP Singles Record: 21-21
ATP Doubles Record: 19-22
Challenger Singles Record: 22-12
Challenger Doubles Record: 7-10

Career highlights:
Singles: 2011 US Open R32, Stockholm R16, Los Angeles R16, Helsinki CH SF, Dallas CH QF, Barletta CH QF
2012 Dallas CH SF
Doubles: 2011 Bangkok SF (w/StoGas), US Open R64 (w/SVK)
2012 Sheffield FU F (w/batates)

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Name: Mario
Birthplace: Santiago, Chile
Residence: Santiago, Chile
Height: 180 CM
Weight: 55 kg
Plays: Right-handed
Turned pro: 2012
Coach: Nicolas Massu / Horacio De La Peña
Prize money: $0000000
Favourite surface: Hard/Grass
Favourite tournament: Australian Open
Favourite tennis player(male/female): Roger Federer/Maria Sharapova
Best friend on tour: Traddles :D
Best idiot on tour: -- haha :)

Current TT Singles Ranking: 000

Current TT Doubles Ranking: 294 (best)

TT Race 2012 - Singles: --

TT Race 2012 - Doubles: --

ATP Singles Record: 00 - 00

ATP Doubles Record: 00 - 00

Challenger Singles Record: 00 - 00

Challenger Doubles Record: 1 - 1

Career highlights:

Atp Singles: --

Atp Doubles: --

Challenger Singles: --

Challenger Doubles: QF CH Burnie (w/Traddles)




CH Burnie (28 jan - 05 feb)
Lose QR1


CH Burnie (28 jan - 05 feb)
Lose Quarter-Finals (w/Traddles)

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Player Name:

Real Name:

United States

Favorite Player:
Jo Wilfried Tsonga

Playing Style:

Basic History:

Matt; known as Lazyking to the OTC (Online Tennis community ) Was not born a tennis fan, he's never played tennis in is life. He recently became a hardcore tennis fan in June 2012, after 10 plus years of casually watching slams. Coming to MTF in July of 2012, he quickly became enamored with Tennis Tipping. The competitive nature fueled his own desire to win. His hobbies include - Sports watching, biking, exercise, Tv/movie watching, reading and playing with his two dogs. Loyal to friends and family.

Detailed Tipping history:
First ever Tipping event was Washington DC in late July. Lazyking failed to qualify in singles after losing his first match due to SR shootout against Hidalgo. However, in doubles, Lazyking teamed with Forever delayed and went a on a Quarterfinal run. They won their first match in in first round of qualifying, 11-10 over Mezut Ozuil/sergiodmm. In the final round, Lazyking's team lost 0-4 to MikiKuba/Nixer but they lucked out and got an LL into the main draw. There, they rose up and defeated CheekyChick/sdtoot in a close match by the score of 21-20. The LL run ended in the QF when the team lost to the number 3 seed, Pauchis/Capriati Rules 9-14.

Reevaluating his standing, Lazyking decided to play in challengers to gain experience and hopefully ranking points. The doubles QF run got him some ranking points but seeing as he was still low in the rankings, and the points wouldn't go into effect for two weeks, he thought he'd have better luck on the challenger circuit.

First up was Aptos, California and for the second straight tournament, Lazyking found success. In singles, he beat Milton 8-6 in the quali first round, then in the quali final round, he defeated portinzin 6-5. His first round match was against Hidalgo where he again was defeated in the SR shootout. On the doubles side, teaming with Vilniete, they managed to qualify for the main draw by defeating Novak or andy/MaratPure 25-20 and jfed90/radugamer356 11-9. In the first round, they met the 3 seed, Hidalgo/rodrigol_87 and lost 13-18.

Lazyking is currently playing in Cordenons, Italy; a clay challenger event with Jakezie as his doubles partner.

Singles Ranking (Current/High):​
Doubles Ranking ( Current/High):​
Singles Record (counting qualifying): 2-2
Doubles Record (counting qualifying): 4-3

Career Singles Titles/Finals:

Career Doubles Titles/Finals:


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Name: Markus
Nationality: Norwegian

Current TT Ranking
- Singles: 61
Career High TT Ranking - Singles: 61 (Mar 2, 2015)
Weeks in the top-100: 18 (3 consecutive)
Current TT Ranking - Doubles: 42
Career High TT Ranking - Doubles: 41 (Feb 9, 2015)
Weeks in the top-100: 22 (all consecutive)

ATP MD Singles Record: 9 - 3
ATP MD Doubles Record: 6 - 4
ATP Q Singles Record: 2 - 2
ATP Q Doubles Record: 0 - 0
Challenger MD Singles Record: 0 - 0
Challenger MD Doubles Record: 0 - 0
Challenger Q Singles Record: 0 - 0
Challenger Q Doubles Record: 0 - 0
Futures Singles Record: 1 - 1
Futures Doubles Record: 1 - 1

Career Review
ATP MD Singles Record: 16 - 16
ATP MD Doubles Record: 21 - 18
ATP Q Singles Record: 25 - 11
ATP Q Doubles Record: 20 - 12
Challenger MD Singles Record: 29 - 34
Challenger MD Doubles Record: 42 - 32
Challenger Q Singles Record: 2 - 1
Challenger Q Doubles Record: 4 - 1
Futures Singles Record: 5 - 5
Futures Doubles Record: 8 - 3
Exho Singles Record: 8 - 6
Exho Doubles Record: 8 - 5

ATP Singles Titles: 1
ATP Doubles Titles: 1
Challenger Singles Titles: 0
Challenger Doubles Titles: 0
Futures Singles Titles: 0
Futures Doubles Titles: 0

Career Review
ATP Singles Titles: 1
ATP Doubles Titles: 1
Challenger Singles Titles: 0
Challenger Doubles Titles: 2
Futures Singles Titles: 0
Futures Doubles Titles: 1

Pressure points ATP (singles)
Tiebreaks: 10-10
Against the top-10: 2-1
Finals: 1-1

Pressure points Challengers (singles)
Tiebreaks: 17-15
Against the top-10: 1-2
Finals: 0-2

Pressure points Futures (singles)
Tiebreaks: 0-1
Against the top-10: 1-0
Finals: 0-0

A thanks to my partners
scarecrows: 30 Tournaments
digor: 1 Tournament
Renaud: 2 Tournaments
dinkulpus: 1 Tournament
stbanchile: 1 Tournament
Tristanslav: 1 Tournament
jrm: 1 Tournament
bry17may: 4 Tournaments
SamR03A: 2 Tournaments
lizzard1112: 1 Tournament
savesthedizzle: 1 Tournament
Sham Kay: 5 Tournaments

Hidalgo: 1 Tournament
savesthedizzle: 1 Tournament
Mae: 7 Tournaments
ajde!: 1 Tournament
JackM: 1 Tournament
Renaud: 1 Tournament
Gavnich77: 1 Tournament
Tomek.: 1 Tournament


Current TT Ranking - Singles: 11
Career High TT Ranking - Singles: 11
Current TT Ranking - Doubles: 2
Career High TT Ranking - Doubles: 2

ATP MD Singles Record: 12 - 11
ATP Q Singles Record: 0 - 2
ATP MD Doubles Record: 18 - 12

Career Review
ATP MD Singles Record: 18 - 13
ATP Q Singles Record: 1 - 3
ATP MD Doubles Record: 23 - 13
ATP Q Doubles Record: 1 - 1
Career Review
ATP Singles Titles: 1 (Basel/Valencia 2013)
ATP Doubles Titles: 2 (Basel/Valencia 2013 v/Nirjhor and Wimbledon 2014 v/Cheeky Chick)

A thanks to my partners
Cheeky Chick
dinkulpus (Marto)

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Name: Dean
Nationality: British Current Rank: 107 Highest Rank: 107
Career Matches: 102
Career Matches Won: 62
Career Matches Lost: 40
Singles Finals: 0-5
Doubles Finals: 1-1

Wins: 27 Losses: 19 Best: RU Petange, RU Melbourne, RU Toyota
End of year ranking: 200

Wins: 35 Losses: 21. Best: RU Kyoto, RU Portoroz
End of year ranking:

ATP Performance
Qualifying: 4-6
Main Draw: 0-3 Best: R1 French Open, R1 Queens, R1 Dusseldorf

Grand Slam Bests:
Australian Open: QR1 (2014)
French Open: R1 (2014)
Wimbledon: QFR (2014)
US Open: Never entered

Surface Performance
Carpet: 5-3. 2013: 5-2. 2014: 0-1
Clay: 7-7 2013: 0-1 2014: 7-6
Grass: 1-4 2013: 0-1. 2014: 1-3
Hard: 36-19 2013: 11-10 2014: 25-9
Indoors: 13-7 2013: 11-5. 2014: 2-2

SR Tie break record:
Total: 20-15 2013: 7-5 2014: 13-10

Interesting match-ups:
*Aussie Adz 3-0
Kaohsiung 2013 QR2: 15-13
Melbourne 2013 QF: 6-5
Toyota 2013 QF: 5-4

*Randy72391 1-2
Napa 2013 R16: 8-9
Maui 2014 R16: 6-5
Aptos 2014 R1: 4-5

*Enrique IG8 3-0
Petange 2013 QR2: 13-11
Petange 2013 QFR: 6-5
Petange 2013: R16: 6-5

*Supertec 2-0
Kaohsiung 2013 R1: 7-7
Melbourne 2013 R16: 8-6

*Nikki 1-2
Toyota 2013 Final: 1-3
Astana 2014 R16: 8-8l
Vancouver 2014 R1: 3-3w

*Crvena Zvezda 1-1
Petange 2013 Final: 2-3
Bratislava 2013 QR1: 3-3

*RNW 0-3
Kaohsiung 2013 R16: 8-8
Itajai 2014 QF: 5-5
Sarasota 2014 R1: 5-5

*Abollo 1-1
Saint Brieuc 2014 R1: 5-5l
Tunis 2014 R1: 4-4w

*S.K 1-1
Wimbledon 2014 FQR: 7-7l
Binghampton 2014 R16: 9-9w

*Chill 2-0
Kyoto 2014 QF: 7-7
Rimouski 2014 R16: 9-8

*Cheeky Chick 0-2
Saint Remy 2013 R1: 5-6
West Lakes 2014 QF: 7-8

*Bavaria100 0-2
Winnetka 2013 R1: 10-11
Charlottesville 2013 R1: 5-5

*Equalizer 0-2
Newport 2013 QR2: 5-6
Bratislava 2013 QF: 9-10

*Kr1s71an 1-1
Maui 2014 R1: 5-5
Nottingham 2014 QR1: 12-13

*2Pool 2-0
Napa 2013 R1: 7-5
Portoroz 2014 SF: 2-1

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Name: Rogier
Nationality: Dutch
Started playing: February 2014

Current Ranking Singles: 66
Career High Singles: 66 (October 20, 2014)
Current Ranking Doubles: 124
Career High Doubles: 124 (October 20, 2014)

Singles matches won: 67
Singles matches lost: 30
Doubles matches won: 31
Doubles matches lost: 22

Highlights Singles
Won: Nottingham CH (14), Scheveningen CH (14), Pune CH (14), Poitiers FUT (14)
Final: Tianjin CH (14), Indore CH (14)
Semifinals: Umag (14)

Highlights Doubles
Won: Tianjin CH (14) (w. Netin!)
Final: Banja Luka CH (14), Rennes CH (14) (w. Yves.)
Quarterfinals: Wimbledon (14) (w. Mesut Ozil)

Record Breakdown Singles
ATP MD: 5-5
ATP QD: 8-5
Challenger MD: 48-19
Challenger QD: 6-1

Record Breakdown Doubles
ATP MD: 4-3
ATP QD: 8-4
Challenger MD: 18-14
Challenger QD: 1-1

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guys and who will help me to create your own profile on this page of the forum?

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Name: Cristóbal
Nationality: Chilean
Birthplace: Santiago, Chile
Residence: Santiago, Chile
Plays: Right-handed (double-handed backhand)
Turned pro: January 2014
Favorite surface: Clay
Favorite tournament: Roland Garros/Santiago CH
Best friend on tour: Chilenaitor

Current Ranking Singles: 113
Career High Singles: 113 (August 11, 2014)
Current Ranking Doubles: 146
Career High Doubles: 142 (August 4, 2014)

Singles matches won: 42
Singles matches lost: 29
Doubles matches won: 27
Doubles matches lost: 28

Highlights Singles
Won: Tianjin CH (14), Prague-2 CH (14)
Finals: Rovinj Fut (14), Gimcheon CH (14)
Semifinals: Rimouski CH (14), Vicenza CH (14)

Highlights Doubles
Won: Tokyo CH (14), Samarkand CH (14)
Finals: Rimouski CH (14), Vicenza CH (14), Bucharest Fut (14), Segovia CH (14)

Record Breakdown Singles
ATP MD: 0-1
ATP QD: 4-1
Challenger MD: 31-23
Challenger QD: 7-4

Record Breakdown Doubles
ATP MD: 1-1
ATP QD: 3-1
Challenger MD: 23-26
Challenger QD: 0-0

Grand Slam Bests (singles/doubles)
Australian Open: -
Roland Garros: QR2 (14) / QR2 (14)
Wimbledon: R128 (14) / R32 (14)
US Open: -

Doubles Partners
Chilenaitor (CHI): 27 tournaments (2W+4RU+4SF)
Dangermouse (GBR): 1 tournament (1SF)
Samuel Guilherme (BRA): 1 tournament (1R16)

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Name: KyleM
Nationality: British
Plays: Right Handed (One-handed Backhand)
Turned Pro: June 2014
Favourite Surface: Grass
Favourite Tournament: Wimbledon

Singles Ranking: 199
Singles Career High: 198 (September 2014)

Singles Record:
ATP Tour Wins: 6
ATP Tour Loses: 1
Challenger Wins :6
Chalenger Loses: 7


A few weeks after discovering MTF for the first time I ventured into the games section and came across Tennis Tipping. I jumped right in and committed to me first tournament, Eastbourne. Unfortunately, though I did not get a place in the qualifying draw and so made my way to the Challenger tour. My first game was in Tianjin where I was trashed in the first round (05:08). This was a awake up call and proved I would have to work hard to make it on the challenger tour. The following week I traveled to Manta. I scraped through my first round on PTS score, and then beat the sisxth seed (Redkop) and then the top seed (Joe87) to make the semifinal where I was beaten by Mincheff on SR. Over the next five tournaments I did not have too much success on the challenger tour winning just three matches (3 round 1 matches) in five tournaments.

The next tournament though was the US Open and everything could change. I was not on the best run of form going into qualifying and knew that qualifying would be tough and considered winning a round to be a good achievement. I comfortably won my QR1 by 3(40:43) matches and so was happy that I would be leaving Flushing Meadows with some points. I then went on to win my QR2 my two (23:21) and my QR3 by three(09:06) as well. Somehow I had qualified. I draw a qualifier in R1 and won a tight match by one SR. I was dream land but next I was up against 14th seed and experienced TT player stbanchile and so thought my run had to come to a end. However the fairytale continued as I won 30:28 and marched onto the third round. There I faced another unseeded player and won 24:22 to progress to the second week. There I faced 25 seed Tytta!, it was a close amtch and came down to the Monfils-Gasquet match. Unfortunately for me Gael did not have his expected mental lapse for a set and so won 3-0 to knock me out. However this six match winning run did wonders for my ranking and propelled me into the top 200 at 198.

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I had today free time and made detailed H2H

Till September 2014

The most matches against : buji - 6 (3-3), Goldenoldie - 6 (0-6), CoolyBri - 5 (2-3), Kirilenko-Fan - 5 (2-3), trucul - 5 (2-3), lucian_iasi - 5 (1-4)
The worst H2H : njnetswill 0-3, ibreak4coffee 0-3, lucian_iasi 1-4 Dexter 0-4, kingroger 0-4, Goldenoldie 0-6
The best H2H : YEBRA 3-0, MuriloBrasil 3-0, JMG 3-0, Eddy DoubleD 3-1, rodrigol_87 3-1, cah_ 4-0

Against nationalities :

Argentina 13-7
Austria 2-2
Australia 2-6
Bosnia 0-2
Bulgaria 4-5
Brazil 31-27
Canada 8-7
China 6-10
Chile 1-4
Croatia 5-2
Czech 1-1
Egypt 0-1
Finland 0-3
France 2-5
Germany 12-21
Great Br 12-16
Greece 6-1
Guatemala 1-1
Holland 7-8
Hungary 1-0
Iceland 1-0
India 5-6
Isreal 5-2
Ireland 1-2
Italy 3-2
Kazakhstan 2-2
Lietuva 0-1
Monaco 1-1
Peru 2-1
Poland 5-7
Portugal 11-5
Romania 8-10
Russia 3-6
Serbia 5-2
Singapore 1-1
Spain 8-5
S. Korea 1-0
Slovenia 1-1
Slovakia 0-1
Sweden 2-2
Switzerland 2-2
Turkey 1-1
Ukraine 3-2
USA 5-14
Zimbabwe 0-1
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