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First tourney: Durban CH; I didn't know what TT was, I only used to play PAW since the start of the year, but I saw there were other great games here, especially TT seemed to be an important I decided to give it a go, but I already lost in Qualy against Cipa. Anyway in doubles I reached QF with propaganda with whom I team up regularly since then: nice from him to play with a NR player :) This tourney was managed by keqtqiadv and it was really fun, so I decided to continue playing it :D

Challenger tour: So then, I started playing on the challenger tour, it's really fun playing Challengers in the beginning, this makes it very realistic. First little highlights were two semifinals in singles in Cherbourg and Casablanca and a doubles final in Napoli with propaganda. I also got to play Roland Garros and Wimbledon where I reached the second round of both Grand Slams. But the absolute highlight was Fürth Challenger in the second week of RG, where I won in singles against and in doubles with JMG.

More details will follow :p

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Labamba (FIN)

Name: Ville
Birthdate: 3-May-82
Birthplace: Lahti, Finland
Residence: Lappeenranta, Finland
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Plays: Right-handed
Turned Pro: January 2006
Coach: Jaap (MTF gambler)
Favourite Player (male/female): Jarkko Nieminen/Maria Kirilenko

Current TT Ranking - Singles: 16
Career High TT Ranking - Singles: 3
Current TT Race - Singles: 15
Current TT Doubles Ranking: 5
Career High TT Doubles Ranking: 1

YTD Review

Singles Record: 45 - 40
Singles Titles: 0
Doubles Record: 47 - 34
Doubles Titles: 4

ATP & Grand Slam F: Zagreb SF: Houston, Madrid QF: Wimbledon
ATP & Grand Slam W: Adelaide(w/Smasher), Wimbledon(w/linus), Montreal(w/linus), Beijing(w/linus) F: Sopot(w/Andre) SF: Dubai(w/Smasher), Nottingham(w/Andre), US Open(w/linus)

Career Review

Singles Record: 105 - 80
Singles Titles: 1
Doubles Record: 100 - 64
Doubles Titles: 7

Career Titles & Finals

SINGLES CAREER TITLES (1): 2006--Dubai FINALIST (2): 2006--New Haven; 2007--Zagreb

DOUBLES CAREER TITLES (7): 2006--Barcelona, Båstad, Toronto; 2007--Adelaide, Wimbledon, Montreal, Beijing FINALIST (5): 2006--Miami, Stuttgart, Bangkok, Stockholm; 2007--Sopot

Top 3 Career Highlights

1. 2007 Wimbledon Doubles Champion with linus
2. 2006 Davis Cup Champion with Smasher & el güero
3. 2006 TT Player of the Year

Career H2H records (singles/doubles)

[email protected] AUS 2-1 1-0
*julie* FRA 3-2 2-0
[adidas] POR 1-0
_pyromatic USA 1-0 1-1
<Lt*Alonso*Cl> CHI 0-1 2-0
416_Life CAN 1-0
A_Skywalker BUL 0-4 5-1
adeegee!. SCO 1-0 2-3
Aguante_el_Gato ARG 1-0 1-0
Aiken Drum SCO 0-1 1-0
alansk GBR 1-0 4-1
Alekutza ROM 1-2
Allez-Alejo USA 1-1
Alx FRA 1-1
Andre (Sylvester) POR 4-0 2-3
angela COL 2-0
aussie_fan AUS 1-0 1-1
Azarielle FRA 0-1
bad gambler AUS 1-1 1-1
Baghdatis72 CYP 1-0
balloon SIN 1-0 1-2
bavaria100 GER 2-4
belco AUS 2-2 2-2
Berdych Fan BRA 0-1
biliana MAC 1-1
Björki SWE 1-0 1-1
BlakeorHenman USA 1-0
Blaze-2004 USA 1-2
Bloodletting CHI 1-0 1-0
Blue Orange SCO 1-0
Bolar Bolabi AUS 2-0
Bubba08 FRA 1-2
Buddy SIN 3-0
Buffel NED 0-1 1-1
CancionAnimal ARG 0-1
Caralimon ARG 0-1 1-1
Cipa ARG 1-0 2-0
cleo1986 BEL 1-1
Colt th magnific FRA 1-0 0-1
CooCooCachoo NED 0-1
coreyschucky USA 3-0 1-2
Crocodile FRA 4-0
Damita FRA 1-0
Davidcuervacho ARG 0-2 2-1
Deathless Mortal CRO 0-1 1-0
Deea ROU 0-1
Dupuis2006 CAN 2-2 1-0
east_players HUN 0-1
edg TUR 1-0
el güero FIN 2-1 2-0
elroyf GBR 2-0
ExcaliburII ARG 1-0 1-1
fabolous GER 0-1
Faik Kheft GBR 1-0
FiBeR ARG 0-1
Foosimoo BEL 0-1 3-1
Forever-Delayed GBR 2-0
freesbee ESP 2-1
Frooty_Bazooty IRL 1-0
GanyStar GER 1-0
Garlichead AUT 2-1 1-1
Gavnich77 WAL 2-0 1-3
gaynor BLR 4-1 3-1
GeorgeWHitler ICE 1-0
Germanstar GER 2-0
GlennMirnyi BRA 0-1 4-1
greatkingrat GBR 0-1
Grinder USA 0-2
Grofica SCG 1-1 0-1
guille&tati4life SCO 2-1 0-2
gulzhan KAZ 1-0
gumoll POL 1-1
GustavoM_Fan ARG 1-2 3-2
Gutturnio D.O.C. ITA 1-1
HamburgGirl GER 0-3
HenryMag POR 1-0
Homo_Esperanto GER 0-1
Hotzenplotz GER 1-0 2-2
invu2day GBR 1-0 1-2
Iza ROM 2-1 1-0
J-5 FIN 1-0
jazar GBR 1-0
JBdV FRA 0-1
Jimnik GBR 1-0
JMG GER 1-3 3-0
JuanRodriguez BEL 1-0
kada starpiba LAT 1-0
KalleOnAir GER 1-0 5-0
keqtqiadv BRA 0-2 2-1
kidnicky MEX 1-0
Kielian GER 1-0
kindablue CYP 0-1 2-2
LaTenista USA 1-0 4-2
lavia ROM 1-0
linus CHN 1-3 3-0
LK_22 GBR 0-1 1-0
maldini SUI 0-1
manu86 ARG 1-0 0-1
Mara_M ROM 1-0 1-2
marcelwks POL 1-0 1-3
Marksman GBR 2-0 0-1
mat87to ITA 0-1
maxmirnyi ARG 1-0
Melvins POR 1-2 1-3
meninosantos POR 1-0
Mikko MAC 0-1 1-1
muniu POL 2-2 3-1
Nadie RUS 0-2
Nando_L BRA 2-0 0-1
Nathaliia POL 0-1 2-0
Netin! BRA 1-0 0-1
Nimrodg ISR 1-0 4-1
njnetswill USA 1-0
nokidding FPN 1-0
NyGel ARG 1-0 2-0
PaulHopkins GBR 1-0
Peta Pan AUS 1-1 2-0
Pigpen Stinks USA 1-0
Pixel GER 1-0
Pixie FRA 1-0 1-1
Pochoster CHI 1-0
propaganda BUL 0-1
qczi HUN 1-0
radjan BRA 1-0
renaudb FRA 0-1 1-0
Ria MLT 2-0
ridert FRA 1-0
rob88hock GBR 0-1 0-1
robrulz5 AUS 1-1 0-1
RRenno BRA 1-0 1-0
sakaka TUR 3-0
Santiago Vlad BLR 1-0
savestheday91 SCG 0-1 0-3
Scala FRA 6-0
scarecrows ALB 1-0 4-4
scythe19pro ROM 1-1 1-1
SeagullUK GBR 1-0
Sheva NED 1-0 1-3
Shotgun Blues BRA 3-0
Siders FRA 2-1 6-0
silverwhite SIN 0-2
SloKid ESP 2-1
Smasher FIN 0-3 1-3
Snowwy CAN 1-0
Sol Apollo USA 0-1 2-1
sploush CAN 0-1
srinath_kng IND 1-0
Strangelove NED 1-0
studzien POL 0-1
superhoops GBR 0-1 0-3
Superior1 CRO 1-1
tal20 ISR 1-0
TankingTheSet NED 1-0
Tankman AUS 0-1 1-1
tennis2006 NED 0-1 1-0
TennisMaster CAN 0-1 2-0
That tennis kid GBR 1-0
The Cat Lady BLR 1-1
The Safinator BUL 1-0
theduckswillrise USA 0-1
tiptopdaisy AUT 1-1 1-1
TommyB. GER 0-1 3-0
Tytta BRA 1-0 1-0
ufokart RUS 0-1
vamos israel ISR 1-1 1-0
Vamos Ljubo! CRO 0-1
vianzfzf CHN 1-0 3-0
virex BRA 0-1 2-1
Wojtek POL 1-1
Wolves68 FRA 0-2 0-1
Yarkko BUL 1-1
yemok BUL 1-0 1-0
ZackBusner GER 0-1 5-3
zicofirol UAE 1-0
Zirconev BRA 0-1 0-1

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Name: Tim
Birth date: September 16, 1986
Nationality: United States
Professional debut: March 2007
Career High Singles Ranking: 36 (October 15, 2007)
Career High Doubles Ranking: 98 (October 22, 2007)

2007 Results:
ATP Tour
Singles - Winner: AMS Cincinnati(as Q), Mumbai; Finalist: Casablanca(as Q); 3rd Rd: Washington, D.C.; 2nd Rd: AMS Miami(as Q), Roland Garros, Tokyo, St. Petersburg; 1st Rd: Wimbledon, Newport, Los Angeles, Indianapolis(as Q), US Open, Bucharest, Vienna, TMS Madrid, TMS Paris; 1st Rd Qualifying: TMS Hamburg, London
Doubles - Finalist: Indianapolis(w/ FORZA PENNETTA as LL), Mumbai(w/ Tommyb.); Semi-finalist: TMS Madrid(w/ Tommyb.); 2nd Rd: London(w/ VaiBrasil), Washington, D.C.(w/ Tommyb. as Q), Tokyo(w/ Alx); 1st Rd: Wimbledon(w/ Superior1), Newport(w/ Fergie), Los Angeles(w/ Tommyb. as Q), US Open(w/ sharas36), St. Petersburg(w/ FORZA PENNETTA); Final Rd Qualifying: Casablanca(w/ tennis2006), TMS Hamburg(w/ propaganda), Bucharest(w/ FORZA PENNETTA), Vienna(w/ SeagullUK); 1st Rd. Qualifying: Roland Garros(w/ FORZA PENNETTA), AMS Cincinnati(w/ Tommyb.), TMS Paris(w/ Tommyb.)

Challenger Circuit
Singles - Semi-finalist: Bermuda, Yuba City; Quarter-finalist: Prague; 2nd Rd: Casablanca, Lanzarote, San Marino, Manerbio, Donetsk; 1st Rd: Mexico City, Tallahassee, Almatay
Doubles - Finalist: San Marino(w/ VaiBrasil); Semi-finalist: Mexico City(w/ RRenno), Lanzarote(w/ studzien), Yuba City(w/ Rui Barata); Quarter-finalist: Prague(w/ FORZA PENNETTA), Manerbio(w/ Hantu); 2nd Rd: Tallahassee(w/ Pigpen Stinks), Casablanca(w/ playagirl); 1st Rd: Bermuda(w/ Chris 84), Almatay(w/ playagirl), Donetsk(w/ VaiBrasil)

Team Competitions
ARAG World Team Cup - 3-2 individually; 1-2 as a team
Davis Cup world group playoffs - 0-2 individually; 0-1 as a team

Bio Blurb
Making his pro debut at the Mexico City Challenger in March, Allez-Alejo quickly burst on the TT scene as a fierce competitior. After making the semifinals of the doubles tournament in Mexico, the young gun successfully navigated through the qualifying of the Miami Masters, where he then won his first ATP tour match. The clay season brought double-A good fortune, reaching the singles semis in Bermuda and the doubles semis in Lanzarote, but it Casablanca, only the third career ATP tour event for Alejo, where the world took notice. Once again coming through the qualies, A-A battled his way all the way to the finals, and subsequently well up the ranks. He would follow up his Casablanca performance with solid results in Prague and Yuba City, however as the warm weather of summer began to take hold, Alejo seemed to be cooling off.

First and second round exits plagued the new-comer for better part of three months, a span highlighted only by a doubles final in San Marino and a 3-2 record at the World Team Cup. After winning his first grand slam match at Roland Garros, A-A would go five straight tour events without a singles victory. Once again, this span would be highlighted by a doubles final appearance in Indianapolis, placed in the draw with partner, FORZA PENNETTA, as a LL team. It would only take one week for the drought to end, however, as Alejo rattled off eight consecutive match wins at the Cincinnati Masters, to win his first ATP title, coming through qualifying to do so. After a disappointing Davis Cup play-off tie against India, Alejo returned to form in Mumbai, winning the singles and reaching the finals in doubles. Though the indoor season was a bust in singles, A-A reached the Madrid Masters doubles semis with oft-partnered Tommyb., to cap off a solid rookie year.

A-A has set the bar high for 2008, as he will attempting to achieve the lofty goal of reaching the Masters Cup next season.

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Tennisfancroatia (CRO)

Turned Pro: End of 2006.
Current TT Ranking: 56
Career High TT Ranking: 56 (11-Feb-08)

YTD Review:

ATP Singles Record: 1-4
ATP Singles Titles: 0
Challenger Singles Record: 3-1
Challenger Singles Titles: 0

Career Review:

ATP Singles Record: 15-17
ATP Singles Titles: 0
Challenger Singles Record: 32-19
Challenger Singles Titles: 1

2008 Highlights:

ATP & Grand Slam R2: Australian Open ; R1: Adelaide,Auckland,Delray Beach :haha:

Challengers SF: Wroclaw


I started playing TT in November 2006. at the Dnepropetrovsk Challenger.At the beggining I mostly played challengers and ATP qualies,with no much success there.My first big result came in the first week of 2007. when I reached QF in Chennai.:D My results were pretty bad till March,and then I won a challenger in Mexico City,and that is still my best career result.:spit: In June I achieved my best GS showing in Roland Garros,a fourth round.My best showing in ATP tournaments came in Los Angeles,where I reached SF.The rest of the year was pretty average,expect the very end which was surprisingly good,with a SF in Burnie challenger,and 2 Finals in Bratislava and Kuala Lumpur challengers.:p
TT was a great fun in 2007. but now it's starting to be kind of boring for me (aka. the early losses :rolls: ),so I will probably retire at the end of 2008,the only thing which might prevent me from it,would be that I win something big and climb the rankings rapidly!

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Name: Nadia
Birthdate: 25-Nov
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Residence: Moscow, Russia/Minsk, Belarus
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Plays: Right-handed
Turned Pro: August 2006
Coach: :scratch: :scratch:

Career High Singles Ranking: 35 (21/04/2008)
Career High Doubles Ranking: 1 (25/06/2007)

Singles: W: Moscow SF: Miami, Metz QF: Sarajevo CH, Turin CH
Doubles: W: Las Vegas (w/Colt_th_magnific), F: Wroclaw CH (w/Gavnich77), Sarajevo CH (w/Superior1), SF: Delray Beach (w/Deathless Mortal), QF: Chennai (w/adee-gee), Auckland (w/Allez-Alejo), San Jose (w/njnetswill), Zagreb (w/Melvins), Valencia (w/ZackBusner), Monte-Carlo (w/Gavnich77), Munich (w/sploush), Rome (w/Ria), Metz (w/Mr Brightside), Prostějov CH (w/Labamba)

Singles : F: Amersfoort QF: Montreal, St.-Petersburg, Tallahassee CH
Doubles: W: San Jose (w/Lavia), Indian Wells (w/Bubba08), Casablanca (w/Tomek.), Casablanca CH (w/Nando_L) F: Vina del Mar (w/Njnetswill), Bastad (w/Biliana) :awww: :sad:, Heilbronn CH (w/Njnetswill), Tallahassee CH (w/Ria), New Dehli I CH (w/Björki) SF: Auckland (w/Wojtek), Bangkok (w/Marcelwks), Metz (w/Bavaria100) QF: Adelaide (w/Muniu), Pörtschach (w/Muniu), Roland Garros (w/Muniu), Umag (w/Hotzenplotz ), Moscow (w/LK_22), St.-Petersburg (w/njnetswill), Wroclaw CH (w/Nando_L)

Singles F: Lubbock CH SF: Maiu CH
Doubles: W: US Open (w/Muniu), Madrid (w/Muniu) F:Bratislava CH (w/Adee-gee) SF: St.-Petersburg (w/Njnetswill) QF: Tokyo (w/Muniu)

Career Highlights
  • made her pro debut at 2006 US Open taking doubles title (w/Muniu)
  • received Newcomer of the Year 2006 award
  • spent 11 weeks at the top of doubles ranking and hopes to grab the #1 spot back someday
  • had also great success of unpredictable WTA matches tipping and reached YEC 2007 in singles @ WTAWorld

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Somebody as famous on MTF as me doesn't need a profile. But making a stamp that I have been here :D

And that I'll play the AO with Genci :hearts:

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Name: Rogier
Place of Birth: Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Residence: Rotterdam/Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Plays: Right-handed (single-handed backhand)
Turned Pro: March 2007

Current TT Ranking
- Singles: 27
Career High TT Ranking - Singles: 27 (may 12, 2008)
TT Race 2008 - Singles: 8
Current TT Ranking - Doubles: 24
Career High TT Ranking - Doubles: 22 (april 14, 2008)
TT Race 2008 - Doubles: 38

ATP Singles Record: 24 - 12
ATP Doubles Record: 11 - 14
Challenger Singles Record: 3 - 3
Challenger Doubles Record: 1 - 3

Career Review
ATP Singles Record: 30 - 24
ATP Doubles Record: 30 - 27
Challenger Singles Record: 27 - 21
Challenger Doubles Record: 27 - 17
ATP Singles Titles: 0
ATP Doubles Titles: 0
Challenger Singles Titles: 2
Challenger Doubles Titles: 4

ATP & Grand Slam -- Final: Rome 08 QF: Amersfoort 07, Adelaide 08, Pörtschach 08 4R: Australian Open 08, Indian Wells 08, Miami 08
Challenger -- W: Surbiton 07, Istanbul 07 SF: Marrakech 07, Santiago 08
ATP & Grand Slam -- F: Bangkok 07 [w.sploush] SF: Delray Beach 08 [w.sploush], Wimbledon 07 [w.cacau00], Newport 07 [w.sploush], Tokyo 07 [w.sploush], Amersfoort 07 [w.stealthisnick] QF: Australian Open 08 [w.sploush]
Challenger -- W: Tunis 07 [w.sploush], Istanbul 07 [w.Pigpen Stinks], Surbiton 07 [w.aussie_fan], Helsinki 07 [w.Peta Pan] F: Marrakech 07 [w.sploush], Almaty 07 [w.Hotzenplotz] SF: Bratislava 07 [w.gaynor], Burnie 07 [w.sploush]

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I started playing just before Roland Garros. I have played mostly challengers. I had some success early on, but my singles results in the second half of the year have not been that great. I think challengers are more fun (more variation in picks), but I hope to play more ATP tourneys in 2008. In doubles I won three challenger titles with Snowwy.

2007 Singles record as of February 2008:

I am on a big losing streak!

Dallas CH, w5: 1 point

R32: Salum - TankingTheset 7-7 #SRs

Waikoloa CH, w4: 6 points

R16: Netin! - TankingTheSet 7-3
R32: TankingTheSet - felo 4-3

Australian Open, w3: 0 points

R128: Forever-Delayed - TankingTheSet 26-25

Auckland, w2: 0 points

Q-R32: tennis2006 - TankingTheSet 4-2

Chennai, w1: 0 points

R32: Alonsofz vs TankingTheSet 6-4

Burnie CH, w49:

R32: vamos israel - TankingTheSet 6-4
Q-R8: TankingTheSet - JM-Del-Potro 3-1
Q-R16: TankingTheSet - M.C. 4-3
Q-R32: TankingTheset - Nando_L 5-5 SR1

Brisbane CH, w48: 0 points

Q-R32: Kostas Kastoria - TankingTheSet 2-2 SR1

Shrewsbury CH, w47: 14 points

QF: Huff - TankingTheSet 3-1
R16: TankingTheSet - JMG 5-4
R32: TankingTheSet - Tytta!. 6-6 PTS5

Champaign CH, w46: 7 points, new ranking 123

R16: JM-Del-Potro - TankingTheSet 5-4
R32: TankingTheSet - Nikki(heart) 5-0 w.o

Asuncion CH, w45: 8 points, new ranking 123

R16: Rrenno - TankingTheSet 7-5
R32: TankingTheSet - Enjoy Incubus 5-0 w.o.

Montevideo CH, w43: 1 point, new ranking 123

R32: Tomek - TankingTheSet 4-3

Belo Horizonte, w43: 1 point, new ranking 121

R32: Felo - TankingTheSet 4-3

Andrezieux, w42: 11 points, new ranking 121

R16 TMJordan - TankingTheSet 8-7
R32: TankingTheSet - Vicek 5-5 SR4

Sacramento, w41: 17 points, new ranking 126

QF Scarface - TankingTheSet
R16 TankingTheSet - JM-Del-potro 7-7 SR1
R32 TankingTheSet - Acemaker 2-1

Tokyo, w40: 0 points, new ranking 132

Q-R16 VaiBrasil - TankingTheSet 3-3 SR1
Q-R32 Bye

Grenoble, w39: 7 points, new ranking 132

R16 lillyke - TankingTheSet 5-3
R32 TankingTheSet - Jazar 7-4

Lubbock, W38: 29 points, new ranking 132

SF PaulHopkins - TankingTheSet 1-0
QF TankingTheSet - sexyboy 6-6 SR2
R16 TankingTheSet - HenryMag 6-0 w.o.
R32 Bye

Orleans, w37: 43 points, new ranking 140

SF FelipeMB - TankingTheSet 3-1
QF TankingTheSet - marcelwks 9-7
R16 TankingTheSet - Alx 5-4
R32 TankingTheSet - AceMaker 4-4 SR1

Alphen, w36: 1 point, new ranking 147

R32 soltmann_89 - TankingTheSet 5-5 SR1

US Open, w35: 0 points, new ranking 144

Q-R64 Kielian - TankingTheSet 26-25

Manerbio CH, w34: 1 point, new ranking 144

R32 Baghdatis72 - TankingTheSet 2-1

Cordenons CH. W33: 1 point, new ranking 143

R32 Vaibrasil - TankingTheSet 4-4 SR4

San Marino CH, w32: 10 points, new ranking 144

R16 S.K. - TankingTheSet 10-6
R32 TankingTheset - Donny 4-3

Segovia CH, w31: 11 points, new ranking 146

R16 Grinder - TankingTheSet 8-6
R32 TankingTheSet - Geibrash 4-4 PTS1

Umag, W30: 5 points, new ranking 151

greatkingrat - TankingTheSet 5-5 PTS4

Aptos CH, w29: 7 points, new ranking 150

R16 kriserdmann - TankingTheSet 8-7
R32 TankingTheSet - felo 5-4

Scheveningen CH, w28: 43 points, new ranking 152

SF James82 - TankingTheSet 2-0
QF TankingTheSet - S.K. 5-4
R16 TankingTheSet - dlqicu 7-7 SR1 Right winner
R32 TankingTheset - stealthisnick 4-3

Dublin CH, w27: 1 point, new ranking 160

R32 Vamos Ljubo! - TankingTheSet 1-0

Reggio Emilia CH, W26: 46 points

F stealthisnick - TankingTheSet 3-2
SF TankingTheSet - JM-Del-Potro 2-1
QF TankingTheSet - dlgicu 4-3
R16 TankingTheSet - scarface 8-5
R32 Bye

Wimbledon, W26: 0 points

Q64 Jimmus - TankingTheSet 46-36

Braunschweig CH, W25: 1 point, new ranking 181

R32 dlgicu - TankingTheSet 10-10 SR2

Lugano CH, w24: 43 points, new ranking 177

SF diego36arg - TankingTheSet 4-4 SR4
QF TankingTheSet - W!MBLEDON 4-3
R16 TankingTheset - Jazar 4-4 SR1
R32 TankingTheSet - radugamer356 10-9

Yuba City CH, w23: 46 points, new ranking 193

F Cipa - TankingTheSet 2-1
SF TankingTheSet - ellery 3-2
QF TankingTheSet - Pigpen Stinks w.o
R16 TankingTheSet - cacau00 8-5
R32 TankingTheSet - Gil_Fans w.o

Roland Garros, w22: 0 points

Q32 Jimmus - TankingTheset 12-10

Fergana CH, W21: 0 points

Q32 Turi - TankingTheSet 3-3 PTS

Forest Hills CH, w20: 29 points

SF Chip_s_m - TankingTheSet 4-2
QF TankingTheSet - Vinceten 6-4
R16 TankingTheSet - John John 6-5
R32 TankingTheSet - Pavkata 5-2

Tunica Resorts CH, W19: 7 points

R16 tennisfancroatia - TankingTheSet 8-5
R32 TankingTheSet - sharpeirob w.o

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Name: Tommy
Turned Pro: August 2006
Current Ranking - Singles: 9
Career High Ranking - Singles: 7 (January 28, 2008)
Current Ranking - Doubles: 56
Career High Ranking - Doubles: 56 (February 4, 2008)

Career Singles Titles: 4 *Sydney 2008, CH Bermuda 2007, CH Düsseldorf 2007, CH Monza 2008*
Career Doubles Titles: 3 *Stockholm 2007 (w/bavaria100), Lyon 2007 (w/Alx), CH Banja Luka 2007 (w/kidnicky)*

Highlights 2008

Singles - W: Sydney, CH Monza F: Chennai, SF: Delray Beach

Doubles - SF: Sydney (w/bavaria100), CH Monza (w/Ria)

Highlights 2007

Singles - W: CH Bermuda, CH Düsseldorf F: Wimbledon, Delray Beach, CH Sunrise, CH Napoli, SF: Queen's Club, CH Heilbronn, CH Zagreb, CH Eckental

Doubles - W: Stockholm (w/bavaria100), Lyon (w/Alx), CH Banja Luka (w/kidnicky), F: Mumbai (w/Allez-Alejo), CH Sunrise (w/tal20), CH Champaign (w/laTenista), SF: Madrid (w/Allez-Alejo), Bucharest (w/Savestheday91), CH Valencia (w/Alx), CH Eckental (w/tiptopdaisy), CH New Delhi I (w/Allez-Alejo)

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I started at USO This year, where I got my 1st win , only to lose in QR2 :sad:

After that I played some challengers, best result was doubles Semi at Grenoble:)scratch:) , and I just got my 4th win yesterday in Nashville :banana:

I'll make this UPD if I win sth :p otherwise, :yawn:

I got my 5th win also :banana:

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Reserving my place

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scythe19pro (ROM)

Name: Dana
Birth date: February 19th
Birth place: Slobozia, Romania
Residence: Constanta, Romania
Turned pro: January 2006
Career titles:
  • singles: 3 (2xMM, 1xCH)
  • doubles: 10 (1xGS, 8xMM, 1xCH)
Career high ranking singles: 3
Career high ranking doubles: 2
Favorite player: Lleyton Hewitt :cool:
Tennis hero: Flavio Saretta :bowdown:

I started playing the game since day 1, AO 2006, where I lost my first match to Gavnich77. I had other first round exits and 2 defeats in DC and I won my first ever match in Indian Wells where I had a great run reaching the final. Then, another 2 good tourneys in Miami and Houston where I reached the SFs. After Houston I was already world #3 in singles. :cool: Perhaps the greatest result of my career came in USO where GustavoM_Fan prevented me from qualifying to the final :awww: In doubles I had better results, SFs and finals in TMSs and other MM tourneys and my only title came in Houston where my partner was keqtqiadv :worship: I considered hard to be my best surface and clay to be the worst :help:, (I was unable to win 2 matches in a row in the entire season :eek:)
2007 was another story :p I won my first ever singles title in Gstaad and also won a CH (Durban) and was runner-up in New Haven and Tokyo. If in 2006 I played most of the season with Mara_M in doubles, this time my permanent partner has been keqtqiadv. :cool: We won Portschach, Prostejov CH, Gstaad, Stuttgart, New Haven and were runner-ups in Bucharest and Tokyo. I also won a doubles title in the first weeks of the year, in Zagreb with Mara_M. Of course clay was the best surface for me :cool: but I sucked badly on grass :tape:
I consider JMG to be my nemesis in TT, he scares me :scared: (I’m 1-4 against him) :help: :eek: but I own a couple of guys myself: GlennMirnyi (4-0) and vamos israel (6-1) :smoke:
I am the only player who qualified for the TMC in both singles and doubles in the 2 years of TT but I keep hoping for better results there :p

The 2008 season has been amazing so far with 2 doubles titles - one in Doha and the other one in Melbourne :cool: Finally a Grand Slam after so many MMs :D Australian Open was good for me in singles as well, I managed to reach the QFs so I must say I'm happy I can have good results in the big tourneys as opposed to last year where the MMs were the ones I was more successful in. 2 more titles for me came in Vina del Mar (doubles) and Dubai (singles) but after that, just a series of ugly R1/R2 losses. So after a few months of bad luck, it was time for some new wins. Houston :inlove: A tournament I've always enjoyed, even though last year keqtqiadv and I were unable to defend our title. It feels good to win it again and also to be a runner-up in singles :D

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Links are updated in first post :yeah:

Other players are welcomed to do their profiles, and the managers can use the links for the 2008 season if they want :)

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Jeronimo [VEN]

Name: Jeronimo S
Birthdate: 14 October
Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
Residence: Valencia, Venezuela
Plays: Right Handed (Awsome Two Handed Backhand)
Height: 175cm
Weight: 80Kg
Turned Pro: Somewhere late the 2007
Uses: Head Microgel Extreme (57-55 Lbs)
Favorite Player: David Nalbandian

Hey, im Jeronimo AKA Jeronimo :) Im from Valencia,Venezuela, i started playing TT since 2 months ago or a little bit :) I only have played 9 tournaments and im really bad at this, well, lets blame the Qualies :ras:, my best result would be 2nd round in a challenger that i cant remember.. :lol:

Sinlge Current Ranking: 195
Singles Career High Ranking: 195
Doubles Current Ranking: 195
Career High Ranking: 195

:haha: How bizarre is that??? :p

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