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This thread is made to all players! :wavey:

You have one post to do your own profile. It will be YOUR space, so you can write whatever it goes on your mind. Statistics, titles, best results, head-to-head, pictures, biographies etc.

This post will contain links to all players that create a profile here :) You may updated your profile as often as you want!


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First! :worship:

Highlights, singles: (rank 217)
SF: Como CH 07 ; QF: Mons CH 07
Highlights, doubles: (rank 191)
W: Shrewsbury CH 07
10th December 2007​
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TT Profile

Hello, my name is Pedro A.k.a Albop :wavey:

im a TT player since April, i have played 23 Challengers and lots and lots of ATP Qualies, with awful results :p
Here is my rankings :

in construction :p
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Singles Activity

Record: 12-11

Week 31 - Segovia [11]

R32 - stealthisnick - 3:3 SR1
R16 - AceMaker - 6:8

Week 30 - Wimbledon [0]

QR1 - W!MBLEDON - 35:37

Week 29 - Aptos [0]

R32 - IvanLjubicic - 4:6

Week 28 - Scheveningen [10]

R32 - Donny - 7:7 PTS2
R16 - Legion Argentina 7:7 SR2

Week 27 - Turin [0]

R32 - KalleOnAir - 3:4

Week 26 - Reggio Emilia [0]

R32 - Bye
R16 - bruzilio - 9:11

Week 25 - Braunschweig [25]

R32 - Bobby - 12:12 PTS
R16 - felo - 2:2 CB
QF - locoxcanas - 1:2

Week 24 - Lugano [0]

R32 - FiBeR - 8:8 SR2

Week 23 - Yuba City [15]

R32 - Bye
R16 - PaulHopkins - 7:7 SR4
QF - Allez-Alejo - 5:6

Week 22 - French Open [0]

QR1 - radugamer356 - 9:13

Week 21 - Fergena [0]

QR1 - Mishka Logvi - 5:2
QR2 - lillyke - 4:5

Week 20 - Forest Hills [0]

R32 - chip_s_m - 2:3

Week 19 - Tunica Resorts [72]

R32 - johnnyCanuck - 2:2 PTS1
R16 - TennisMaster - 7:6
QF - Ellery - 4:2
SF - ExcaliburII - 4:2
W - StatBoy [7] - 2:1

Week 18 - Lanzarote [17]

R32 - albop - 4:3
R16 - Buffel [1] - 5:4
QF - Iza [7] - 5:5 SR2

Week 17 - Florianopolis [0]

R32 - Jimnik - 5:6

Doubles Activity

Record: 15-10

Week 31 - Segovia[108] - with TankingTheSet

R16 - bye
QF - Geibrasch/stealthisnick - 11:10
SF - JM-Del-Potro/Salum 7:6
W - AceMaker/JadrankaHR 4:2

Week 30 - Wimbledon[0] - TankingTheSet

QR1 - James82/pochoster - 73:85

Week 29 - Aptos[0] - with TankingTheSet

R16 - Bye
QF - kriserdmann/dlgicu - 9:11

Week 28 - Scheveningen[43] - with TankingTheSet

R16 - Turi (ITA)/radugamer356 - 20:20 SR1
QF - AceMaker (FRA)/Geibrasch - 9:6
SF - Dougie/Bobby - 0:1

Week 27 - Turin [67] - with HenryMag

R16 - Nadie/marcelwks - 23:19
QF - lillyke/Uraitan - 7:7 SR1
SF - KalleOnAir/JeffCandoi - 6:3
F - Dougie/Bobby - 2:3

Week 26 - Reggio Emilia [0] - TankingTheSet

R16 - Bye
QF - AceMaker/JM-Del-Potro - 10:11

Week 25 - Braunschweig [0] - with TankingTheSet

R16 - Uraitan/John John - 22:22 PTS

Week 24 - Lugano [96] - with TankingTheSet

R16 - sploush/Nando_L [1] - 18:17
QF - HenryMag/kriserdmann - 14:14 SR4
SF - lillyke/Uraitan - 7:5
W - meninosantos/jazar - 4:2

Week 23 - Yuba City [15] - with TankingTheSet

R16 - Gil_Fans/[adidas] - 26:8
QF - Ellery/alansk - 10:15

Week 22 - French Open [20] - with TankingTheSet

QR1 - diego36arg/locoxcañas - 19:17
QF - srinath_kng/shivaram [7] - walkover
R64 - Labamba/Smasher [5] - 90:100

Week 21 - Fergena [3] - with radugamer356

Q1 - Bye
Q2 - [adidas]/RuiBarta - 11:10
QF - lilyke/Playagirl - 6:6 SR1
R16 - tennis2006/pixel - 6:7

Week 20 - Forest Hills [29] - with TankingThe Set

R16 - kriserdmann/sploush - 19:19 SR1
QF - biliana/yarkko [1] - 11:8
SF - johnnyCanuck/StatBoy3 - 5:8

Week 19 - Tunica Resorts [0] - with kriserdmann

R16 - Rrenno/Turi - 4:5

Currently updated til week 31.
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Name: Filippo
Birthdate: 15-Oct-1987
Birthplace: Codogno, Italy
Residence: Piacenza, Italy
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Turned Pro: 2007
Coach: Italian winemakers

Starting: I started TT in AusOpen 2007. I found out this forum and saw there were many games. This looked like the best to me so I decided to try. My first appearance in TT circuit wasn't bad, as I passed 2 rounds of qualies (beating FiBeR and Srinath_Kng both on SR) before losing to seeded balloon in 1st round of main draw. After that I started playing challengers and won 2 titles in first 2 challengers I played (Santiago and Bergamo) so that they called me "Challenger King". In Bergamo I reached my first doubles title with French Colt th Magnific.

Spring top100: After those good results, I could finally enter directly in some ATP tournaments and I didn't miss the chance making Quarterfinals in Indian Wells and Fourth Round in Miami. Those points would soon bring me in top100, but those would have been my last wins on outdoor hard.

Clay, beloved clay: Clay is definitely my favourite surface. I won there my first title (Santiago), I had good results in North-African tournee (SF in TunisCH and MarrakechCH. QF in CasablancaATP) and then, after I wasn't able to win a single match on grass, I had a great period after Wimbledon: Final in Bastad, SemiFinal in Amersfoort, SemiFinal in Umag and, later on, Final in Bucharest and in Szczecin Challenger. That's a pity I could get no titles but still those were very important achievements as I could get into top50. But my doubles ranking wasn't very good.

Grand Slams curse: Nothing to do. 4 slams and 4 1st round losses. In addition bad Masters Series tournaments (1st round exit in Montreal and Cincinnati). I look forward to Melbourne.

Indoor renaissance: After Bucharest clay season was over. That made me very sad but still I did my best to get good results in the last part of 2007 remembering that I won in Bergamo challenger indoor both singles and doubles titles. I hadn't won a single match out of clay since AMS Miami but I was able to break the curse in Vienna with a 2nd round exit. But in Metz, despite a singles first round exit, I got my first ATP title in doubles partnering Albanian Genci (scarecrows), who had already supported me in my previous performances. My second ATP title was yet to come and it would be an AMS title in Madrid partnering this time Scottish column adeegee!., thank to our Nalbandian over Djokovic pick, beating in the final (Luck's joke) Genci and ZackBusner. In singles QuarterFinals were a great achievement too. Even better I did in Lyon where I reached the 3rd singles ATP final of the year (all lost). That result should make me sure to be seeded in next Australian Open.


Grand Slams
[B]Australian Open[/B]  R128    [B]20 (4)[/B]
[B]Roland Garros[/B]    R128    [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]Wimbledon[/B]        R128    [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]Us Open[/B]          R128    [B]5 (1)[/B]

Other countable tournaments
[B]Lyon[/B]                F    [B]155 (31)[/B]
[B]AMS Madrid[/B]          QF   [B]125 (25)[/B]
[B]AMS Indian Wells[/B]    QF   [B]125 (25)[/B]
[B]Bucarest[/B]            F    [B]120 (24)[/B]
[B]Bastad[/B]              F    [B]120 (24)[/B]
[B]Bergamo CH[/B]          W    [B]96[/B]
[B]Szczecin CH[/B]         F    [B]75[/B]
[B]AMS Miami[/B]          R16   [B]75 (15)[/B]
[B]Umag[/B]                SF   [B]75 (15)[/B]
[B]Amersfoort[/B]          SF   [B]75 (15)[/B]
[B]Santiago CH[/B]         W    [B]60[/B]
[B]Kuala Lumpur CH[/B]     SF   [B]54[/B]
[B]Tunisi CH[/B]           SF   [B]48[/B]
[B]Marrakech CH[/B]        SF   [B]43[/B]

Non countable tournaments
[B]Casablanca[/B]          QF   [B]40 (8)[/B]
[B]Asuncion CH[/B]         SF   [B]37[/B]
[B]AMS Paris[/B]          R32   [B]35 (7)[/B]
[B]Doha[/B]               R16   [B]25 (5)[/B]
[B]Vienna[/B]             R16   [B]25 (5)[/B]
[B]Turin CH[/B]            QF   [B]23[/B]
[B]Napoli CH[/B]           QF   [B]23[/B]
[B]Alphen CH[/B]           QF   [B]15[/B]
[B]Las Vegas[/B]          R16   [B]15 (3)[/B]
[B]Vina del Mar[/B]       R16   [B]15 (3)[/B]
[B]Buenos Aires CH[/B]    R16   [B]8[/B]
[B]Casablanca CH[/B]      R16   [B]8[/B]
[B]Sydney[/B]             R32   [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]Metz[/B]               R32   [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]AMS Cincinnati[/B]     R64   [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]AMS Canada[/B]         R64   [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]Sopot[/B]              R32   [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]'s-Hertogenbosch[/B]   R32   [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]Halle[/B]              R32   [B]5 (1)[/B]
[B]Prostejov CH[/B]       R32   [B]1[/B]
[B]Joplin CH[/B]          R32   [B]1[/B]
[B]Besancon CH[/B]        R32   [B]1[/B] 
[B]Monza CH[/B]           R32   [B]1[/B]
[B]Zagreb CH[/B]          R32   [B]1[/B]
Singles (2)
2007: Bergamo CH, Santiago CH

Doubles (4)
2007: AMS Madrid, Metz, Asuncion CH, Bergamo CH

2007 (2)
Newcomer of the Year (Winner)
Challenger King (Winner)

For highlights and rank see my signature
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ZackBusner (GER)

Current Singles Ranking: 14
Carreer High Singles Ranking: 5 (21/08/2006)

Current Doubles Ranking: 48
Career High Doubles Ranking: 7 (07/05/2007)

Started playing TT: May 2006

Singles Titles: 2 ('s Hertogenbosch 2006, Dubai 2007)
Doubles Titles: 5 (Umag 2006 (w/Ria), Beijing 2006 (w/scarecrows), Szczecin CH 2006 (w/LK_22), Stockholm 2006 (w/Björki), Paris-Bercy 2007 (w/coreyschucky))


Zack, when did you start playing TT?
That was during last year's european claycourt season. I was an MTF member for some months then and just wanted to test out one of that strange MTF games. TT seemed to be the most interesting one. So I committed to then Munich tournament. It was quite easy for unranked players to start with TT back last year. There were not nearly as many players as there are now. We were only 31 players for a 32 players field in Munich.

How did you do in Munich?
Oh, it worked very well. In singles, I lost my first round match to the famous keqtqiadv. But in doubles my partner and I ended up as runners up. I didn't even commit to doubles but the manager teamed me up with another newbie, Paul from Scotland (guille&tati4life). You can imagine that after this successful start I found that TT is a lot fun and kept playing it.

What was your biggest success so far?
If it is where I gained the most points it's probably the Wimbledon semifinal last year. The success I enjoyed most was the Hamburg final as Hamburg is where I live. It was only my third ever tournament. Between Hamburg and Wimbledon I won my first title in 's Hertogenbosch. After only seven tournaments I was ranked 9th. At that time I thought things would always go on like that and I planned to be number one by end of the year. :lol: But then I hardly won any singles match for almost nine months. Some decent results in the beginning of 2007 saved me inside top 50 after I lost my Hamburg and Wimbledon points.

What about doubles?
Oh yes, doubles. I think doubles is what makes TT such a great game. I like to team up with different players from all over the world.

How is your doubles performance?
Looks like I'm a year's end specialist. Last year my results were solid but nothing to talk about until US Open where Gavin and I played semis. Then I won three titles within five weeks or so with scarecrows, LK_22 and Björki and was runner up with coreyschucky in Madrid. Suddenly I found myself in Shanghai as a doubles player and not as singles players as I inicially had planned. This year I was totally crap in doubles and lost almost every first round match I played only two mickey mouse finals with scarecrows in Auckland and with Garlichead in Houston. But then suddenly in Madrid I defended my runner-up points (this time with scarecrows) and finally won in Paris-Bercy (with coreyschucky).

You are playing TT for quite a long time now. How long will you keep doing it?
No idea. I still like the game very much. But it's true that it often occupies my mind very much when have think about all that tennis matches every day. That's why I have started to skip some small tournaments from time to time. And I really need the off-season to recover from all that stress.

see H2H thread

Singles Playing Activity 2007:

Doha (250) #13
R32 - (Q) Bubba08 (FRA/9) 9:10

Auckland (175) #13
R32 + Marcelwks (POL/76) 8:5
R16 - Smasher (FIN/41) 5:6

Melbourne (1000) #13
R128 - (Q) tennisfancroatia (CRO/174) 24 :24 SR2

Zagreb (175) #14

R32 + (7) Sheva (NED/10) 7:7 SR2
R16 - Peta Pan (AUS/20) 4:5

Davis Cup WG #14

R16 + Vamos Israel (ISR/15) 6:5

Marseille (200) #14
R32 - savestheday91 (SRB/29) 3:3 SR3

Rotterdam (250) #14
R32 + (Q) wolves68 (FRA/146) 3:3 PTS
R16 + *julie* (FRA/29) 2:2 PTS
QF - (Q) aussie_fan (AUS/155) 8:10

Dubai (300) #13

R32 + rob88hock (GBR/26) 5:4
R16 + (1) Labamba (FIN/6) 6:6 SR2
QF + (7) Bubba08 (FRA/11) 7:6
SF + (Q) tal20 (ISR/119) 4:3
W + Bavaria100 (GER/22) 3:3 SR3

Indian Wells (500) #9
R128 + qczi (HUN/42) 17:17 SR2
R64 - Mara_M (ROM/59) 11:13

Miami (500) #8
R128 - renaudb (KAZ/55) 8:10

Houston (175) #8
R32 - JBdV (FRA/38) 4:6

Monte Carlo (500) #8
R64 + (LL) Black Mamba (POL/129) 6:6 SR3
R32 - gumoll (POL/40) 4:7

Casablanca (175) #7
R32 + propaganda (BUL/84) 3:3 SR2
R16 - (Q) Forza Pennetta (ITA/183) 7:7 SR2

Munich (175) #7
R32 + (Q) TennisMaster (CAN/139) 8:8 SR1
R16 + (Q) Aguante_el_Gato (ARG/79)5:4
QF + (7) Siders (FRA/18) 8:8 PTS
SF - (6) kindablue (CYP/17) 3:4

Rome (500) #6
R64 + balloon (SIN/20) 8:7
R32 - Vamos Israel (ISR/21) 12:13

Hamburg (500) #6
R64 - njnetswill (USA/47) 10:13

WTC Düsseldorf ( – ) #10

RR - Bubba08 (FRA/11) 7:8

Roland Garros (1000) #9
R128 - Allez-Alejo (USA/129) 23:24

Halle (225) #11
R32 - Pixie (FRA/46) 6:6 SR4

‘s Hertogenbosch (175) #11
R32 + Peta Pan (AUS/50) 3:2
R16 - virex (BRA/51) 3:4

Wimbledon (1000) #19
R128 - crocodile (FRA/38) 21:27

Newport (175) #49
R32 + manu86 (ARG/116) 6:6 Ranking :eek:
R16 + Chip_s_m (USA/132) 3:3 PTS
QF + (5) JMG (GER/28) 7:5
SF - superhoops (GBR/81) 2:3

Stuttgart (250) #47

R32 - melvins (POR/32) 0:3

Umag (175) #48
R32 + Nadie (RUS/89) 5:5 PTS
R16 + colt th magnific (FRA/101) 6:6 SR1
QF + (1) greatkingrat (GBR/2) 7:6
SF + (Q) salum (BRA/251) 2:1
F - chris84 (GBR/115) 1:3

Segovia CH (108) #40
R32 - dougie (FIN/194) 3:4

Montreal (500) #37

R64 + (2) greatkingrat (GBR/1) 6:6 SR2
R32 - Peta Pan (AUS/50) 9:9 SR4

Cincinnati (500) #48

R64 + KalleOnAir (GER/36) 8:7
R32 + (11) adee-gee (GBR/13) 9:7
R16 + (Q) Grofica (SRB/104) 7:6
QF + renaudb (FRA/25) 6:5
SF + (9) scythe19pro (ROM/9) 4:3
F - (Q) Allez-Alejo (USA/117) 3:3 SR2

US Open (1000) #31
R128 - kindablue (CYP/44) 16:18

Beijing (175) #31
R32 - (LL) maldini (SUI/99) 6:6 PTS3

Metz (175) #28

R32 - (1) coreyschucky (USA/2) 6:6 PTS1

Stockholm (225) #27

R32 - bavaria100 (GER/21) 7:7 SR3

Madrid (500) #28

R64 + scarecrows (ALB/21) 8:6
R32 + (14) Sheva (NED/17) 8:7
R16 - (3) greatkingrat (GBR/3) 7:7 SR1

St. Petersburg (250) #23
R32 + aussie_fan (AUS/82) 5:5 SR1
R16 + Marksman (GBR/43) 6:5
QF - Tankman (AUS/74) 5:5 SR3

Paris-Bercy (500) #24

R64 + (4) aleksz (HUN/8) 5:4
R32 + Aguante-el-Gato (ARG/71) 9:8
R16 - scarecrows (ALB/18) 9:9 SR3
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VaiBrasil TT Profile

Singles Entry Ranking: 139
Singles Career High: 139 (October 29th, 2007)
Doubles Entry Ranking: 125
Doubles Career High: 125 (October 29th, 2007)
TT Titles: Sunrise Challenger Doubles (with cacau00, Brasil) and Lanzarote Challenger Doubles (with Colt th Magnific, France)
Other results: Andrezieux Challenger Finalist, San Marino Challenger Doubles Finalist (with Allez-Alejo, USA/Colombia)


I started playing Tennis Tipping on February at Wroclaw, Poland, when i signed up for MTF. It was a good start, losing in the second round to 1st seeded LK_22 of Great Britain. It was matter of time TT to become my second favourite game here (PAW :worship:). In the first months i tried playing some challengers to get important points to grow up. Anyway, i found myself a good doubles player and an average singles one. The prove was when I got 2 doubles challenger titles in 1 month (first one in Sunrise with fellow Brazilian internet friend Miguel, aka cacau00 and second one with French player Nico, aka Colt th Magnific, in Lanzarote), while in singles i didn't manage to pass quarter-finals in any tournament.

In this meantime i tried some ATP qualifyings, with no apparent success. I was infected by a maldition of qualy last round: i was always doing amazing first rounds, and then screwing it up when it was necessary. Then, i got my first singles semi-final in Cordenons Challenger and some other semi-finals in doubles challengers, plus a final with Allez-Alejo in strong San Marino tournament.

After 1 semester playing challengers, i decided to take the risk and move totally to ATP qualifyings. It didn't payed off initially, but i got the reward in doubles. After partnering the first time in Mumbai (where we lost in first round after passing qualies), me and Rik aka tennis2006 became permanent doubles partners. Our team hasn't won anything yet, but i'm sure in 2008 we will win some titles! :)

The best performance in the year was a modest Tokyo ATP appearance. In singles I won 2 matches in the qualy, 1 in the Main Draw (my first ATP singles win) and only lost to 4th seeded linus on SR (Spadea defeated Delic 2-0, not 2-1 :smash:). In doubles, me and Rik won the first round with second best score and lost in the second to 7th seededs GustavoM_Fan/guille&tati4life by one point.

Finally, in the week of Madrid, i played Andrezieux challenger and did very well. It was my first singles final and i got really close to the title. In the final against JM-Del-Potro, i had a 2-1 advantage after saturday. The final pick was Ascione-Acasuso, and it was really tough to decide. Firstly i went on Chucho, then i changed to Ascione, and finally went back on Chucho. That was my error: Ascione won and so JM-Del-Potro did :hug:

My debut as a manager was in Bogota challenger in October. It proved to be really fun and the work isn't this hard (except on rain days :mad:).

At this moment this is my TT history, and i hope i can improve in the next tournaments :woohoo:

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ClaudiuS (CHI):

Name: Claudio =)
Birhdate: 20.May.1989
Birthplace: Erlangen - Germany
Residence: Santiago - Chile
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Turned into TT: April 2007
Coach: Tu Hermana :p

Singles Career:
Record in Singles 2007: 32 - 29
Record in Singles 2008: 51 - 37
Record in Singles 2009: 16 - 21
Career Record in Singles: 99 - 87
Current TT Singles Ranking: 48
Higher Career TT Singles Ranking: 41 (09 Feb 09)
Current TT Singles Race Ranking:
Higher Career TT Singles Race Ranking:

Doubles Career:
Record in Doubles 2007: 23 - 28
Record in Doubles 2008: 37 - 29
Record in Doubles 2009: 25 - 17
Career Record in Doubles: 85 - 74
Current TT Doubles Ranking: 15
Higher Career TT Doubles Ranking: 15 (15 Jun 09)
Current TT Doubles Race Ranking:
Higher Career TT Doubles Race Ranking:

TT Highlights 2009:
Singles: SF: CH Wroclaw ::: QF: TMS Miami - ATP Queen's - CH Bogota
Doubles: W: ATP Brisbane (w/Nikki♥) - CH Prostejov (w/Rik.) ::: F: ATP Casablanca (w/Nikki♥) ::: SF: ATP Estoril (w/Nikki♥) - CH Wroclaw (w/Marita) ::: QF: TMS Roma (w/Chinorios4ever) - ATP Queen's (w/GlennMirnyi) - CH Bogota (w/jova.69z)
TT Highlights 2008:
Singles: W: CH Bogota - CH Athens ::: F: CH San Luis de Potosi ::: SF: ATP Bangkok - CH Monza ::: QF: TMS Madrid - ATP Casablanca - ATP Kitzbühel - CH Sao Paulo - CH Lugano - CH Geneva
Doubles: W: US Open (w/RodiniaCanopy) - ATP Båstad (w/Aleka) - CH Bogota (w/Chinorios4ever) - CH Århus (w/Nikki♥) :::F: CH San Luis de Potosí (w/mechi) - CH Athens (w/Albop) ::: SF: CH East London (w/Uraitan)
TT Highlights 2007:
Singles: W: CH Lugano ::: SF: CH Geneva - CH Segovia ::: QF: CH New Orleans - CH Alphen - CH Braunschweig
Doubles: W: CH Zagreb (w/Albop) ::: F: CH Winnetka (w/JadrankaHR) ::: SF: CH Istanbul (w/mechi) - CH Geneva (w/sharas36) - CH Sacramento (w/JadrankaHR) - CH Tunis (w/kriserdmann)

Head to Head in singles:

V/S 2xmanx (CHI) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:02 [/B] - SF [U]CH San Luis de Potosí[/U]

V/S AceMaker (FRA) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - 1st QR [U]Amersfoort[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]02:01[/B] - QF [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S Adder A216 (NED) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:07 SRs 3:2[/B] [/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Champaign[/U]

V/S Adee-gee (SCO) 1-0
[B]2009[/B] [B]22:19[/B] - 3rd R [U]Miami[/U]

V/S albop (CHI) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:00 [/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Prague[/U]

V/S Alx (FRA) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]09:08 [/B] - 2nd R [U]Tokyo[/U]

V/S angela (COL) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:03 [/B] - 1st R [U]Bangkok[/U]

V/S aussie_fan (AUS) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:04 (SR3)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Tunis[/U]

V/S balloon (SIN) 0-2
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:07 [/B] - 1st R [U]Toronto[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]05:06 [/B] - QF [U]Queens[/U]

V/S bavaria100 (GER) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]08:09[/B] - 1st R [U]Cincinatti[/U]

V/S Boarder35m (GER) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:02 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Athens[/U]

V/S Cacau00 (BRA) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]06:06 (SR2)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Florianopolis[/U]

V/S ChinoRios4ever (CHI) 1-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:04 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:06 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Bratislava[/U]

V/S Chris 84 (GBR) 0-2
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:06 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Wroclaw[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]06:07 [/B] - 1st R [U]Monte Carlo[/U]

V/S Crocodile (FRA) 1-2
[B]2008[/B] [B]27:20 [/B] - 3rd R [U]Wimbledon[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]07:07 #SRs: 5-6[/B] - 2nd R [U]Estoril[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]07:07 #SRs: 4-5[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S Deathless Mortal (CRO) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:04 [/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Monza[/U]

V/S despinei (CHI) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:04[/B] - QF [U]CH San Luis de Potosí[/U]

V/S diego36arg (ARG) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]02:00[/B] - Final [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S Dmitriy (RUS) 2-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]25:30[/B] - 1st QR [U]US Open[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]04:04 TB (2x1)[/B] - 1st QR [U]Auckland[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]04:04 correct SRs (3x2)[/B] - 1st R [U]Tokyo[/U]

V/S dlgicu (ROM) 0-2
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:05[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Zagreb[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]09:10[/B] - 1st QR [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S Donny (USA) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]02:04[/B] - SF [U]CH Segovia[/U]

V/S Dougie (FIN) 2-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:04 (SR1 PTS) (07-04)[/B] - QFR [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:03 TB (1x0)[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Sao Paulo[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]06:08[/B] - 1st R [U]Buenos Aires[/U]

V/S Drikke (BEL) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:05[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Szczecin[/U]

V/S Duncan (GBR) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]02:02 [CORRECT SRs: 1-2][/B] - QF [U]Casablanca[/U]

V/S Dupuis2006 (CAN) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]14:14 (SR1)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Trnava[/U]

V/S egiorazz (LTU) 1-1
[B]2009[/B] [B]14:13[/B] - 4th R [U]Miami[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]11:11 #SRs: 7-8[/B] - 2nd R [U]Madrid[/U]

V/S Ekin (CHN) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:04[/B] - 1nd R [U]CH Brauschweig[/U]

V/S Eljab (SUI) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:04[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Besançon[/U]

V/S Ellery (CAN) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:03[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S Enjoy Incubus (ARG) 0-2
[B]2007[/B] [B]02:02 (SR3)[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Winnetka[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]13:15 [/B] - 1st R [U]US Open[/U]

V/S Eurofighter (GER) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]04:05[/B] - QF [U]CH Champaign[/U]

V/S ExcaliburII (ARG) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]02:03[/B] - SF [U]CH Geneva[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:02[/B] - QF [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S felo (CHI) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]07:05[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Segovia[/U]

V/S Fergie (CHI) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]W/O[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Heilbronn[/U]

V/S FiBeR (ARG) 1-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]13:13 # of SR winners [/B] - 3rd R [U]Miami[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]08:09[/B] - 1st R [U]Brisbane[/U]

V/S Foosimoo (BEL) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]10:13[/B] - 1st R [U]Queens[/U]

V/S Forever-Delayed (GBR) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]13:13  SR-06:04[/B] - 2nd R [U]Bangkok[/U]

V/S gagm (CHI) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:04[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH San Luis de Potosí[/U]

V/S Gaynor (BLR) 2-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - 1st R [U]Rome[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]08:08SRs 4:3[/B] - 2nd R [U]Madrid[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]12:11[/B] - 2nd R [U]Miami[/U]

V/S Genius1878 (ARG) 2-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:03[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Sacramento[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:04(SR5)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Andrezieux[/U]

V/S georg (ROU) 2-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:03[/B] - 1st R [U]Lyon[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]15:14[/B] - 1st R [U]Queens[/U]

V/S Gerard (ESP) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:05[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S Guarrigues (AUS) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]02:03[/B] - QF [U]CH Alphen[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]09:07[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH New Orleans[/U]

V/S Guille&tati4life (GBR) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:05[/B] - 2nd R [U]Kitzbühel[/U]

V/S Gutturnio D.O.C (ITA) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]13:10[/B] - 1st R [U]Miami[/U]

V/S Harry_Callahan (ESP) 0-1
[B]2009[/B] [B]02:04[/B] - QF [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S Hellcat (GBR) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:06[/B] - 3rd R [U]Madrid[/U]

V/S HenryMag (POR) 2-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]06:06(SR1)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH New Orleans[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]04:03[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S Hotzenplotz (GER) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:08[/B] - QF [U]CH New Orleans[/U]

V/S Huff (ROM) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:06[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Champaign[/U]

V/S In The Zone (USA) 1-0
[B]2009[/B] [B]07:07[/B]SRs 3-1 - 3rd R [U]Queens[/U]

V/S insieme (AUT) 1-0
[B]2009[/B] [B]07:06[/B] - 1st R [U]Barcelona[/U]

V/S Invu2day (GBR) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]02:04[/B] - SF [U]Bangkok[/U]

V/S InzainSoulja (AUS) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]04:04 (SR3)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Santiago[/U]

V/S Jens. (GER) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:06 SRs 03-04[/B] - QF [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S Jimnik (GBR) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:03(SR4)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Istanbul[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]09:08[/B] - 1st R [U]Miami[/U]

V/S JM-Del-Potro(ITA) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]08:08(SR4 shootout)[/B] - 1st R [U]Kitzbühel[/U]

V/S John John (FRA) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:06(SR4)[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]

V/S johnathancrane (ESP) 0-1
[B]2009[/B] [B]04:04(PTS1)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Cremona[/U]

V/S johnnycanuck (CAN) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:02[/B] - SF [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S jova.69z (CHI) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]02:01[/B] - F [U]CH Athens[/U]

V/S juakos17 (CHI) 2-2
[B]2008[/B] [B]08:11 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH East London[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]01:01 (SR3)[/B] - SF [U]CH Athens[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:07 Correct SR 5/6[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]23:22 [/B] - 1st R [U]Wimbledon[/U]

V/S Juan Pablo (ARG) 0-1
[B]2009[/B] [B]02:03[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Bucaramanga[/U]

V/S keqtqiadv (BRA) 1-2
[B]2007[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - 3rd R [U]Tokyo[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:02[/B] - 2nd R [U]Kitzbühel[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]11:12[/B] - 3rd R [U]Barcelona[/U]

V/S korvpipa (SWE) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]02:02 PTS 04:01 [/B] - F [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S kostas kastoria (GRE) 0-2
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:03(SR2)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Eckental[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:07[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Shrewsbury[/U]

V/S kwiklimey (GBR)  0-1
[B]2009[/B] [B]02:03[/B] - SF [U]CH Wroclaw[/U]

V/S Labamba (FIN) 1-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:04[/B] - QF [U]CH Monza[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:07 SRs (05-07)[/B] - QF [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S leoneo (CHN) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]01:02[/B] - 1st R [U]Bastad[/U]

V/S lillyke (BRA) 2-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:05 PTS3 (04-07)[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Fergana[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:02[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]09:09[/B] Correct set ratios 5:4. - 1st R [U]Indian Wells[/U]

V/S  lleytonluver2005 (AUS) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]09:07[/B] - 1st QR [U]Tokyo[/U]

V/S locoxcañas (ARG) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]11:07[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S Machiavelli (CRO) 1-0
[B]2009[/B] [B]08:07[/B] - 2nd R [U]Queens[/U]

V/S mago#01 (ARG) 0-1
[B]2009[/B] [B]05:05 SRs 02:04 [/B] - 1st R [U]Costa do Sauipe[/U]

V/S maldini (SUI) 0-1
[B]2009[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - QF [U]Miami[/U]

V/S manu86 (ARG) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:07 SRs 04:07 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Lima[/U]

V/S mcarvalho (POR) 1-0
[B]2009[/B] [B]08:06 [/B] - 1st R [U]Estoril[/U]

V/S meninosantos (POR) 2-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]02:02 (CB2)[/B] - QF [U]CH Lugano[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]32:31[/B] - 1st R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S Mincheff (BUL) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:08 [/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Cremona[/U]

V/S MuriloBrasil (BRA) 1-0
[B]2009[/B] [B]03:03 (SR3)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S MuzzaWuzza (GBR) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]12:12 SR2 [/B] - R16 [U]Miami[/U]

V/S Nalrodd (SVK) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]06:06 (SR2)[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S Nando_L (SUI) 0-2
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:13 [/B] - R16 [U]Wimbledon[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]06:07 [/B] - 1st R [U]Casablanca[/U]

V/S Netin! (BRA) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]33:30[/B] - 1st R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S Nikki♥ (GER) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]14:16 [/B] - 2nd R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S Nikigreat (ITA) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:09 [/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Aarhus[/U]

V/S ostm89 (USA) 1-0
[B]2009[/B] [B]07:06[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Wroclaw[/U]

V/S PaulHopkins (GBR) 2-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]09:08[/B] - 1st R [U]Casablanca[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]26:22 [/B] - 2nd R [U]Wimbledon[/U]

V/S pavkata (BUL) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]W/O[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Busan[/U]

V/S PMK is Innocent (ICE) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:04[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Cordenons[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:04[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S propaganda (BUL) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]09:09 PTS3 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Helsinki[/U]

V/S quiron (ARG) 1-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:05[/B] - 1st R [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]13:13 SRs 3-7.[/B] - 2nd R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S radugamer356 (CAN) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]01:02[/B] - QF [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]

V/S ReyDavid08 (ARG) 3-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]W/O[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH New Delhi I[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:05 [/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Bogota[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:04 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Monza[/U]

V/S rototito (URU) 0-2
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:05 TB (4x3) [/B] - QF [U]CH Sao Paulo[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:08 [/B] - 1st R [U]Stockholm[/U]

V/S Renaud (KAZ) 2-3
[B]2007[/B] [B]06:05[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Alphen[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]04:04 [PTS2 from R32: 3-0][/B] - 2nd R [U]Casablanca[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]04:05[/B] - QF [U]Madrid[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:06[/B] - 1st R [U]Paris-Bercy[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - 1st R [U]Roma[/U]

V/S RRenno(BRA) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:04[/B] - 2nd QR [U]Auckland[/U]

V/S S.K (AUS) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:05[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Scheveningen[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:03[/B] - 1st R [U]Tokyo[/U]

V/S Salum (BRA) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:07[/B] [B]Correct set ratios 3:1[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S scarface (ARG) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:04[/B] - QF [U]Bangkok[/U]

V/S sd3300123 (CHN) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:07[/B] [B]Correct set ratios 7:6[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Athens[/U]

V/S sdtoot (GBR) 1-0
[B]2009[/B] [B]06:05[/B] - QF [U]CH Wroclaw[/U]

V/S SeagullUK (GBR) 0-3
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:05(SR1)[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Andrezieux[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:04(SR2)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Belo Horizonte[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:06SRs 3:4[/B] - 2nd R [U]Lyon[/U]

V/S sharas36 (ISR) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]10:12[/B] - QFR [U]Australian Open[/U]

V/S Sharpeirob (ZIM) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]09:08[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Sacramento[/U]

V/S Sly (BUL) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]08:07[/B] - QF [U]CH Athens[/U]

V/S Snoo_Foo (USA) 2-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:05[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Sao Paulo[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]05:04[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S stbanchile (CHI) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]01:02[/B] - F [U]CH San Luis de Potosí[/U]

V/S stealthisnick (ITA) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]02:03[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Sevilla[/U]

V/S Strangelove (NED) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:03(SR1)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Segovia[/U]

V/S Superior1 (CRO) 2-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]12:11[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:02[/B] - QFR [U]Tokyo[/U]

V/S Tal20 (ISR) 0-2
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:06[/B] - QF [U]CH Sacramento[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]01:02[/B] - QFR [U]CH New Delhi I[/U]

V/S TankingTheSet (NED) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:05(SR1)[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Alphen[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]07:10[/B] - 1st R [U]Indian Wells[/U]

V/S Tankman (AUS) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]06:06SRs 5-2[/B] - 1st R [U]Madrid[/U]

V/S Tennis-Engineer (IRN) 0-1
[B]2009[/B] [B]08:09[/B] - 1st R [U]Eastbourne[/U]

V/S That Tennis Kid (GBR) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]01:02[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Aachen[/U]

V/S tiptopdaisy (AUT) 2-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:04[/B] - 1st R [U]Kitzbühel[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]09:08[/B] - 2nd R [U]Miami[/U]

V/S TMJordan (CAN) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S Tomek (POL) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:04[/B] - QFR [U]CH Prague[/U]
[B]2007[/B] [B]02:03[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Prague[/U]

V/S TommyB. (GER) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]04:03[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Szczecin[/U]

V/S Troickitard (USA) 1-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:05[/B] - 1st R [U]Tokyo[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]09:08[/B] - 2nd R [U]Barcelona[/U]

V/S Tytta!. (BRA) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]03:03 CB 15:17 [/B] - SF [U]CH Monza[/U]

V/S Tzar (VEN) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:03(SR2)[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Trnava[/U]

V/S Unforgettable Fire (ARG) 1-0
[B]2008[/B] [B]21:20[/B] - 2nd QR [U]Australian Open[/U]

V/S Uraitan (BRA) 1-0
[B]2007[/B] [B]04:03[/B] - SF [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S VaiBrasil (BRA) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]06:05[/B] - 2nd Qr [U]CH New Delhi I[/U]
[B]2008[/B] [B]02:02(SR1)[/B] - 2nd QR [U]CH Heilbronn[/U]

V/S vamos israel (ISR) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]11:12[/B] - 1st R [U]Beijing Olympics[/U]

V/S Vicmatibla (ESP) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]05:06[/B] - 2nd R [U]CH Busan[/U]

V/S Vincenten (CAN) 0-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]41:43[/B] - 1st QR [U]Wimbledon[/U]

V/S Virex (BRA) 0-1
[B]2008[/B] [B]11:12[/B] - 2nd R [U]Indian Wells[/U]

[B]2007[/B] [B]06:05[/B] - QF [U]CH Segovia[/U]

V/S Zirconek (BRA) 1-1
[B]2007[/B] [B]03:06[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Furth[/U]
[B]2009[/B] [B]09:07[/B] - 1st R [U]Madrid[/U]
Total Record in Doubles: 19-22

Head to Head in Doubles: (updated after us open)

V/S [adidas] (POR) 0-1
[I]*partnering HenryMag (POR)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:07 SR3[/B] - QF [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]

V/S A_Skywalker (BUL) 1-0
[I]*partnering Angela (COL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]05:02[/B] - SF [U]US Open[/U]

V/S AceMaker (FRA) 2-0
[I]*partnering scarface (ARG)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]22:20[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH New Delhi I[/U]
[I]*partnering eljab (SUI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]08:07[/B] - SF [U]CH Arhus[/U]

V/S Adee-gee! (SCO) 1-0
[I]*partnering Aimee. (USA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]98:92[/B] - 1st R [U]Wimbledon[/U]

V/S Aguante Gaudio!! (ARG) 1-0
[I]*partnering Freesbee (SLO)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]03:00[/B] - SF [U]CH Winnetka[/U]

V/S Aimee. (USA) 2-0
[I]*partnering trucul (FRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:07[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Heilbronn[/U]
[I]*partnering Adee-gee! (SCO)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]98:92[/B] - 1st R [U]Wimbledon[/U]

V/S Albop (CHI) 3-0
[I]*partnering kidnicky (MEX)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]09:04[/B] - QF [U]CH Winnetka[/U]
[I]*partnering kidnicky (MEX)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]18:10[/B] - QF [U]CH Istanbul[/U]
[I]*partnering Nikigreat (ITA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]16:14[/B] - 1st R [U]Bastad[/U]

V/S Aleksz (HUN) 0-1
[I]*partnering Mara_M (ROM)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - 2nd QR [U]CH Heilbronn[/U]

V/S Alonsofz (CHI) 1-0
[I]*partnering zxcv (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]28:19[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Segovia[/U]

V/S Alx (FRA) 2-0
[I]*partnering Nando_L (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]12:08[/B] - QF [U]CH Zagreb[/U]
[I]*partnering despinei (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]23:22[/B] - 1st R [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]

V/S Angela (COL) 1-0
[I]*partnering A_Skywalker (BUL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]05:02[/B] - SF [U]US Open[/U]

V/S Bjorki (GER) 1-1
[I]*partnering Gavnich77 (WAL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - QF [U]CH Monza[/U]
[I]*partnering Peta Pan (AUS)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]65:64[/B] - 1st R [U]US Open[/U]

V/S Bolar Bolabi (AUS) 1-0
[I]*partnering Mr Brightside (ITA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]08:04[/B] - FQR [U]CH Cremona[/U]

V/S cacau00 (BRA) 0-1
[I]*partnering VaiBrasil (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - QF [U]CH New Orleans[/U]

V/S Chinorios4ever 2-0
[I]*partnering Felipe99 (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]06:04[/B] - SF [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]
[I]*partnering juakos17 (CHI)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]14:10[/B] - 2nd R [U]Queens[/U]

V/S Chris 84 (GBR) 2-0
[I]*partnering Mara_M (ROU)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]11:10 [/B] - QF [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[I]*partnering Mara_M (ROU)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]02:02 SR1 [/B] - F [U]CH Zagreb[/U]

V/S CooCooCachoo (NED) 1-0
[I]*partnering sharpeirob (ZIM)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]W/O[/B] - QF [U]CH Sacramento[/U]

V/S Crocodile (FRA) 0-2
[I]*partnering KalleOnAir(GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]39:41[/B] - 1st R [U]Roma[/U]
[I]*partnering Ria (MAL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - QF [U]CH Segovia[/U]

V/S Denaon (ARG) 0-1
[I]*partnering Zirconek (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]28:29[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Trnava[/U]

V/S despinei (CHI) 1-0
[I]*partnering locoxcañas (ARG)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]23:22[/B] - 1st R [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]

V/S diego36arg (ARG) 1-0
[I]*partnering locoxcañas (ARG)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]17:15[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S Donny (USA) 0-1
[I]*partnering Legion Argentina (CUB)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]02:03[/B] - F [U]CH Winnetka[/U]

V/S Dougie (FIN) 0-3
[I]*partnering Salum (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]01:05[/B] - F QR [U]CH New Delhi I[/U]
[I]*partnering Exponente (ARG)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - SF [U]CH East London[/U]
[I]*partnering Dougie (FIN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]20:24[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Cremona[/U]

V/S Drikke (BEL) 0-3
[I]*partnering JM-Del Potro (ITA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]22:24[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Alphen[/U]
[I]*partnering sexyboy (POL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]05:06[/B] - QF [U]CH Sao Paulo[/U]
[I]*partnering MZverev-Fan (GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]40:46[/B] - 1st R [U]Queen's[/U]

V/S Duncan (SCO) 1-0
[I]*partnering JeffCandoi (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]17:14[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S Dupuis2006 (CAN) 0-2
[I]*partnering vamos israel (ISR)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]39:44[/B] - 1st R [U]Indian Wells[/U]
[I]*partnering Foreved-Delayed (GBR)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]10:12[/B] - QF [U]Queens[/U]

V/S egiorazz (LTU) 1-0
[I]*partnering EnjoyIncubus (ARG)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]14:09[/B] - QF [U]CH Arhus[/U]

V/S ekin (CHN) 1-0
[I]*partnering Sly (BUL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]23:17[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]

V/S eljab (SUI) 2-0
[I]*partnering Tennis-Engineer (IRN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]05:05 #correct SR´s 4:3[/B] - SF [U]CH Bogota[/U]
[I]*partnering AceMaker (FRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]08:07[/B] - SF [U]CH Arhus[/U]

V/S EnjoyIncubus (ARG) 1-0
[I]*partnering egiorazz (LTU)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]14:09[/B] - QF [U]CH Arhus[/U]

V/S Exponente (ARG) 0-1
[I]*partnering Dougie (FIN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - SF [U]CH East London[/U]

V/S Felipe99 (CHI) 3-0
[I]*partnering tomas_cl (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]17:14[/B] - QF [U]CH East London[/U]
[I]*partnering Chinorios4ever (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]06:04[/B] - SF [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]
[I]*partnering juakos17 (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:06[/B] - SF [U]Bastad[/U]

V/S Felo (CHI) 1-1
[I]*partnering tomas_cl (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]06:08[/B] - QF [U]CH Santiago[/U]
[I]*partnering meninosantos (POR)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]10:09[/B] - QF [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S FiBeR (ARG) 1-0
[I]*partnering manu86 (ARG)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]46:43[/B] - 1st R [U]Miami[/U]

V/S Filipo (BUL) 0-2
[I]*partnering trucul (FRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]39:39 TB1: 17-18[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Wroclaw[/U]
[I]*partnering maldini (SUI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]13:14[/B] - QF [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S Foreved-Delayed (GBR) 1-1
[I]*partnering Dupuis2006 (CAN)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]10:12[/B] - QF [U]Queens[/U]
[I]*partnering TommyB. (GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]02:00[/B] - F [U]US Open[/U]

V/S freesbee (SLO) 1-0
[I]*partnering Aguante Gaudio!! (ARG)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]03:00[/B] - SF [U]CH Winnetka[/U]

V/S Gavnich77 (WAL) 0-1
[I]*partnering Björki (GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - QF [U]CH Monza[/U]

V/S Geibrasch (GER) 0-1
[I]*partnering stealthisnick (ITA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]18:19[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Segovia[/U]

V/S georg (ROU) 0-1
[I]*partnering Dougie (FIN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]20:24[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Cremona[/U]

V/S Genius1787 (ARG) 0-1
[I]*partnering quiron (ARG)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]16:18[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Andrezieux[/U]

V/S Gerard (ESP) 0-1
[I]*partnering Scarface (ARG)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]01:02[/B] - SF [U]CH Sacramento[/U]

V/S ghan (FRA) 1-1
[I]*partnering rvugt (NED)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]04:04 SR2 shoot-out[/B] - F [U]CH Athens[/U]
[I]*partnering jmjhb (GBR)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]29:26[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S GlennMirnyi (BRA) 1-0
[I]*partnering Smasher (FIN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]12:12 SRs 4-3[/B] - QF [U]US Open[/U]

V/S Grofica (SRB) 0-1
[I]*partnering leoneo (CHN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]13:16[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Besançon[/U]

V/S gulzhan (KAZ) 1-1
[I]*partnering robus (POL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]02:02 SRs 1:0[/B] - SF [U]CH Athens[/U]
[I]*partnering Nathaliia (POL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]09:11[/B] - FQR [U]Toronto[/U]

V/S hahaha7 (CRO) 1-0
[I]*partnering rototito (URU)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]18:17[/B] - QF [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S Harry_Callahan (ESP) 1-0
[I]*partnering jova.69z (CHI)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]03:00 [/B] - F [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S HenryMag (POR) 0-1
[I]*partnering [adidas] (POR)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:07 SR3[/B] - QF [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]

V/S Huff (ROM) 0-2
[I]*partnering TankingTheSet (NED)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]15:19 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Shrewsbury[/U]
[I]*partnering Micheff (BUL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S InzainSoulja (AUS) 0-1
[I]*partnering Tennis-Engineer (IRN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]08:11 [/B] - QF [U]CH Tunis[/U]

V/S Iza (ROM) 1-0
[I]*partnering TMJordan (CAN)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:04[/B] - SF [U]CH Zagreb[/U]

V/S jazar (GBR) 1-0
[I]*partnering torochico (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]03:03Correct SRs.[/B] - F [U]CH Arhus[/U]

V/S JeffCandoi (BRA) 1-0
[I]*partnering Duncan (SCO)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]13:11[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S JM-Del Potro (ITA)  1-1
[I]*partnering Drikke (BEL) [/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]22:24[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Alphen[/U]
[I]*partnering Kielian (GER)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]26:24[/B] - 1st R [U]CH New Orleans[/U]

V/S JMG (GER) 0-1
[I]*partnering Maldini (SUI)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]20:26[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Furth[/U]

V/S jmjhb (GBR) 1-0
[I]*partnering ghan (FRA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]29:26[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S JohnJohn (FRA) 0-1
[I]*partnering juakos17 (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]11:12[/B] - QF [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]

V/S JohnnyCanuck (CAN) 1-0
[I]*partnering korvpipa (SWE)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]04:04 PTS 11-8[/B] - F [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S jova.69z (CHI) 2-0
[I]*partnering marr (URU)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]11:11 SR2 right winner[/B] - 2nd QR [U]CH Monza[/U]
[I]*partnering Harry_Callahan (ESP)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]03:00 [/B] - F [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S juakos17 (CHI) 2-1
[I]*partnering JohnJohn (FRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]11:12[/B] - QF [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]
[I]*partnering Felipe99 (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:06[/B] - SF [U]Bastad[/U]
[I]*partnering Chinorios4ever (CHI)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]14:10[/B] - 2nd R [U]Queens[/U]

V/S KalleOnAir(GER) 0-3
[I]*partnering Crocodile (FRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]39:41[/B] - 1st R [U]Roma[/U]
[I]*partnering Labamba (FIN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]16:20[/B] - 1st R [U]Kitzbühel[/U]
[I]*partnering Crocodile (FRA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]52:52 SR1 Winner[/B] - 2nd R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S keqtqiadv (BRA) 0-1
[I]*partnering scythe19pro (ROM)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]45:50[/B] - 2nd R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S kidnicky (MEX) 2-0
[I]*partnering Albop (CHI)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]09:04[/B] - QF [U]CH Winnetka[/U]
[I]*partnering Albop (CHI)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]18:10[/B] - QF [U]CH Istanbul[/U]

V/S Kielian (GER) 2-1
[I]*partnering JM-Del Potro (ITA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]26:24[/B] - 1st R [U]CH New Orleans[/U]
[I]*partnering M.C (CAN)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]12:13[/B] - QF [U]CH Aachen[/U]
[I]*partnering scarface (ARG)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]11:10[/B] - QF [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]

V/S korvpipa (SWE) 1-0
[I]*partnering johnnyCanuck (CAN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]04:04 PTS 11-8[/B] - F [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S kriserdmann (BRA) 1-0
[I]*partnering Uraitan (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]20:18[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Scheveningen[/U]

V/S Labamba (FIN) 0-1
[I]*partnering KalleOnAir (GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]16:20[/B] - 1st R [U]Kitzbühel[/U]

V/S Legion Argentina (CUB) 0-2
[I]*partnering Donny (USA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]02:03[/B] - F [U]CH Winnetka[/U]
[I]*partnering stealthisnick (ITA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]10:10 SR1[/B] - QF [U]CH Cordenons[/U]

V/S Leoneo (CHN) 0-1
[I]*partnering Grofica (SRB)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]13:16[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Besançon[/U]

V/S Lillyke (BRA) 0-2
[I]*partnering Playagirl (USA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]05:08[/B] - 2nd QR [U]CH Fergana[/U]
[I]*partnering Uraitan (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]06:12[/B] -  QF [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S locoxcañas (ARG) 1-0
[I]*partnering diego36arg (ARG)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]17:15[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S M.C (CAN) 0-1
[I]*partnering Kielian (GER)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]12:13[/B] - QF [U]CH Aachen[/U]

V/S Machiavelli (CRO) 1-0
[I]*partnering Snoo Foo (USA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]47:43[/B] - 1st R [U]Queens[/U]

V/S Maldini (SUI) 3-2
[I]*partnering Nando_L (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]25:22 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[I]*partnering JMG (GER)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]20:26[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Furth[/U]
[I]*partnering PMK is Innocent (ICE)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]24:21[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]
[I]*partnering Zirconek (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:06[/B] - QF [U]CH Istanbul[/U]
[I]*partnering Filipo (BUL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]13:14[/B] - QF [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S manu86 (ARG) 1-0
[I]*partnering FiBeR (ARG)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]46:43[/B] - 1st R [U]Miami[/U]

V/S Mara_M (ROU) 2-1
[I]*partnering Chris 84 (GBR)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]11:10 [/B] - QF [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[I]*partnering Chris 84 (GBR)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]02:02 SR1 [/B] - F [U]CH Zagreb[/U]
[I]*partnering Aleksz (HUN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - 2nd QR [U]CH Heilbronn[/U]

V/S marr (URU) 1-0
[I]*partnering jova.69z (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]11:11 SR2 right winner[/B] - 2nd QR [U]CH Monza[/U]

V/S meninosantos (POR) 2-0
[I]*partnering Tomek. (POL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]14:13[/B] - QF [U]Bastad[/U]
[I]*partnering FiBeR (ARG)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]10:09[/B] - QF [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S Mincheff (BUL) 1-1
[I]*partnering pavkata (BUL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]17:11[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Athens[/U]
[I]*partnering Huff (ROM)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:08[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Lugano[/U]

V/S Mishka Logvi (UKR) 1-1
[I]*partnering Turi (ITA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]15:23[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Zagreb[/U]
[I]*partnering Nathaliia (POL)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]20:17[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S Mr.Brightside (ITA) 1-1
[I]*partnering PaulHopkins (GBR)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]16:16 (SR1)[/B] - QF [U]CH Eckental[/U]
[I]*partnering Bolar Bolabi (AUS)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]08:04[/B] - FQR [U]CH Cremona[/U]

V/S MuriloBrasil (BRA) 2-0
[I]*partnering Strangelove (NED)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]21:17[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Monza[/U]
[I]*partnering vmbf (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]19:17[/B] - 3rd R [U]US Open[/U]

V/S MZverev-Fan (GER) 0-1
[I]*partnering Drikke (BEL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]40:46[/B] - 1st R [U]Queen's[/U]

V/S Nadie (RUS) 0-2
[I]*partnering TommyB. (GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]36:37[/B] - 2nd R [U]Miami[/U]
[I]*partnering Ria (MAL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]47:48[/B] - 2nd R [U]Wimbledon[/U]

V/S Nando_L (BRA) 3-0
[I]*partnering maldini (SUI)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]25:22[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[I]*partnering Alx (FRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]12:08[/B] - QF [U]CH Zagreb[/U]
[I]*partnering Uraitan (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:04[/B] - QF [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S Nathaliia (POL) 1-1
[I]*partnering Mishka Logvi (UKR)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]20:17[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Geneva[/U]
[I]*partnering gulzhan (KAZ)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]09:11[/B] - FQR [U]Toronto[/U]

V/S nicorejon (ARG) 1-0
[I]*partnering orangehat (SIN)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]15:09[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Cremona[/U]

V/S Nikigreat (ITA) 2-1
[I]*partnering Albop (CHI) [B]2008[/B] [B]16:14[/B] - 1st R [U]Bastad[/U]
[I]*partnering Spadea TT (ITA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]22:23[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Cremona[/U]
[I]*partnering Spadea TT (ITA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]06:06 SRs 5-2[/B] - SF [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S orangehat (SIN) 2-0
[I]*partnering nicorejon (ARG)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]15:09[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Cremona[/U]
[I]*partnering Wojtek (POL)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]94:92[/B] - 1st R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S PaulHopkins (GBR) 0-1
[I]*partnering Mr.Brightside (ITA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]16:16 (SR1)[/B] - QF [U]CH Eckental[/U]

V/S pavkata (BUL) 1-0
[I]*partnering Mincheff (BUL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]17:11[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Athens[/U]

V/S Peta Pan (AUS) 1-0
[I]*partnering Björki (GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]65:64[/B] - 1st R [U]US Open[/U]

V/S Pigpen Stinks (USA) 0-2
[I]*partnering Strangelove (NED)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]03:04[/B] - SF [U]CH Istanbul[/U]
[I]*partnering Snowwy (CAN)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]17:18[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Helsinki[/U]

V/S Playagirl (USA) 0-1
[I]*partnering Lillyke (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]05:08[/B] - 2nd QR [U]CH Fergana[/U]

V/S PMK is Innocent (ICE) 1-0
[I]*partnering Maldini (SUI)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]24:21[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]

V/S quiron (ARG) 0-2
[I]*partnering Genius1787 (ARG)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]16:18[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Andrezieux[/U]
[I]*partnering trucul (FRA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]19:19 SRs 12-16[/B] - 1st R [U]Eastbourne[/U]

V/S Renaud (KAZ) 1-0
[I]*partnering Gutturnio D.O.C (ITA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]25:23[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S Ria (MAL) 0-2
[I]*partnering Nadie (RUS)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]47:48[/B] - 2nd R [U]Wimbledon[/U]
[I]*partnering Crocodile (FRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - QF [U]CH Segovia[/U]

V/S robus (POL) 1-0
[I]*partnering gulzhan (KAZ)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]02:02 SRs 1:0[/B] - SF [U]CH Athens[/U]

V/S rototito (URU) 1-0
[I]*partnering hahaha7 (CRO)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]18:17[/B] - QF [U]CH Bogota[/U]

V/S rvugt (NED) 0-1
[I]*partnering ghan (FRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]04:04 SR2 shoot-out[/B] - F [U]CH Athens[/U]

V/S Salum (BRA) 0-3
[I]*partnering stealthisnick (ITA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:07 SR2[/B] - QF [U]CH Scheveningen[/U]
[I]*partnering Dougie (FIN)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]01:05[/B] - F QR [U]CH New Delhi I[/U]
[I]*partnering Tennis-Engineer (IRN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]02:02 SRs: 1-3[/B] - F [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]

V/S Sandra (ROU) 0-1
[I]*partnering TMJordan (CAN)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]02:04[/B] - SF [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S Scarface (ARG) 2-1
[I]*partnering Gerard (ESP)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]01:02[/B] - SF [U]CH Sacramento[/U]
[I]*partnering AceMaker (FRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]22:20[/B] - 1st QR [U]CH New Delhi I[/U]
[I]*partnering Kielian (GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]11:10[/B] - QF [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]

V/S scythe19pro (ROM) 0-1
[I]*partnering keqtqiadv (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]45:50[/B] - 2nd R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S sexyboy (POL) 0-1
[I]*partnering Drikke (BEL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]05:06[/B] - QF [U]CH Sao Paulo[/U]

V/S sharas36 (ISR) 1-0
[I]*partnering Wojtek (POL)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]13:12[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Eckental[/U]

V/S sharpeirob (ZIM) 1-0
[I]*partnering CooCooCachoo (NED)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]W/O[/B] - QF [U]CH Sacramento[/U]

V/S Sly (BUL) 1-0
[I]*partnering ekin (CHN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]23:17[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Braunschweig[/U]

V/S Smasher (FIN) 1-0
[I]*partnering GlennMirnyi (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]12:12 SRs 4-3[/B] - QF [U]US Open[/U]

V/S Snowwy (CAN) 0-1
[I]*partnering Pigpen Stinks (USA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]17:18[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Helsinki[/U]

V/S Snoo Foo (USA) 1-0
[I]*partnering Machiavelli (CRO)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]47:43[/B] - 1st R [U]Queens[/U]

V/S Spadea TT (ITA) 2-1
[I]*partnering Renaud (KAZ)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]25:23[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Prostejov[/U]
[I]*partnering Nikigreat (ITA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]22:23[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Cremona[/U]
[I]*partnering Spadea TT (ITA)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]06:06 SRs 5-2[/B] - SF [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S Sploush (CAN) 0-2
[I]*partnering Strangelove (NED)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]04:05[/B] - SF [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[I]*partnering vamos israel (ISR)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]33:36[/B] - 1st R [U]Toronto[/U]

V/S stealthisnick (ITA) 0-3
[I]*partnering Salum (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:07 SR2[/B] - QF [U]CH Scheveningen[/U]
[I]*partnering Geibrasch (GER)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]18:19[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Segovia[/U]
[I]*partnering Legion Argentina (CUB)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]10:10 SR1[/B] - QF [U]CH Cordenons[/U]

V/S Strangelove (NED) 3-2
[I]*partnering sploush (CAN)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]04:05[/B] - SF [U]CH Tunis[/U]
[I]*partnering Zirconek (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]16:15[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Zageb[/U]
[I]*partnering Pigpen Stinks (USA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]03:04[/B] - SF [U]CH Istanbul[/U]
[I]*partnering Vicmatibla (ESP)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]23:21[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Cordenons[/U]
[I]*partnering MuriloBrasil (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]21:17[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Monza[/U]

V/S tal20 (ISR) 2-0
[I]*partnering Tankman (AUS)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]01:01SRs 1:0 [/B] - F [U]Bastad[/U]
[I]*partnering Tankman (AUS)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]79:59[/B] - 2nd R [U]US Open[/U]

V/S TankingTheSet (NED) 0-1
[I]*partnering Huff (ROM)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]15:19 [/B] - 1st R [U]CH Shrewsbury[/U]

V/S Tankman (AUS) 2-0
[I]*partnering tal20 (ISR)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]01:01SRs 1:0 [/B] - F [U]Bastad[/U]
[I]*partnering tal20 (ISR)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]79:59[/B] - 2nd R [U]US Open[/U]

V/S Tennis-Engineer (IRN) 1-2
[I]*partnering eljab (SUI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]05:05 #correct SR´s 4:3[/B] - SF [U]CH Bogota[/U]
[I]*partnering Salum (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]02:02 SRs: 1-3[/B] - F [U]CH San Luis de Potosi[/U]
[I]*partnering InzainSoulja (AUS)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]08:11 [/B] - QF [U]CH Tunis[/U]

V/S tiptopdaisy (AUT) 1-0
[I]*partnering Uraitan (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]95:92[/B] - 1st R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S TMJordan (CAN) 1-1
[I]*partnering Iza (ROU)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:04[/B] - SF [U]CH Zagreb[/U]
[I]*partnering Sandra (ROU)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]02:04[/B] - SF [U]CH Geneva[/U]

V/S tomas_cl (CHI) 1-1
[I]*partnering Felipe99 (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]17:14[/B] - QF [U]CH East London[/U]
[I]*partnering felo (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]06:08[/B] - QF [U]CH Santiago[/U]

V/S Tomek. (POL) 1-0
[I]*partnering meninosantos (POR)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]14:13[/B] - QF [U]Bastad[/U]

V/S TommyB. (GER) 1-1
[I]*partnering Nadie (RUS)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]36:37[/B] - 2nd R [U]Miami[/U]
[I]*partnering Forever-Delayed (GBR)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]02:00[/B] - F [U]US Open[/U]

V/S torochico (CHI) 1-0
[I]*partnering jazar (GBR)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]03:03Correct SRs.[/B] - F [U]CH Arhus[/U]

V/S trucul (FRA) 1-2
[I]*partnering Aimee. (USA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]07:07 SR3 [/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Heilbronn[/U]
[I]*partnering Filipo (BUL)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]39:39 TB1: 17-18[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Wroclaw[/U]
[I]*partnering quiron (ARG)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]19:19 SRs 12-16[/B] - 1st R [U]Eastbourne[/U]

V/S Turi (ITA) 0-1
[I]*partnering Mishka Logvi (UKR)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]15:23 [/B] - 1st QR [U]CH Zagreb[/U]

V/S Uraitan (BRA) 4-1
[I]*partnering lillyke (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]06:12[/B] -  QF [U]CH Lugano[/U]
[I]*partnering kriserdmann (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]20:18[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Scheveningen[/U]
[I]*partnering Nando_L (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:04[/B] - QF [U]CH Geneva[/U]
[I]*partnering tiptopdaisy (AUT)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]95:92[/B] - 1st R [U]Roland Garros[/U]
[I]*partnering Zirconen (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]22:21[/B] - 1st QR [U]Toronto[/U]

V/S VaiBrasil (BRA) 0-1
[I]*partnering cacau00 (BRA)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]10:11[/B] - QF [U]CH New Orleans[/U]

V/S vamos israel (ISR) 0-3
[I]*partnering Dupuis2006 (CAN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]39:44[/B] - 1st R [U]Indian Wells[/U]
[I]*partnering ZackBusner (GER)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]08:08 correct#SR 6:7[/B] - QF [U]CH Prostejov[/U]
[I]*partnering sploush (CAN)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]33:36[/B] - 1st R [U]Toronto[/U]

V/S Vicmatibla (ESP) 1-0
[I]*partnering Strangelove (NED)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]23:21[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Cordenons[/U]

V/S vmbf (BRA) 1-0
[I]*partnering MuriloBrasil (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]19:17[/B] - 3rd R [U]US Open[/U]

V/S Wojtek (POL) 2-0
[I]*partnering Sharas36 (ISR)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]13:12[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Eckental[/U]
[I]*partnering orangehat (SIN)[/I] [B]2009[/B] [B]94:92[/B] - 1st R [U]Roland Garros[/U]

V/S ZackBusner (GER) 0-1
[I]*partnering vamos israel (ISR)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]08:08correct#SR 6:7[/B] - QF [U]CH Prostejov[/U]

V/S Zirconek (BRA) 3-1
[I]*partnering Strangelove (NED)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]16:15[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Zagreb[/U]
[I]*partnering Maldini (SUI)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]07:06[/B] - QF [U]CH Istanbul[/U]
[I]*partnering Denaon (ARG)[/I] [B]2007[/B] [B]28:29[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Trnava[/U]
[I]*partnering Uraitan (BRA)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]22:21[/B] - 1st QR [U]Toronto[/U]

V/S zxcv (CHI) 1-0
[I]*partnering Alonsofz (CHI)[/I] [B]2008[/B] [B]28:19[/B] - 1st R [U]CH Segovia[/U]
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JeffCandoi Luis dos Santos Burkholder (BRA)

Birthdate: 14-Feb-1984
Birthplace: Candoi -BRA
Residence: Gorpa City - BRA
Height: 6'00''
Weight: 80kg
Plays: typing
Turned Pro: 2007
Coach: :lol:

2008 Results: Champions of doubles in Costa do Sauipe and Acapulco, SF iin Buenos Aires and OF in Australian Open, playing togheter the scot Duncan

Champion of CH Brasov with Duncan and Copa Petrobras Buenos Aires with Netin!


my reserved place...

update soon :lol:
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I am playing TT almost from the start, I missed only the first month. After that I tried to enter in some tournament, but I couldnt because I didnt had ranking :p After some changes of the commitment rule I played my first tournament and I think I lost in 1st round. I waited for my first win may be 2-3 tournaments. My favourite surface is clay, because I like to see fighters playing for win and only this surface allows to see real fights. I am happy I won most of my titles on clay :p. My biggest succes is winning Roland Garros in singles and Australian Open with Alansk in doubles as well as the final in Wimbledon with the lovely Angela:kiss:. I started playing with her this year and the improvement in doubles was great. With her I won 3 titles for a very little time.
But I want to return to my beginning, I never thought I will reach N1 and stay there for 50 weeks when I started playing this game. May be I had a lot of luck, because more than 3 times my opponents needed just one win to get the N1 but my jedi forces helped me to make them lose :p.

My Results in TT

Top 10 in singles in year end: 2006
Top 10 in doubles in year end: 2007
Singles Carreer high position: N1
Doubles Carreer high position: N2

Tennis Tipping Singles Rank:?? Doubles Rank:??
Singles WInner : Barcelona 2006, Roland Garros 2006, Bastad 2007, Bastad 2008, Burnie CH 2012, Knoxville CH 2012
Finalist singles : Costa do Sauipe 2006, TMC Shanghai 2006, Hamburg 2007, Acapulco 2008, Los Angeles 2008, Metz 2008
Winner doubles : San Jose 2006 (w/Iza), Valencia 2006 (w/savestheday91), Barcelona 2006 (w/Labamba), Australian Open 2007 (w/alansk), Queens 2007(w/Angela), Kitzbuhel 2007 (w/Angela), Cincinatti 2007 (w/Angela), Burnie CH 2012 (w/Angela), Knoxville CH 2012 (w/Bashkatik), Sao Paulo CH 2013 (w/Geangr)
Finalist doubles : Rogers Masters 2006 (w/Scythe19pro), Wimbledon 2007 (w/Angela), Australian Open 2008 (w/Angela), Poertschach 2008 (w/Angela), Los Angeles 2008 (w/Angela), Bucharest 2008 (w/Angela), Vina Del Mar 2009(w/Gavnich77), Miami Masters 2009 (w/Maldini)
PAW Rank: ??
Winner - Rotterdam 2006, Munich 2006, Marseille 2008, Newport 2008, Vina Del Mar 2012, Cincinnati 2012, Zagreb 2013, Shanghai 2013, Vienna 2013, Munich 2014
Finalist - Valencia 2006, Halle 2007, Washington 2013
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■ ■ ■ ■ JadrankaHR (CRO) ■ ■ ■ ■

Name: Jadranka
Birthdate: 18-Mar-1991
Birthplace: Stockholm (SWE)
Residence: Vienna (AUT)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Turned Pro: 2007
Coach: My dad :lol:
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Name: Domi
Birthdate: 23-May-1992
Birthplace: Zagreb, Croatia
Residence: Monte Carlo, Monaco :D
Height: 6'0'' (182cm)
Weight: 132 Ibs (60kg)
Plays: Using both hands (when tipping :p)
Turned Pro: 2006
Coach: No one wants me :awww:

Current TT ranking - singles: 81
Career high TT ranking - singles: 66
Current TT ranking - doubles: 50
Career high TT ranking - doubles: 50

singles record: 09-04
singles titles: 0
doubles record: 4-4
doubles titles: 0

singles record: 60-50
singles titles: 1 (2007 Lanzarote CH)
doubles record: :shrug:
doubles titles: 1 (2007 Burnie CH)

W- Lanzarote CH
F- Monza CH
SF- Buenos Aires
- Queens Club
W- Burnie CH
F- Dnepropetrovsk CH
F- Wroclaw CH

F- Dallas CH
SF- Australian Open GS

TT Biography
I've started playing TT at the age of 14.
My first tournament was AMS Paris in 2006 where I qualified for the main draw and then came to the QF. It was at the end of the season so I lost my form in the off-season. In 2007 I've had a few good results which are a win in a challenger in Lanzarote, a final in a challenger in Monza and 2 semifinals in ATP tournaments in Buenos Aires (RR :eek:) and London Queen's Club. The last 3 months of this season were awful. With only 2 wins in around 10-12 matches. 1 of those wins was in the Davis Cup tie against Argentina where Croatia defeated Argentina and became a World Group 2008 member :). I hope for a better future in the game, looking forward to start of the next season.
I've had a good start in 2008. Playing QF in Chennai, and getting to the final of a Dallas challenger. I'm dissapointed with my 1st round loss in Melbourne. However, I've started playing better in doubles. I've got to SF of Australian Open partnering British Greatkingrat.​
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VaiBrasil, my link sends to Snowwy's post. Could you correct that?? ;)
VaiBrasil, my link sends to Snowwy's post. Could you correct that?? ;)
corrected :wavey:
I'll reserve this spot and update after I finish my university applications. :wavey: :p
I'll take this spot- when my exams finish I'll update it ;)

Name: Jessica (Jess)
Birth date: September 1, 1984
Turned Pro: January 2006
Singles Ranking: 49
Career High Singles Ranking: 8 (February 13, 2006)
Doubles Ranking: 3
Career High Doubles Ranking: 1 (October 29, 2007)
Coach: searching for one to fix my singles game :)

2006 Results:
singles: Final: Zagreb, Washington; SF: Monte Carlo; QF: Marseille, Valencia, Barcelona, Estoril US Open
doubles: Winner: Valencia (A_Skywalker), Amersfoort (Sheva) Final: Umag (adeegee), Vienna (Sheva) SF: Marseille (silverwhite), Rotterdam (Björki),Indian Wells (_pyromatic), Barcelona (Sheva), Hamburg (JMG), Beijing (Sheva)QF: Bastad (Garlichead), Bangkok (Sheva)

2007 Results:
singles: Winner: Valencia, Amersfoort; QF: Rome, Bucharest
doubles: Winner: Roland Garros, Indianapolis, Bangkok; Finalist: US Open; SF: Australian Open, Valencia (partnering adeegee!.), Pörtschach, s'Hertogenbosch, Bucharest (partnering TommyB.) ; QF: Rome, Hamburg, Amersfoort

Jessica, a self-proclaimed clay and doubles specialist, has been playing Tennis Tipping since the beginning of time. 2007 was a breakthrough year for the young Serbian as she led her Davis Cup team partner to the final against Singapore and won the Davis Cup with three straight victories, the true highlight of her season. She also led the female squad to victory in the Yemok & Biliana Cup (Battle of the Sexes), defeating her archnemesis Labamba in the process. Her success is spilling over to the world of WTA tipping as well, as she and partner adeegee are racing up the rankings just months into their professional careers and striking fear into the hearts of the top players. She is also preparing for a career after her playing days are over, coaching young Serbian prodigy Lossi in her first event, and possibly giving the youngster some big time experience on the Davis Cup squad next year.

She would like to thank her fans for all of their support. Without them, she never would have made it to #1 this year, and she hopes they will support her in her quest to reclaim it next year :)
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Nickname: Vicek
First name: Tomasz
Birthdate: 24-Aug-1983
Birthplace: Skarżysko kamienna - POL
Residence: Kielce - POL
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Turned Pro: 2007
Hobbies: Sport, Music, Films, Tipping, Reading & Writing and many other interesting things
Favourite tennis players: Michael Chang, Goran Ivanisevic, Richard Kraicek, Fabrice Santoro, Carlos Moya, Fernando Verdasco, Radek Stepanek, Arnaud Clement, Dominique Monami (Van Roost), Sabine Applemans, Chanda Rubin, Martina Hingis, Agnieszka Radwańska

Current Singles Ranking: 88
Singles Record: 36-13
Current Doubles Ranking: 225
Doubles Record: 4-0

Singles Playing Activity 2007:

US Open (NR)
Q-32: Scarface (ARG/215) 27-24
Q-16: JeffCandoi (BRA/150) 45-41
R128: studzien (POL/168) 17-17 SR3
R64: Pigpen Stinks (USA/113) 22-22 SR1
R32: Sheva (NED/8) 37-36
R16: balloon (SIN/30) 11-10
QF: keqtqiadv (BRA/3) 5-5 TB(16-19)

Orleans CH (NR)
Q-SF: Huff (ROM/NR) 3-2
R32: gaynor (BLR/78) 3-2
R16: mechi (ARG/226) 5-4
QF: CooCooCachoo (NED/228) 7-7 SR1
SF: Snowwy (CAN/155) 3-3 SR1
W: FilipeMB (BRA/230) 1-0

Szczecin CH (NR)
Q-16: studzien (POL/158) 15-0 w.o.
Q-QF: Mishka Logvi (UKR/224) 3-3 SR4
R32: S.K (AUS/106) 3-3 SR3

Mumbai (144)
Q-16: Rreno (BRA/108) 9-8
Q-QF: Pigpen Stinks (USA/124) 2-2 SR1
R32: invu2day (ENG/20) 2-2 PTS1

Mons CH (124)
R32: HenryMag (POR/218) 8-8 SR2

Sacramento CH (121)
R32: bye
R16: Scarface (ARG/193) 8-10

Andrezieux CH (120)
R32: Tanking The Set (NED/132) 5-5 SR4

St. Petersburg (119)
Q-16: sharas36 (ISR/198) 8-4
Q-QF: kidnicky (MEX/138) 6-5
R32: Tennis2006 (NED/73) 7-5
R16: Tankman (AUS/85) 6-7

Paris-Bercy (118)
Q-16: Tennisfancroatia (CRO/74) 8-6
Q-QF: Dmitry (RUS/112) 6-4
R32: Iza (ROM/73) 3-4

Sacramento CH (121)
R32: bye
R16: Scarface (ARG/193) 8-10

Bratislava CH (117)
R32: Tankman (AUS/74) 3-3 PTS1

Champaign CH (113)
R32: LaTenista (USA/88) 5-7

Knoxville CH (107)
R32: Superior1 (CRO/117) 6-6 SR2
R16: tal20 (ISR/98) 5-5 SR1
QF: sexyboy (POL/219) 5-5 SR1

New Delhi CH (109)
Q-32: Huff (ROM/238) 5-4
Q-16: HenryMag (POR/182) 6-6 SR1
Q-QF: scythe19pro (BRA/5) 3-1
R32: John John (MAL/203) 6-5
R16: Gutturnio D.O.C. (ITA/23) 4-4 SR1

Burnie CH (106)
Q-32: Nikki (MON/203) 5-0 W/O
Q-16: Superior1 (CRO/127) 4-4 SR2
Q-QF: rototito (URU/214) 3-2
R32: VaiBrasil (BRA/139) 6-4
R16: vamos israel (ISR/33) 6-4
QF: scythe19pro (BRA/6) 3-2
SF: tiptopdaisy (AUT/55) 3-1
W: sploush (CAN/25) 3-0

Singles Playing Activity 2008:

Adelaide (88)
R32: KalleOnAir (GER/26) 5-3
R16: Fergie (CHI/117) 4-4 SR1

Auckland (88)
Q-32: VaiBrasil (BRA/140) 3-3 (TB2 2-0)
Q-16: tennis2006 (NED/71) 2-1
Q-QF: Colt th magnific (FRA/82) 6-6 (TB2 5-3)
R32:FiBeR (ARG/57) 7-8

Australian Open (88)
R128:maldini (SUI/64) 27-26
R64: Pigpen Stinks (USA/114) 23-24

Waikoloa CH (84)
R32:Nando_L (SUI/143) 2-3

Wrocław CH (83)
R32:Snowwy (CAN/114) 8-7
R16:Ria (MAL/50) 3-5

Davis Cup Poland - China 1-4
Linus 3-4

Delray Beach (82)
R32: coreyschucky (USA/3) 6-6 PTS2 3-0
R16: Wojtek (POL/45) 6-5
QF: njnetswill (USA/10) 7-5
SF: TommyB. (GER/7) 3-2
W: Colt th magnific (FRA/88) 1-1 CB (21-19)

San Jose (80)
R32:njnetswill (USA/9) 3-5

Memphis (79)
R32: greatkingrat (GBR/2) 5-4
R16: marcelwks (POL/30) 5-4
QF: TankingTheSet (NED/120) 6-6 SR (4-3)
SF: Tytta! (BRA/14) 2-2 SR (0-1)

Las Vegas (57)
R32: Scala (FRA/13)

Indian Wells (57)
R128: Melvins (POR/50) 12-9
R64: Renaud (KAZ/17) 11-11 SR1 (5-6)

Miami (50)
R128: Deboogle!. (USA/80) 10-10 SR (5-3)
R64: Björki (GER/36) 11-11 SR1 (2-4)

Humacao CH (51)
Q-32: RRenno (BRA/119) 3-2
Q-16: MZverev-Fan (GER/212) 3-3 SR (2-1)
Q-QF: Crocodile (FRA/64) 4-2
R32: tennisfancroatia (CRO/58) 6-4
R16: robus (POL/177) 6-8

Estoril (51)
R32: Smasher (FIN/21) 5-6

Monte Carlo (51)
R64: Troickitard (SRB/16) 6-6 SRs
R32: TommyB (GER/9)6-7

Barcelona (51)
R64: Hotzenplotz (GER/50) 10-9
R32: Renaud (KAZ/19) 9-10

Rome (49)
R64:Wojtek (POL/44) 10-9
R32:Caralimon (ARG/26) 9-9 SR2

Hamburg (49)
R64: ZackBusner (GER/25) 10-7
R32: Amaris (USA/82) 10-9
R16: JMG (GER/43) 10-7
QF: KalleOnAir (GER/39) 4-4 SR (3-4)

Pörtschach (50)
R32: Smasher (FIN/15) 6-7

Roland Garros (47)
R128: RRenno (BRA/111) 29-32

Yuba City CH (38)
R32: Exponente (ARG/210)5-3
R16: Starluk (CHN/288)3-2
manimal (CHI/NR)2-3

Nottingham (39)
R32: Troickitard (SRB/9) 5-5 SR (4-2)
R16: Caralimon (ARG/36) 6-7

Wimbledon (37)
R128: Aleksz (HUN) 23-23 SRs

Gstaad (37)
R32: trucul (FRA/72) 4-5

Umag (37)
R32: leoneo (CHN/90) 3-4

Toronto (38)
R64: Netin! (BRA/47) 5-6

Cincinnati (38)
R64: Billions A (BRA) 7-8

Los Angeles (37)
Q-32: Pigpen Stinks (USA/66) 4-3
Q-16: ANDRE AGASSI (UKR/185) 4-2
Q-QF: Hellcat (GBR/91) 4-3
R32: Chris 84 (GBR/11) 3-3 SR (2-1)
R16: Netin! (BRA/30) 3-3 CB
QF: Nando_L (BRA/32) 3-5

Olympics (37)
R64: KalleOnAir (GER/18) 11-10
R32: Caralimon (ARG/42) 11-8
R16: Pigpen Stinks (USA/68) 11-11 SR1

New Haven (42)
R64: meninosantos (POR/77) 3-4

US Open (38)
R128: Hotzenplotz (GER/35) 17-16
R64: LaTenista (USA/107) 14-14 SR (3-2)
R32: Gallina (ARG/203) 35-36

Düsseldorf (34)
R32: KalleOnAir (GER/9) 15-12
marr (URU/184) 4-4 PTS

Orleans (37)
R32:vmbf 2-2 PTS2 (0-2)

Szczecin (37)
R32:Scarface (ARG/63) 4-4 SR (2-3)

Beijing (46)
R32: RodiniaCanopy (26) 3-5

Tokyo (50)
R64: sexyboy (POL/127) 4-7

Stockholm (50)
R32: tal20 (ISR/79) 8-7
R16: egiorazz (LIT/115) 4-0 WO
QF: njnetswill (USA/28) 4-6

Madrid (51)
R64: maldini (SUI/19) 5-5 SR1

St Petersburg (53)
R32: balloon (SIN/37) 5-5 SR (2-3)

Paris (51)
R64: Dmitriy (RUS/134) 6-7

Bratislava CH (54)
R32: Hotzenplotz (GER/14) 4-6

Dnepropetrovsk CH (51)
R32: propaganda (BUL/41) 3-3 PTS (10-4)
R16: TMJordan (CAN/21) 7-7 SR (2-5)

Helsinki CH ()
Q-16: ChinoRios4Ever (CHI/117) 14-13
Q-QF: Adder A216 (NED/224) 3-3 CB

Doubles Playing Activity 2007:

Sacramento CH (NR) /w Sexyboy (POL/238)
R16: Hahaha7 (CR0/190) / Nalrodd (BEL/260) 23-23 SR4
QF: Cleo1986 (BEL/120) / Maxinefilo (ARG/NR) 11-7
SF: AceMaker (FRA/150) / JM-Del-Potro (ITA/167) 3-3 SR1
W: Scarface (ARG/152) / Gerard (ESP/259) 4-2

Doubles Playing Activity 2008:

Australian Open (223) /w sexyboy (POL/172)
Q-32: auspopopen (CHI/260) / ChinoRios4Ever (CHI/NR) 73-73 (SR1 7-5)
Q-16: aussie_fan (AUS/129) / John John (FRA/164) 61-56
R64: LaTenista (USA/35) / virex (BRA/8) 96-100

Wrocław CH (223)/w maldini (SUI/90)
R16: Colt th magnific (FRA/93) / ejlab (SUI/198) 16-15
QF: Gavnich77 (AUT/66) / Nadie (RUS/13) 15-16

Indian Wells (204) /w scarface (ARG/110)
Q-16: John John (FRA/160) / Machiavelli (CRO/277) 20-19
R64: Duncan (GBR/80) / Robin Hood (BRA/77) 40-44
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