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Rookie Manager of the Year ?

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The 2019 Tennis Tipping Rookie Manager of the Year

This poll is to determine who was the best Rookie manager in 2019.
The TT Board nominated Four managers for this award. If your pick is not included, please vote for the [Other] option and tell us why you believe this manager should win.

Note: Only TT players are allowed to vote in these polls and they will be open until Friday December 27th.

Here are the nominees in alphabetical order:

1) @anny (2)
500: Beijing
CH: Pune CH

2) @[email protected] (3)
CH: Alicante CH, Orleans CH, Charlottesville CH

3) @NDee (3)
CH: Pheonix CH, Puerto Vallarta CH, Jerusalem CH

4) @R. Ozgerer (4)
250: Antalya
CH: Cherbourg CH, Barletta CH, Francavilla CH

Previous Winners - Rookie Manager of the Year

2018 - nachotuerto

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All easily deserve to win though.

Anny is exceptional but more so from UTT
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