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Tennis Tipping Awards 2018 - Challenger King/Queen

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The 2018 Tennis Tipping Challenger King/Queen

This poll is to determine who was the best TT challenger player in 2018.
So the TT Board nominated eight players for this award. If your pick is not included, please vote for the [Other] option and tell us why you believe this player should win.

Note: Only TT players are allowed to vote in these polls and they will be open for until Thursday, December 27th.

Here are the nominees in alphabetical order:

1. AlexandreLagazzi
Singles Winner: Irving, Taipei, Nottingham, Milan
Doubles Winner: San Francisco
Doubles Runner-Up: Bastad, Tunis

2. Gallina
Singles Runner-Up: Irving, Le Gosier, Santa Margarita Di Pula

3. HNDiamond
Singles Winner: Rennes, Chicago, Banja Luka
Doubles Winner: Chicago
Doubles Runner-Up: TT Challenger Finals

4. Mae
Singles Winner: Panama City, Rome, Prostejov, Ilkley
Singles Runner-Up: Noumea
Doubles Winner: Irving, Rome, Caltanissetta
Doubles Runner-Up: Noumea, San Francisco

5. Mighty Hams
Singles Winner: Astana, TT Challenger Finals, Columbus FUT
Singles Runner-Up: Bordeaux, Aptos
Doubles Winner: Indian Wells, Mexico City, Aix en Provence, Orleans
Doubles Runner-Up: Cherbourg, Bordeaux, Monterrey, Santo Domingo

6. Snowwy
Singles Runner-Up: Drummondville, Mexico City, Busan
Doubles Winner: Granby

7. supertec
Singles Winner: Drummondville, Mexico City, Vancouver
Doubles Winner: Rome
Doubles Runner-Up: Vancouver

8. whytea
Singles Winner: Seoul, Orleans
Singles Runner-Up: Bergamo, Mestre, Braunschweig, Bangalore

Previous Winners - Challenger King/Queen

2006 - not selected
2007 - Spadea TT
2008 - Tennis-Engineer
2009 - Pauchis
2010 - Cheeky Chick
2011 - appleGirl
2012 - bavaria100
2013 - buji
2014 - ESimp
2015 - rus59
2016 - Rumpas
2017 - vjatceslav

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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2018 - Challenger King/Queen

Deciding between multiple players here is so tough. Both Mae and Mighty Hams would have walked away with this award in most of the past years

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More the hugo dellien.

Well done dude great season
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