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The 2011 Tennis Tipping Match of the Year is:

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The 2011 Tennis Tipping Match of the Year

This poll is to determine which was the best match of the season.
The poll can only have 10 options, so we (Boarder35m, Gavnich77, Labamba, Marto & I) had to nominate nine matches for this award. If your pick is not included, please vote for the [Other] option and tell us why you believe this match should win.

Note: Only TT players are allowed to vote in these polls and they will be open for 10 days

Here are the nominees:

1) Андреас def Marita & kingroger/Kirilenko-Fan (LL) def Gallina/Boarder35m (Miami finals)
- Match: Djokovic def Nadal 46 63 76
- Diffs: Djokovic vs Nadal
- Third set TB decision. Closest Nadal vs Djoko match of 2011.

2) FERNET def stealthisnick (Roland Garros QF)

- Matches: Fognini def Montanes 46 64 36 63 11-9, Chela def Falla 46 62 16 76 62, Murray def Troicki 46 46 63 62 75
- Diffs: Fognini vs Montanes, Chela vs Falla, Murray vs Troicki
- Three correct picks which could have been wrong. Montanes wasted 5 mps, which could have changed the result of the TT match (only day 1 difference) and the tournament (FERNET reached the final - lost to jcreback).

3) Tytta!./keqtqiadv def Gavnich77/Hellcat (Roland Garros final)

- Match: Nadal def Federer 75 76 57 61
- Diffs: Nadal 3-1 vs Nadal 3-0/Nadal 3-2
- Nadal 3-1 was the only result that would give Tytta!./keqtqiadv the win. Federer looked done in the third set, but came back from a break down to win 7-5, just to lose the 4th 1-6.

4) scoobs def savesthedizzle & savesthedizzle/Bibberz def Allez-Alejo/Tzar (US Open finals)

- Match: Djokovic def Federer 67 46 63 62 75
- Diffs: Djokovic 3-2 vs Djokovic 3-1 (singles) & Djokovic vs Federer (doubles)
- Federer led *5-3 40-15. His win would have made savesthedizzle singles chances better (there was still Nadal vs Djokovic to be played), but would probably have given Allez-Alejo/Tzar the title.

5) savesthedizzle def ExcaliburII & Deboogle!. def JMG (Davis Cup SF: USA vs Monaco day 3)

- Match: Pospisil def Weintraub 62 76 64
- Diffs: Pospisil 3-0 vs Pospisil 3-1
- Weintraub served for the second set & wasted a sp (on a controversial call according to some reports). If Pospisil had won 3-1, Monaco would have made the final.

6) Hellcat def Gavnich77 (Paris final)
- Matches: Federer def Berdych 64 63 & Federer def Tsonga 61 76
- Difference: Federer 2-0 vs 2-1 & Federer 2-0 vs 2-1
- Hellcat won Paris and qualify for the WTF Singles & Doubles. savesthedizzle, who was the next in line for singles, missed the chance to play the singles event (still qualified for doubles).

7) ZackBusner/oraneghat def Capriati Rules/In The Zone (Paris F)

- Matches: Tsonga def Isner 36 76 76, Federer def Tsonga 61 76
- Diffs: Tsonga 2-1 vs Tsonga 2-0, Federer vs Tsonga
- ZackBusner needed to win Paris to qualify for the WTF. Nando_L, who was the 16th player in the race at that moment, had a tough choice: Federer (his fav player) or Tsonga (who could have gotten him into the WTF).

8) TankingTheSet def FERNET (WTF RR2)

- Matches: Djokovic def Berdych 36 63 76, Federer def Nadal 63 60.
- Diffs: Djokovic 2-0 vs Djokovic 2-1, Federer 2-0 vs Federer 2-1
- Possibly TTS's most important win in his way to the title & the singles #1. After being 1 SR down on day 1, TTS got the difference he needed by picking Federer 2-0.

9) Hellcat/njnetswill def Belludal/Gavnich77 x2 (WTF RR3 & final)

- Matches: Berdych def Tipsarevic 26 63 76 & Federer def Tsonga 63 67 63
- Diffs: Berdych 2-1 vs Berdych 2-0 (RR3) & Federer vs Tsonga (final)
- RR3: Possibly Hellcat's most important win his way to the title & the #1.
Berdych's win after saving a mp gave Hellcat/njnetswill a very important SR lead (Being a SR down, Belludal/Gavnich77 didn't try to create a difference on day 2, keeping their picks/SR scores for the three-team tie that was probably going to happen). Final: 2nd match, 2nd loss for Belludal/Gavnich77, just like the player they needed (Tsonga: 2 losses vs Fed).

Previous Winners - Match of the Year

2006 - keqtqiadv def (Roland Garros R16)
2007 - Tomek/Garlichead def PaulHopkins/Garrigues (Shrwesbury QF)
2008 - FiBeR def Labamba (Monte-Carlo final)
2009 - Duncan def Betty & Zirconek/keqtqiadv def Duncan/JeffCandoi (Wimbledon final)
- Hotzenplotz def Mago#01 & Hotzenplotz/-Evita- def ChinoRios4Ever/juakos17 (Wimbledon R64)

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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2011: Match of the Year

difficult to pick
i vote excaliburII and JMG because they are my friends :D
chupala :wavey:

Sitzen ist fürn Arsch
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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2011: Match of the Year

should have been ONE option :awww:

Hellcat def Gavnich77 (Paris final)
ZackBusner/oraneghat def Capriati Rules/In The Zone (Paris final)

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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2011: Match of the Year

RG Double final, it was a brilliant :worship:
Yeah, that was good.

By the way, congratulations to those who put this all together, really an amazing job!!! :worship:

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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2011: Match of the Year

Very excited to have been involved in two of these :lol: I can say that USO match for me personally as a Djokovic fan was ridiculous to watch knowing what I needed for TT in each of my finals went against each other and what I wanted as a fan, I was going insane :rolls:

But I can't just vote for myself! :lol:

I went with that RG QF singles :)

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Re: Tennis Tipping Awards 2011: Match of the Year

I vote other, Tokyo Doubles Round 1. bandtree/ibreak4coffee beat 156mphserve/Coolybri 21-21 on picks, 13-11 on SR. Next highest score was 18 points. 156mphserve/Coolybri was so angry that they lost with such a high score, it motivated them to both make the singles final which 156mphserve won
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