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Tennis Tipping #7a - Rio de Janeiro - Manager a1canada

See the source image

What is Tennis Tipping?

In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round. The same applies for doubles, but you're in a team format and your scores are combined.
  • In case of a tie, a tie-breaker will decide who moves on to the next round.
  • In case a player (i.e. the actual ATP Player) retires in a match, this match will be counted as long as one point has been played.
How to Sign-Up:

Just post here that you would like to play. You can only play one tournament per week. Entries will be based on ranking. Everyone can commit. :D

Please read the TT Rules for more information

TT Rules Thread

How to send in picks:

Picks can be sent in as soon as the draws are ready. Remember, you pick a winner in every match!. Picks should be sent by PM, so that your opponent does not know your picks. Picks should be titled: [TT: Doha, day #]. Picks can be sent in anytime until the beginning of play each day. If you're still in both singles & doubles, you use the same tips for both. For doubles, you still tip the ATP singles matches, not the doubles! No changes can be made after the play has started.


If the board goes down as has happened before , send your picks to [email protected]

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Fact Sheet

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Type: ATP 500
Surface: Outdoor, Clay
Date: 17.02.2017 - 23.02.2017
Tournament website:
Rio Open 2018

1st Singles Entry Deadline: Sunday, February 9th 6:00 pm CET
Period for changes and doubles commitments: Sunday, February 9th 6:00 pm CET – Friday, February 14th 6 pm CET
Draw size for singles: 32 (28 direct entries, 4 qualy spots, 16 player qualy draw)
Draw size for doubles: 16 (14 direct entries, 2 qualy spots, 8 team qualy draw)
Assistant manager: Looking for OOP helper , PDK will accept my Picks and Opponents picks


Provisional Schedule
Saturday Feb. 15
QR1 Singles/Doubles 10 am local time
Sunday Feb.16 FQR Singles/Doubles 10 am local time (Time change in Brazil on Sunday 18 to +4 hrs)
Monday Feb. 17 RD1 Singles Day 1/1 / RD1 Doubles Day 1/2 4.30 pm local time
Tuesday Feb. 18 RD2 Singles Day 1/1 RD1 doubles Day 2/2 4.30 pm local time
Wednesday Feb.19 QF Singles & Doubles Day 1/2 4.30 pm local time
Thursday Feb. 20 QF Singles & Doubles Day 2/2 4.30 pm local time
Friday Feb. 21 SF Singles & Doubles Day 1/1 4.30 pm local time
Saturday Feb.22 F Singles & Doubles Day 1/2 4.30 pm local time
Sunday Feb.23 F Singles & Doubles Day 2/2 4.30 pm local time

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How to Score a Match

1) correct picks

the player who has more correct picks is the winner
in the case of a tie in the number of correct picks the winner should be determined by this order:

set ratios

player A wins if he has more correct set ratios than player B.
in case there is a tie in the number of correct SRs, you should use the Set to Winner (incorrect 21 picks) method.

(incorrect 21 picks)

all incorrect picks will be compared, and the player with the most incorrect 2-1 picks will win.
---> if this fails to provide a winner, then the tie break method is used.

Next step

- matches in the order of play will be labeled PTS (Predict- The-Score) which will require players to predict the score for tie break purposes, such as 64 63 or 76 76 for example, these matches will be labeled PTS1 to (How ever many matches in A Round 1 of Q or MD, and only 1 PTS match every round after), with PTS1 being the first used to settle the tie, if it can't be settled thru PTS1, we would move down the order to PTS2 , PTS3 , etc. , in a RD1, in subsequent rounds we use PTS1 then Count Back if still Tied.

4) tie breaks (based on PTS1 match first)

-in case Player A chose the correct winner for the PTS1 match while Player B didn´t => Player A wins
-in case Player A and player B chose the correct winner for the PTS1 match and only one has the correct set ratio for that match, then the Player with the correct set ratio wins
-in case player A and player B chose the incorrect winner for the PTS1 match and only one has the incorrect set ratio 21 (versus 20) for that match, then the player with the incorrect 21 set ratio wins , this is displayed as sets to winner

---> In case Player A and Player B chose the correct winner or both chose loser for the PTS1 match and both have the correct/incorrect Set Ratio for that match, winner should be determined by this next methods in PTS1 Match (Predict-The-Score) :


a) correct order of sets (co)-> prediction of the correct winner of one or more sets.

o 1 set – 1 point
o 2 sets – 4 points
o 3 sets – 7 points
o 4 sets – 10 points
o 5 sets – 13 points

b) correct scorelines (cs) -> prediction of the exact score of a set won by a player:

o 1 set – 3 points
o 2 sets – 6 points
o 3 sets – 9 points
o 4 sets – 12 points
o 5 sets – 15 points
o bonus of 2 points for each score line predicted in the correct set.

c) total of PTS points (PTS):

o PTS = CO + CS

player A chose : 6-4 6-3
player B chose : 7-6 6-4
actual match score 63 62

player A CO (4) + CS (3) = total 7
player B CO (4) + CS (0) = total 4
Player A wins

---> If you can't find a winner after all this, in QR1 or RD1, you progressively go through the next PTS matches, and in rare cases where it can not be settled this way, it will progress to GD (game differences) , which can be found in rules section, manager will look up and apply, but rarely used.

--->In all other rounds then QR1/RD1 , PTS1 is followed by tournament count back, comparing all previous round scores, starting with WINNERS ONLY, then SR'S , and If still not settled back 1 round at a time. (This actually is used reasonably often in later rounds of events, with smaller OOP's in SF & F)

--->If all is tied with same score overall of WINNERS / SR / INCORRECT 21 PICKS , Matches are then settled using first match in OOP, by comparing that match , first comparing the WINNER, then comparing the SET RATIO, then comparing if 1 player has an incorrect 21 and the other does not, if all remains tied after all this, points scoring comes into play using the actual 64 63 for example, and using the formulas to determine the winner. everything is exhausted in the First match, but if remains tied moves to 2nd, then 3rd then 4th, etc, IN RD1 , otherwise Count Back in subsequent rounds.


-not understanding PTS , which if tied is WINNER then SR then ISR before actual points scoring
-not understanding Sets to winner, which is 1 point for every 21 losing pick , and is the 3rd Tie Breaking method, and only used if Winners and SR's are Tied
-not understanding how scores are listed, which is winners in front of matches, then SR's after
05:05 | [email protected] (ITA) vs. (7) doghater (RUS) #SRs: 3-3, # Sets to the winner: 1-1, PTS1

-not understanding how ties will be settled, hopefully this will help, and make the season easier for some.

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ALT = Player committing after FINAL DEADLINE and before start of PLAY (CHALLENGER main draw or ATP Q) , or players at end of entry list in full event.

LUCKY LOSER = Player losing in FQR , best losers are first to enter main draw and replace any missing picks.

After Final deadline for receiving picks , missing picks are replaced by ALTS/LL in CHALLENGER RD1 and QR1/RD1 ATP


- If there is a match with 2 missing picks, it takes placement priority , ALT1/LL1 and ALT2/LL2 will be placed in this spot
- If there is only 1 ALT available and you have a match with 2 missing pick , ALT1/LL1 is placed in this spot , then the top seed with an opponent receives a BYE, and opponent of this seed is moved to face the ALT/LL.
-If you have more then 2 ALTS/LL , ALT/LL 3 will play the lowest ranked player remaining without an opponent, and so on.
-If no ALT/LL are available with 2 missing picks in same match, best loser will advance to take place in next round


-List the matches with missing picks , and compare the ranking of the players that have sent (not those that are missing)
-Lowest on your entry list will face ALT/LL 1, next lowest ALT/LL 2, etc.
-any matches remaining with missing picks after ALT's are placed, receive a walkover to the next round.


-works the same , 1 missing pick on a team is the same as 2 missing players picks on a team , they get replaced if an ALT/LL team both send picks
-only replaced on Day 1 of 2 in Round 1 , Day 2 no replacements


-if there are more ALT's then missing picks, the ALT's not getting to play are able to replace missing picks of players having RD1 BYES, as is such for RD48 in CHALLENGERS, if these ALT'S not placed send again for RD2, and a player that had a BYE does not send, the ALT would be placed into round 2 , with the same as round 1 rules, replacing the lowest ranked on the entry list that a seed with BYE is a missing pick against.

-it can get more complicated then this, once in a week 2 event we had 3 matches with 2 missing picks, that will take much more thought and close examining of rules if occurs again.
it's a rare case to have anything other then what is listed here.

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#7a 16/02/2020 Rio de Janeiro BRA CL 32/16/16/8 a1canada
#7b 17/02/2020 Delray Beach USA H 32/16/16/8 BMT360
#7c 17/02/2020 Marseille FRA IH 32/16/16/8 MikiKuba
#7d 16/02/2020 Drummondville CH CAN IH 48/24 Walsall

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