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Tennis Tipping #39c Orleans CH*

Introduction to TT

What is Tennis Tipping?

Tennis Tipping is a game which tries to recreate the atmosphere of the ATP circuit. It consists of predicting the winners of the singles matches of a given day or round, but unlike the other tennis prediction games, the players are sorted in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant, and whoever gets the highest score moves on to the next round, when the winning players begin a new match (scores from the previous round are not carried on).
Here are some other similarities between TT and the ATP Tour:
· The game can be played individually (singles competition) or in pairs (doubles competition - the scores of each of the team players are combined);
· The categories of events are in compliance with the ITF/ATP regulations (Grand Slams, Masters 1000, ATP 500, ATP 250, Challengers/Futures, ATP Tour Finals, Davis Cup);
· Entries and seedings are based on a 52-week ranking system.

How do I sign up to a TT tournament?

You don’t have to have a certain number of posts or a period of registration in MTF. Just find the thread of the tournament you would like to play and post ‘IN’. The Tennis Tipping tournament threads are usually opened in the Forum of the actual ATP event. The exceptions are the Challengers and Futures, which are placed here. The calendar of events being held each year can be found in the Managers Thread. The deadline for regular entries in CH is always Friday 6 PM CET (or CEST) before the start of the tournament. Players who commit after the deadline are considered ALT`s.

If you want to play doubles, you must find a partner to play with you. You can either ask for a doubles partner or contact someone who is also looking for a doubles partner in the tournament thread. We recommend the use of Private Messages (PM) to make sure your request has been read by the other player. After you settle the partnership, you just need to post ‘Doubles with (name of the player)’ in the tournament thread.

It’s important to know that you can only commit to one tournament in each week. You are allowed to change tournaments (only once), but you must withdraw from the tournament you have entered first. Keep in mind that if you change tournaments, you will be placed in the bottom of the entry list of the event you decide to play.

The qualifying tournament usually starts on the Saturday before the start of the event and the main draw on Monday, which is usually the first day of the tournament. But players must check the tournament schedule in the TT threads.

How do I send my predictions?

Players must pick the winners of the scheduled matches on each day of play. One day before the start of each day of play, the manager of the tournament will post the list of matches to be predicted, together with instructions on how to send the picks, the username to whom the picks should be addressed and the deadline after which no picks will be accepted.

The predictions must be sent by a PM. The message should be titled similarly to “TT (Name of the Tournament) – Day”. Picks can be sent anytime until the deadline set by the manager which usually is the beginning of play each day. The same picks will be used for singles & doubles.

Where can I find more information?

Tennis Tipping forumis the place where all the additional information about TT can be found.


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Fact Sheet

Location:Orleans - FRANCE
Date: Sep 23, 2019 - Sep 29, 2019
Type: Challenger (125)
Surface: IH
Tournament Website: N/A
Assistant Manager: --

Singles/Doubles Entry Deadline: Friday, September 20th, 6:00 PM CEST
Draw Size for Singles: 48 - no qualies
Draw Size for Doubles: 24 - no qualies​

W: 125
RU: 75
SF: 45
QF: 25
R16: 10
R32: 5(0)
R48: 0

TT Schedule


Monday R48
Tuesday R32
Wednesday R16
Thursday QF
Friday SF
Saturday Final (Day 1 of 2)
Sunday Final (Day 2 of 2)


Monday R24
Tuesday R16 (DAY 1)

Wednesday R16 (DAY 2)
Thursday QF
Friday SF
Saturday Final (Day 1 of 2)
Sunday Final (Day 2 of 2)

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Singles Draw

SF Results for S&D

03:02 | (11) Normand (FRA) vs. LHF (BRA) #SRs: 0-1
03:02 | (6) Vitor BM (BRA) vs. (13) Björki (GER) #SRs: 0-0

05:06 | (1) Vitor BM/alwaysfan (BRA/ESP) vs. (4) AlexandreLagazzi/Trenches (BRA/GBR) #SRs: 0-0
02:00 | (3) Super Hérault/PortlandTimbers (FRA/GER) vs. (2) cowgomoo239/ZellKFF (USA/BEL) #SRs: 1-0

Results QF S&D​

05:06 | Trenches (GBR) vs. (11) Normand (FRA) #SRs: 4-3
05:04 | LHF (BRA) vs. (5) rusca_djokerfan (CRO) #SRs: 2-4
06:05 | (6) Vitor BM (BRA) vs. Taz Warrior (GBR) #SRs: 3-4
05:06 | MIBBR (BRA) vs. (13) Björki (GER) #SRs: 2-4

11:10 | (1) Vitor BM/alwaysfan (BRA/ESP) vs. Markmik/LHF (AUS/BRA) #SRs: 6-4
11:11 | (4) AlexandreLagazzi/Trenches (BRA/GBR) vs. Normand/TheLegend (FRA/LIE) #SRs: 9-7
08:11 | manu86/rusca_djokerfan (ARG/CRO) vs. (3) Super Hérault/PortlandTimbers (FRA/GER) #SRs: 8-8
12:13 | enlightenedth/Shahrastani1986 (ROU/GBR) vs. (2) cowgomoo239/ZellKFF (USA/BEL) #SRs: 8-8

Results RD16 S&D​

05:06 | (1) PortlandTimbers (GER) vs. Trenches (GBR) #SRs: 3-3
05:04 | (11) Normand (FRA) vs. (15) Markmik (AUS) #SRs: 3-1
06:05 | LHF (BRA) vs. (16) alwaysfan (ESP) #SRs: 3-2
00:06 | jrm (SLO) vs. (5) rusca_djokerfan (CRO) #SRs: 0-3

06:05 | (6) Vitor BM (BRA) vs. PetecoKraus (ARG) #SRs: 3-3
05:06 | (14) Waldaukönig (GER) vs. Taz Warrior (GBR) #SRs: 4-3
05:05 | (7) bavaria100 (GER) vs. MIBBR (BRA) #SRs: 2-3
05:05 | (13) Björki (GER) vs. Shahrastani1986 (GBR) #SRs: 2-2, PTS1

27:00 | (1) Vitor BM/alwaysfan (BRA/ESP) vs. Bye/Bye #SRs: 16-0
23:25 | [email protected]/PetecoKraus (ITA/ARG) vs. Markmik/LHF (AUS/BRA) #SRs: 12-15
26:05 | (4) AlexandreLagazzi/Trenches (BRA/GBR) vs. lucassilva/FERNANDO CORDEIR (UAE/ARG) #SRs: 13-4
14:20 | Freshi/bavaria100 (GER/GER) vs. Normand/TheLegend (FRA/LIE) #SRs: 5-10

24:13 | manu86/rusca_djokerfan (ARG/CRO) vs. Taz Warrior/Adder A216 (GBR/NED) #SRs: 13-8
00:25 | Bye/Bye vs. (3) Super Hérault/PortlandTimbers (FRA/GER) #SRs: 0-16
27:13 | enlightenedth/Shahrastani1986 (ROU/GBR) vs. 1987518LPF/Tuggy (CHN/CAN) #SRs: 17-9
00:13 | Bye/Bye vs. (2) cowgomoo239/ZellKFF (USA/BEL) #SRs: 0-6

Singles Results RD32​

07:03 | (1) PortlandTimbers (GER) vs. Colt th magnific (FRA) #SRs: 5-3
07:04 | Trenches (GBR) vs. (10) supertec (ESP) #SRs: 5-4
07:06 | (11) Normand (FRA) vs. [email protected] (ITA) #SRs: 2-3
04:08 | dinkulpus (BUL) vs. (15) Markmik (AUS) #SRs: 2-6

07:07 | (3) manu86 (ARG) vs. LHF (BRA) #SRs: 3-5
00:08 | Adder A216 (NED) vs. (16) alwaysfan (ESP) #SRs: 0-4
06:06 | (ALT) Jaker (CAN) vs. jrm (SLO) #SRs: 3-3, # Sets to the winner: 2-4
00:05 | Templar770 (POR) vs. (5) rusca_djokerfan (CRO) #SRs: 0-4

08:07 | (6) Vitor BM (BRA) vs. Tuggy (CAN) #SRs: 7-5
07:06 | PetecoKraus (ARG) vs. (12) Super Hérault (FRA) #SRs: 3-4
09:08 | (14) Waldaukönig (GER) vs. enlightenedth (ROU) #SRs: 7-7
07:06 | Taz Warrior (GBR) vs. (4) AlexandreLagazzi (BRA) #SRs: 5-3

09:00 | (7) bavaria100 (GER) vs. Freshi (GER) #SRs: 3-0
07:07 | MIBBR (BRA) vs. (8) cowgomoo239 (USA) #SRs: 6-2
08:08 | (13) Björki (GER) vs. TheLegend (LIE) #SRs: 5-5, # Sets to the winner: 3-0
07:06 | Shahrastani1986 (GBR) vs. (2) ZellKFF (BEL) #SRs: 5-4

RD48 Singles Results

08:04 | Templar770 (POR) vs. jervisjames (AUS) (SR 4:4)
07:08 | lucassilva (UAE) vs. Tuggy (CAN) (SR 3:2)
06:07 | (ALT) Rumpas (POR) vs. MIBBR (BRA) (SR 5:6)
06:07 | Vonano (EST) vs. Shahrastani1986 (GBR) (SR 3:5)
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