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Tennis Tipping - Rome

Welcome to the capital of Italy!

What is Tennis Tipping?

In the game, participants pick the winners of all main draw matches and are placed in a knock-out system. That means each participant plays a different participant and whoever predicted the winner of most matches correctly, moves on to the next round. The same applies for doubles, but you're in a team format and your scores are combined.

- In case of a tie, a tie-breaker will decide who moves on to the next round.
New tie-break method:
- In case a player (i.e. the actual ATP Player) retires in a match, this match will be counted as long as one point has been played. If players are replaced by a lucky loser after the start of Tennis Tipping, these matches will be cancelled.

How to Sign-Up:

Just post here that you would like to play. You can only play one tournament per week. Entries will be based on ranking. Everyone can commit. :D

Please read this post for more information

How to send in picks:

Picks can be sent in as soon as the draws are ready. Remember, you pick a winner in every match! Picks should be sent by PM, so that your opponent does not know your picks. Picks should be titled: [TT: Rome - Adam is the greatest manager, day #]. Picks can be sent in anytime until the beginning of play each day. If you're still in both singles & doubles, you use the same tips for both. For doubles, you still tip the ATP singles matches, not the doubles! No changes can be made after the play has started.

Precautionary Measure

If the board goes down as has happened before, send your picks to [email protected]

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

Fact Sheet

Location: Rome, Italy
Type: Masters Series
Surface: Outdoor Clay
Date: May 5-11, 2008
Tournament website:

1st Singles Entry Deadline: Sunday, 27th April 6:00pm CET
Period for changes and doubles commitments: Monday, 28th April 0:00am – Friday, 2nd May 6:00pm CET
Draw size for singles: 64 (56 direct entries, 8 qualy spots, 32-player qualy draw)
Draw size for doubles: 32 (28 direct entries, 4 qualy spots, 16-team qualy draw)
Time of the draw: TBA
Assistant manager: TBA




[U][B]Singles Final[/B][/U]

Melvins (POR) def. [5] linus (CHN) 03:01

[U][B]Doubles Final[/B][/U]

Ria (MAL) / virex (BRA) def. guille&tati4life (GBR) / GustavoM_Fan (ARG) 06:03



[U][B]Singles Final[/B][/U]

vamos israel (ISR) def. Shotgun Blues (BRA) 03:03 - TB 19:17

[U][B]Doubles Final[/B][/U]

(3)silverwhite (SIN) / Bubba08 (FRA) def. vamos israel (ISR) / tal20 (ISR) 06:05

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

Entry Lists

[U]SINGLES MD ENTRY LIST (rankings from April 21)[/U]

[B]1.  keqtqiadv (BRA) 1
2.  Tomek. (POL) 2
3.  greatkingrat (GBR) 3
4.  Tytta!. (BRA) 5
5.  scythe19pro (ROM) 6
6.  qczi (HUN) 7
7.  Labamba (FIN) 8
8.  TommyB. (GER) 9
9.  adee-gee (BLR) 11
10. Foosimoo (BEL) 12
11. marcelwks (POL) 13
12. sploush (CAN) 14
13. Forever-Delayed (GBR) 15
14. Renaud (KAZ) 16
15. Aleksz (HUN) 17
16. Troickitard (SRB) 18
17. Smasher (FIN) 19
18. propaganda (BUL) 20
19. Wolves68 (FRA) 22
20. Sheva (NED) 23 
21. ZackBusner (GER) 24
22. njnetswill (USA) 25
23. Caralimon (ARG) 26
24. FiBeR (ARG) 27
25. Allez-Alejo (USA) 28
26. Chris 84 (SLO) 30
27. TMJordan (CAN) 31
28. Björki (GER) 32
29. Gutturnio D.O.C. (ITA) 33
30. Nadie (RUS) 35
31. alansk (GBR) 36
32. invu2day (GBR) 37
33. KalleOnAir (GER) 38
34. GlennMirnyi (BRA) 39
35. Marksman (GBR) 40
36. vamos israel (ISR) 41
37. JMG (GER) 42
38. Scala (FRA) 43
39. Wojtek (POL) 44
40. Netin! (BRA) 45
41. tiptopdaisy (AUT) 46
42. Peta (AUS) 47
43. Hotzenplotz (GER) 48
44. Vicek (POL) 49
45. bavaria100 (GER) 50
46. PaulHopkins (GBR) 51
47. SloKid (SLO) 52
48. Ria (SIN) 55
49. gaynor (BLR) 56
50. Strangelove (NED) 58
51. tennisfancroatia (CRO) 59
52. JM-Del-Potro (ITA) 61
53. Zirconanga (CHI) 62
54. TankingTheSet (NED) 64
55. Colt th magnific (FRA) 65
56. soltmann_89 (CHI) 66
[U]SINGLES QD ENTRY LIST (rankings from April 21)[/U]

[B]1. Deathless Mortal (CRO) 69
2.  Pigpen Stinks (USA) 71
3.  Crocodile (FRA) 72
4.  GustavoM_Fan (ARG) 73
5.  Siders (FRA) 74
6.  SeagullUK (GBR) 75
7.  Snowwy (CAN) 76
8.  balloon (SIN) 77
9.  Nathaliia (POL) 78
10. JBdV (FRA) 79
11. Mr Brightside (ITA) 80
12. tal20 (ISR) 81
13. Deboogle!. (USA) 83
14. meninosantos (POR) 84
15. Nando_L (SUI) 88
16. Robin Hood (BRA) 90
17. Dmitriy (RUS) 91
18. muniu (POL) 92
19. superhoops (GBR) 93
20. Amaris (USA) 94
21. ExcaliburII (ARG) 95 
22. manu86 (ARG) 98
23. Alonsofz (CHI) 100
24. Gavnich77 (AUT) 101
25. ReyDavid08 (ARG) 102
26. Uraitan (BRA) 107
27. Aguante_el_Gato (ARG) 108
28. zxcv (CHI) 110
29. Albop (CHI) 111
30. MuzzaWuzza (GBR) 112
31. M.C. (CAN) 113
32. RRenno (BRA) 118
alt1. angela (COL) 120
alt2. Enjoy Incubus (ARG) 122
alt3. Duncan (GBR) 123
alt4. lil_cilic (BOT) 130
alt5. Tennis-Engineer (IND) 136
alt6. Mara_M (ROM) 138
alt7. Gerard (ESP) 141
[S]georg (ROM) 153[/S] - Withdrew
alt8. [adidas] (POR) 159
alt19. HenryMag (POR) 166
[S]Machiavelli (CRO) 175[/S] - Withdrew
alt10. John John (FRA) 180
[S]ChinoRios4Ever (CHI) 188[/S] - Withdrew
alt11. Jeronimo (VEN) 189
[S]egiorazz (LIT) 197[/S] - Withdrew
alt12. starluk (CHN) 273
[S]ANDRE AGASSI (UKR) 280[/S] - Withdrew
alt13. bad gambler (AUS) 295
alt14. Superior1 (CRO) 132 [LE]
[S]Ekin (CHN) 186[/S] - Withdrew
[S]Betty (ITA) 284[/S] - Withdrew[/B]
[U]SEEDED PLAYERS (rankings from April 28)[/U]

[B]Main Draw[/B]

[B]1.  keqtqiadv (BRA) 1
2.  Tomek. (POL) 2
3.  Labamba (FIN) 3
4.  greatkingrat (GBR) 4
5.  Tytta!. (BRA) 6
6.  scythe19pro (ROM) 7
7.  qczi (HUN) 8
8.  TommyB. (GER) 9
9.  adee-gee (BLR) 10
10. FiBeR (ARG) 11
11. Foosimoo (BEL) 12
12. Smasher (FIN) 14
13. marcelwks (POL) 15
14. Forever-Delayed (GBR) 16
15. sploush (CAN) 17
16. Chris 84 (SLO) 18[/B]

[B]Qualifying Draw[/B]

[B]1.  Deathless Mortal (CRO) 68
2.  Pigpen Stinks (USA) 70
3.  Snowwy (CAN) 71
4.  Crocodile (FRA) 72
5.  GustavoM_Fan (ARG) 73
6.  Nando_L (SUI) 74
7.  SeagullUK (GBR) 75
8.  Siders (FRA) 76 
9.  balloon (SIN) 77
10. Nathaliia (POL) 78
11. JBdV (FRA) 79
12. tal20 (ISR) 81
13. Amaris (USA) 82
14. Deboogle!. (USA) 83
15. meninosantos (POR) 84
16. Robin Hood (BRA) 87 [/B]
[U]DOUBLES MD ENTRY LIST (rankings from April 21)[/U]

[B]1.  savestheday91 (SRB) / Sheva (NED) ---> 1 + 6 = 7
2.  keqtqiadv (BRA) / scythe19pro (ROM) ---> 5 + 3 = 8
3.  virex (BRA) / adee-gee (BLR) ---> 4 + 12 = 16
4.  Tytta!. (BRA) / Deboogle!. (USA) ---> 8 + 25 = 33
5.  Scala (FRA) / Siders (FRA) ---> 18 + 18 = 36
6.  sploush (CAN) / Strangelove (NED) ---> 16 + 22 = 38
7.  bavaria100 (GER) / invu2day (GBR) ---> 13 + 26 = 39
8.  Peta (AUS) / Björki (GER) ---> 23 + 24 = 47
9.  Ria (SIN) / Nadie (RUS) ---> 20 + 32 = 52
10. Crocodile (FRA) / KalleOnAir (GER) ---> 36 + 17 = 53
11. GustavoM_Fan (ARG) / ExcaliburII (ARG) ---> 14 + 58 = 72
12. Foosimoo (BEL) / Caralimon (ARG) ---> 39 + 34 = 73
13. Chris 84 (SLO) / SloKid (SLO) ---> 29 + 50 = 79
14. Smasher (FIN) / GlennMirnyi (BRA) ---> 38 + 43 = 81
15. Robin Hood (BRA) / Duncan (GBR) ---> 42 + 41 = 83
16. greatkingrat (GBR) / alansk (GBR) ---> 44 + 40 = 84
17. Renaud (KAZ) / Wolves68 (FRA) ---> 37 + 52 = 89
18. muniu (POL) / njnetswill (USA) ---> 30 + 61 = 91
19. angela (COL) / meninosantos (POR) ---> 10 + 83 = 93
20. BgStallion (BUL) / JbDV (FRA) ---> 48 + 51 = 99
21. Labamba (FIN) / PMK Is Innocent (ICE) ---> 2 + 101 = 103
22. Hotzenplotz (GER) / TMJordan (CAN) ---> 45 + 60 = 105
23. Deathless Mortal (CRO) / Superior1 (CRO) ---> 49 + 59 = 108
24. SeagullUK (GBR) / Amaris (USA) ---> 85 + 28 = 113 (2917)
25. TommyB. (GER) / ZackBusner (GER) ---> 57 + 56 = 113 (2819)
26. Netin! (BRA) / Nando_L (SUI) ---> 31 + 88 = 119
27. Allez-Alejo (USA) / Gutturnio D.O.C. (ITA) ---> 76 + 46 = 122
28. Forever-Delayed (GBR) / qczi (HUN) ---> 70 + 54 = 124
[U]DOUBLES QD ENTRY LIST (rankings from April 21)[/U]

[B]1.  Gavnich77 (AUT) / propaganda (BUL) ---> 64 + 63 = 127
2.  FiBeR (ARG) / manu86 (ARG) ---> 65 + 65 = 130
3.  Mr Brightside (ITA) / Wojtek (POL) ---> 53 + 90 = 143
4.  Bolar Bolabi (AUS) / JMG (GER) ---> 98 + 55 = 153
5.  RRenno (BRA) / gaynor (BLR) ---> 92 + 62 = 154
6.  Aleksz (HUN) / Mara_M (ROM) ---> 87 + 73 = 160
7.  Snowwy (CAN) / TankingTheSet (NED) ---> 78 + 96 = 174
8.  Nathaliia (POL) / Albop (CHI) ---> 93 + 97 = 190
9.  Zirconanga (CHI) / soltmann_89 (CHI) ---> 82 + 115 = 197 (1703)
10. [adidas] (POR) / HenryMag (POR) ---> 106 + 91 = 197 (1664)
11. Colt th magnific (FRA) / Pigpen Stinks (USA) ---> 81 + 119 = 200
12. M.C. (CAN) / tiptopdaisy (AUT) ---> 143 + 68 = 211
13. tal20 (ISR) / Gerard (ESP) ---> 120 + 104 = 224
14. balloon (SIN) / Jeronimo (VEN) ---> 95 + 139 = 234
15. superhoops (GBR) / tennisfancroatia (CRO) ---> 135 + 103 = 238
16. JM-Del-Potro (ITA) / Uraitan (BRA) ---> 149 + 113 = 262
alt1. Alonsofz (CHI) / zxcv (CHI) ---> 131 + 155 = 286
alt2. John John (FRA) / PaulHopkins (GBR) ---> 160 + 142 = 302
alt3. vamos israel (ISR) / bad gambler (AUS) ---> 71 + 272 = 343
alt4. starluk (CHN) / Tennis-Engineer (IND) ---> 224 + 162 = 386
[S]Machiavelli (CRO) / Gerard (ESP) ---> 242 + 104 = 346[/S] - Withdrew
[S]bad gambler (AUS) / ChinoRios4Ever (CHI) ---> 272 + 196 = 468[/S] - Withdrew[/B]
[U]SEEDED TEAMS (rankings from April 28)[/U]

[B]Main Draw[/B]

[B]1.  savestheday91 (SRB) / Sheva (NED) ---> 1 + 4 = 5
2.  keqtqiadv (BRA) / scythe19pro (ROM) ---> 6 + 5 = 11
3.  Tytta!. (BRA) / Deboogle!. (USA) ---> 3 + 15 = 18
4.  virex (BRA) / adee-gee (BLR) ---> 7 + 14 = 21 
5.  Scala (FRA) / Siders (FRA) ---> 18 + 18 = 36
6.  bavaria100 (GER) / invu2day (GBR) ---> 12 + 26 = 38
7.  Peta (AUS) / Björki (GER) ---> 23 + 21 = 44
8.  Crocodile (FRA) / KalleOnAir (GER) ---> 22 + 24 = 46 [/B]

[B]Qualifying Draw[/B]

[B]1.  Gavnich77 (AUT) / propaganda (BUL) ---> 61 + 51 = 112
2.  FiBeR (ARG) / manu86 (ARG) ---> 65 + 65 = 130
3.  Bolar Bolabi (AUS) / JMG (GER) ---> 96 + 53 = 149
4.  RRenno (BRA) / gaynor (BLR) ---> 90 + 64 = 154
5.  Mr Brightside (ITA) / Wojtek (POL) ---> 57 + 98 = 155
6.  Aleksz (HUN) / Mara_M (ROM) ---> 88 + 72 = 160
7.  Snowwy (CAN) / TankingTheSet (NED) ---> 77 + 92 = 169
8.  [adidas] (POR) / HenryMag (POR) ---> 105 + 89 = 194 [/B]

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

Singles Draw


Matches Counted: 3
Matches Remaining: 0

01:03 | Strangelove (NED) vs. Troickitard (SRB)

Semi Finals

Matches Counted: 4
Matches Remaining: 0

03:01 | Strangelove (NED) vs. [7] qczi (HUN)
02:03 | [q] Robin Hood (BRA) vs. Troickitard (SRB)

Quarter Finals

Matches Counted: 7
Matches Remaining: 0

04:03 | Strangelove (NED) vs. Caralimon (ARG)
03:04 | njnetswill (USA) vs. [7] qczi (HUN)
03:05 | [8] TommyB. (GER) vs. [q] Robin Hood (BRA)
05:05 | Troickitard (SRB) vs. KalleOnAir (GER) ---> # of correct SRs

Third Round

Matches Counted: 14
Matches Remaining: 0

08:07 | Strangelove (NED) vs. Sheva (NED)
07:07 | Marksman (GBR) vs. Caralimon (ARG) ---> # of correct SRs
06:10 | [4] greatkingrat (GBR) vs. njnetswill (USA)
09:09 | superhoops (GBR) vs. [7] qczi (HUN) ---> SR1

08:07 | [8] TommyB. (GER) vs. [LL] M.C. (CAN)
07:05 | [q] Robin Hood (BRA) vs. JMG (GER)
07:07 | Troickitard (SRB) vs. [9] adee-gee (BLR) ---> # of correct SRs
08:06 | KalleOnAir (GER) vs. gaynor (BLR)

Second Round

Matches Counted: 12
Matches Remaining: 0

09:09 | vamos israel (ISR) vs. Strangelove (NED) ---> SR2
07:10 | Aleksz (HUN) vs. Sheva (NED)
08:08 | [11] Foosimoo (BEL) vs. Marksman (GBR) ---> # of correct SRs
09:09 | Vicek (POL) vs. Caralimon (ARG) ---> SR2

09:09 | [4] greatkingrat (GBR) vs. bavaria100 (GER) ---> # of correct SRs
09:09 | njnetswill (USA) vs. [15] sploush (CAN) ---> # of correct SRs
07:09 | [10] FiBeR (ARG) vs. superhoops (GBR)
08:09 | Peta Pan (AUS) vs. [7] qczi (HUN)

08:08 | [8] TommyB. (GER) vs. [q] Dmitriy (RUS) ---> # of correct SRs
08:10 | [q] RRenno (BRA) vs. [LL] M.C. (CAN)
10:11 | [14] Forever-Delayed (GBR) vs. [q] Robin Hood (BRA)
08:10 | JM-Del-Potro (ITA) vs. JMG (GER)

09:11 | [6] scythe19pro (ROM) vs. Troickitard (SRB)
09:10 | Zirconanga (CHI) vs. [9] adee-gee (BLR)
09:09 | KalleOnAir (GER) vs. Nadie (RUS) ---> # of correct SRs
10:08 | gaynor (BLR) vs. ZackBusner (GER)

First Round

Matches Counted: 14
Matches Remaining: 0

10:11 | [1] keqtqiadv (BRA) vs. vamos israel (ISR)
09:09 | Björki (GER) vs. Strangelove (NED) ---> PTS3
10:11 | [q] balloon (SIN) vs. Aleksz (HUN)
10:09 | Sheva (NED) vs. [16] Chris 84 (SLO)

11:09 | [11] Foosimoo (BEL) vs. [q] Albop (CHI)
11:08 | Marksman (GBR) vs. Allez-Alejo (USA)
10:09 | Vicek (POL) vs. Wojtek (POL)
11:10 | Caralimon (ARG) vs. [5] Tytta!. (BRA)

10:10 | [4] greatkingrat (GBR) vs. invu2day (GBR) ---> Ranking
10:10 | bavaria100 (GER) vs. tennisfancroatia (CRO) ---> SR1
09:10 | propaganda (BUL) vs. njnetswill (USA)
09:10 | Netin! (BRA) vs. [15] sploush (CAN)

10:09 | [10] FiBeR (ARG) vs. GlennMirnyi (BRA)
11:08 | [q] superhoops (GBR) vs. Gutturnio D.O.C. (ITA)
11:10 | Peta Pan (AUS) vs. Wolves68 (FRA)
09:09 | Ria (SIN) vs. [7] qczi (HUN) ---> SR1

10:10 | [8] TommyB. (GER) vs. SloKid (SLO) ---> PTS3
09:10 | TMJordan (CAN) vs. [q] Dmitriy (RUS)
10:09 | [q] RRenno (BRA) vs. Renaud (KAZ)
10:09 | [LL] M.C. (CAN) vs. [12] Smasher (FIN)

09:08 | [14] Forever-Delayed (GBR) vs. Scala (FRA)
10:10 | [q] Robin Hood (BRA) vs. alansk (GBR) ---> SR4
09:09 | Hotzenplotz (GER) vs. JM-Del-Potro (ITA) ---> # of correct SRs
10:09 | JMG (GER) vs. [3] Labamba (FIN)

10:09 | [6] scythe19pro (ROM) vs. [q] muniu (POL)
10:10 | Colt th magnific (FRA) vs. Troickitard (SRB) ---> # of correct SRs
10:09 | Zirconanga (CHI) vs. TankingTheSet (NED)
09:09 | tiptopdaisy (AUT) vs. [9] adee-gee (BLR) ---> # of correct SRs

10:12 | [13] marcelwks (POL) vs. KalleOnAir (GER)
10:10 | [q] Deathless Mortal (CRO) vs. Nadie (RUS) ---> # of correct SRs
11:10 | gaynor (BLR) vs. soltmann_89 (CHI)
09:09 | ZackBusner (GER) vs. [alt] Amaris (USA) ---> SR4

Qualifying Final Round

Matches Counted: 7
Matches Remaining: 0

05:02 | [1] Deathless Mortal (CRO) vs. [12] tal20 (ISR)
03:03 | Albop (CHI) vs. ReyDavid08 (ARG) ---> # of correct SRs 3-1
05:04 | RRenno (BRA) vs. [13] Amaris (USA)
05:04 | superhoops (GBR) vs. MuzzaWuzza (GBR)

04:04 | muniu (POL) vs. Uraitan (BRA) ---> # of correct SRs 2-1
03:04 | [6] Nando_L (SUI) vs. [9] balloon (SIN)
03:05 | [7] SeagullUK (GBR) vs. Dmitriy (RUS)
04:05 | M.C. (CAN) vs. [16] Robin Hood (BRA)

Qualifying First Round

Matches Counted: 14
Matches Remaining: 0

12:12 | [1] Deathless Mortal (CRO) vs. manu86 (ARG) ---> PTS1
11:13 | ExcaliburII (ARG) vs. [12] tal20 (ISR)
11:13 | [2] Pigpen Stinks (USA) vs. Albop (CHI)
13:09 | ReyDavid08 (ARG) vs. [10] Nathaliia (POL)

11:12 | [3] Snowwy (CAN) vs. RRenno (BRA)
11:13 | [alt] angela (COL) vs. [13] Amaris (USA)
12:12 | [alt] Enjoy Incubus (ARG) vs. superhoops (GBR) ---> # of correct SRs 2-4
11:07 | MuzzaWuzza (GBR) vs. [11] JBdV (FRA)

10:12 | [5] GustavoM_Fan (ARG) vs. muniu (POL)
13:13 | Uraitan (BRA) vs. [15] meninosantos (POR) ---> # of correct SRs 6-2
13:07 | [6] Nando_L (SUI) vs. Mr Brightside (ITA)
11:11 | [alt] Duncan (GBR) vs. [9] balloon (SIN) ---> SR1

13:12 | [7] SeagullUK (GBR) vs. Aguante_el_Gato (ARG)
13:10 | Dmitriy (RUS) vs. [14] Deboogle!. (USA)
12:13 | [8] Siders (FRA) vs. M.C. (CAN)
11:13 | Gavnich77 (AUT) vs. [16] Robin Hood (BRA)

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

Doubles Draw


Matches Counted: 3
Matches Remaining: 0

06:03 | [1] savestheday91 (SRB) / Sheva (NED) vs. [2] keqtqiadv (BRA) / scythe19pro (ROM)

Semi Finals

Matches Counted: 4
Matches Remaining: 0

06:03 | [1] savestheday91 (SRB) / Sheva (NED) vs. [8] Crocodile (FRA) / KalleOnAir (GER)
02:06 | Netin! (BRA) / Nando_L (SUI) vs. [2] keqtqiadv (BRA) / scythe19pro (ROM)

Quarter Finals

Matches Counted: 7
Matches Remaining: 0

10:07 | [1] savestheday91 (SRB) / Sheva (NED) vs. [6] bavaria100 (GER) / invu2day (GBR)
08:09 | [3] Tytta!. (BRA) / Deboogle!. (USA) vs. [8] Crocodile (FRA) / KalleOnAir (GER)
06:06 | Ria (SIN) / Nadie (RUS) vs. Netin! (BRA) / Nando_L (SUI) ---> SR1
06:08 | [q] RRenno (BRA) / gaynor (BLR) vs. [2] keqtqiadv (BRA) / scythe19pro (ROM)

Second Round

Matches Counted: 14
Matches Remaining: 0

14:14 | [1] savestheday91 (SRB) / Sheva (NED) vs. BgStallion (BUL) / JbDV (FRA) ---> # of correct SR winners
14:15 | Robin Hood (BRA) / Duncan (GBR) vs. [6] bavaria100 (GER) / invu2day (GBR)
18:17 | [3] Tytta!. (BRA) / Deboogle!. (USA) vs. Forever-Delayed (GBR) / qczi (HUN)
13:15 | Foosimoo (BEL) / Caralimon (ARG) vs. [8] Crocodile (FRA) / KalleOnAir (GER)

15:18 | Hotzenplotz (GER) / TMJordan (CAN) vs. Ria (SIN) / Nadie (RUS)
17:14 | Netin! (BRA) / Nando_L (SUI) vs. [4] virex (BRA) / adee-gee (BLR)
14:14 | [7] Peta (AUS) / Björki (GER) vs. [q] RRenno (BRA) / gaynor (BLR) ---> # of correct SRs
16:18 | Renaud (KAZ) / Wolves68 (FRA) vs. [2] keqtqiadv (BRA) / scythe19pro (ROM)

First Round

Matches Counted: 26
Matches Remaining: 0

41:38 | [1] savestheday91 (SRB) / Sheva (NED) vs. Labamba (FIN) / PMK Is Innocent (ICE)
38:35 | BgStallion (BUL) / JbDV (FRA) vs. [q] tal20 (ISR) / Gerard (ESP) ---> 4 late picks from BgStallion
40:36 | Robin Hood (BRA) / Duncan (GBR) vs. Allez-Alejo (USA) / Gutturnio D.O.C. (ITA)
37:38 | sploush (CAN) / Strangelove (NED) vs. [6] bavaria100 (GER) / invu2day (GBR)

38:37 | [3] Tytta!. (BRA) / Deboogle!. (USA) vs. muniu (POL) / njnetswill (USA)
35:37 | Deathless Mortal (CRO) / Superior1 (CRO) vs. Forever-Delayed (GBR) / qczi (HUN)
38:39 | greatkingrat (GBR) / alansk (GBR) vs. Foosimoo (BEL) / Caralimon (ARG)
39:41 | [q] Zirconanga (CHI) / soltmann_89 (CHI) vs. [8] Crocodile (FRA) / KalleOnAir (GER)

33:36 | [5] Scala (FRA) / Siders (FRA) vs. Hotzenplotz (GER) / TMJordan (CAN)
35:37 | Chris 84 (SLO) / SloKid (SLO) vs. Ria (SIN) / Nadie (RUS)
36:36 | Smasher (FIN) / GlennMirnyi (BRA) vs. Netin! (BRA) / Nando_L (SUI) ---> # of correct SRs
34:36 | angela (COL) / meninosantos (POR) vs. [4] virex (BRA) / adee-gee (BLR)

37:36 | [7] Peta (AUS) / Björki (GER) vs. SeagullUK (GBR) / Amaris (USA)
29:39 | [q] M.C. (CAN) / tiptopdaisy (AUT) vs. [q] RRenno (BRA) / gaynor (BLR) ---> No picks from tiptopdaisy
34:37 | GustavoM_Fan (ARG) / ExcaliburII (ARG) vs. Renaud (KAZ) / Wolves68 (FRA)
35:38 | TommyB. (GER) / ZackBusner (GER) vs. [2] keqtqiadv (BRA) / scythe19pro (ROM)

Qualifying Final Round

Matches Counted: 7
Matches Remaining: 0

09:07 | M.C. (CAN) / tiptopdaisy (AUT) vs. balloon (SIN) / Jeronimo (VEN)
06:08 | [2] FiBeR (ARG) / manu86 (ARG) vs. Zirconanga (CHI) / soltmann_89 (CHI)
02:05 | [3] Bolar Bolabi (AUS) / JMG (GER) vs. tal20 (ISR) / Gerard (ESP) ---> No picks from Bolar Bolabi.
09:09 | [4] RRenno (BRA) / gaynor (BLR) vs. JM-Del-Potro (ITA) / Uraitan (BRA) ---> # of correct SRs 9-3

Qualifying First Round

Matches Counted: 14
Matches Remaining: 0

18:23 | [1] Gavnich77 (AUT) / propaganda (BUL) vs. M.C. (CAN) / tiptopdaisy (AUT) ---> 4 late picks from propaganda
24:22 | balloon (SIN) / Jeronimo (VEN) vs. [7] Snowwy (CAN) / TankingTheSet (NED)
24:21 | [2] FiBeR (ARG) / manu86 (ARG) vs. superhoops (GBR) / tennisfancroatia (CRO)
24:22 | Zirconanga (CHI) / soltmann_89 (CHI) vs. [6] Aleksz (HUN) / Mara_M (ROM)

24:22 | [3] Bolar Bolabi (AUS) / JMG (GER) vs. Colt th magnific (FRA) / Pigpen Stinks (USA)
25:22 | tal20 (ISR) / Gerard (ESP) vs. [alt] bad gambler (AUS) / vamos israel (ISR)
23:22 | [4] RRenno (BRA) / gaynor (BLR) vs. Nathaliia (POL) / Albop (CHI)
26:16 | JM-Del-Potro (ITA) / Uraitan (BRA) vs. [5] Mr Brightside (ITA) / Wojtek (POL)

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

Schedule of Play



Saturday ~ TT Q1 
Sunday ~ TT Qualy Final Round
Monday ~ TT R64
Tuesday ~ TT R32
Wednesday ~ R16
Thursday ~ TT QF
Friday ~ TT SF
Saturday & Sunday ~ TT Final


Saturday ~ TT Q1 
Sunday ~ TT Qualy Final Round
Monday & Tuesday ~ TT R32
Wednesday ~ TT R16
Thursday ~ TT QF
Friday ~ TT SF
Saturday & Sunday ~ TT Final
Sunday Order Of Play

Stanislas WAWRINKA vs. Novak DJOKOVIC - SR1 PTS

All picks to adee-gee, last of the week :tears:

Saturday Order Of Play

Andy RODDICK vs. Stanislas WAWRINKA - SR2

All picks to adee-gee, entertain me in whichever way you like today :D

Friday Order Of Play

Nicolas ALMAGRO vs. Novak DJOKOVIC - SR1 PTS
Tommy ROBREDO vs. Andy RODDICK - SR2
James BLAKE vs. Stanislas WAWRINKA - SR3
Roger FEDERER vs. Radek STEPANEK - SR4

All picks to adee-gee :sport:
If you're feeling nice, send your favourite joke along with your picks :p

Thursday Order Of Play

Andy RODDICK vs. Simone BOLELLI - SR2
Juan Carlos FERRERO vs. Stanislas WAWRINKA - SR3
James BLAKE vs. Fernando VERDASCO - SR4
Fernando GONZALEZ vs. Nicolas ALMAGRO - SR5
Tommy ROBREDO vs. Nikolay DAVYDENKO - SR6

All picks to adee-gee
If you want to entertain me today, send a picture of you with your picks :p

Wednesday Order Of Play

Andy MURRAY vs. Stanislas WAWRINKA - SR2
Igor ANDREEV vs. Juan MONACO - SR3
James BLAKE vs. Andreas SEPPI - SR4
Luis HORNA vs. Jose ACASUSO - SR6
Mario ANCIC vs. Nikolay DAVYDENKO - SR7
Simone BOLELLI vs. Gilles SIMON - SR8
Nicolas LAPENTTI vs. Fernando VERDASCO - SR9
Fernando GONZALEZ vs. Evgeny KOROLEV - SR10
Tommy ROBREDO vs. Nicolas MAHUT
Juan Carlos FERRERO vs. Rafael NADAL

Play begins at 1pm local time, all picks to adee-gee please :smoke:
TroickiTard, Netin! and Nando_L send picks to GustavoM_Fan :worship:
Good luck :p

***As well as sending your picks, I'd like to know an interesting fact about all of you :angel: plus your name if I don't already know it***

Tuesday Order Of Play

Gilles SIMON (FRA) vs Jo-Wilfried TSONGA (FRA) SR1 PTS
Fernando VERDASCO (ESP) vs Carlos MOYA (ESP) SR2 (SR2 PTS for doubles)
Filippo VOLANDRI (ITA) vs Nicolas LAPENTTI (ECU) SR3 (SR3 PTS for doubles)
Dmitry TURSUNOV (RUS) vs Jose ACASUSO (ARG) SR4 (SR4 PTS for doubles)
Fernando GONZALEZ (CHI) vs Janko TIPSAREVIC (SRB) SR5 (SR5 PTS for doubles)
Mario ANCIC (CRO) vs Feliciano LOPEZ (ESP) SR6 (SR6 PTS for doubles)
Simone BOLELLI (ITA) vs Olivier PATIENCE (FRA) SR7 (SR7 PTS for doubles)
Ivo KARLOVIC (CRO) vs Paul-Henri MATHIEU (FRA) SR8 (SR8 PTS for doubles)
Tommy ROBREDO (ESP) vs Juan Ignacio CHELA (ARG) SR9 (SR9 PTS for doubles)
Roger FEDERER (SUI) vs Guillermo CANAS (ARG) SR10 (SR10 PTS for doubles)

Andy RODDICK (USA) vs Mardy FISH (USA)
Juan Carlos FERRERO (ESP) vs Nicolas KIEFER (GER)

Send your picks to adee-gee :worship:
If you play him, send your picks to GustavoM_Fan :p
Predict the score for SR2-SR10 if you play doubles :p Good luck. :aplot:

Monday Order Of Play

Marat SAFIN (RUS) vs Stanislas WAWRINKA (SUI) - SR1 PTS
Andy MURRAY (GBR) vs Juan Martin DEL POTRO (ARG) - SR2 PTS
Michael LLODRA (FRA) vs Mardy FISH (USA) - SR3 PTS
Nicolas MAHUT (FRA) vs Thomas FABBIANO (ITA) - SR4 PTS
Andreas SEPPI (ITA) vs Fabrice SANTORO (FRA) - SR6 PTS
Potito STARACE (ITA) vs Marin CILIC (CRO) - SR7 PTS
Richard GASQUET (FRA) vs Luis HORNA (PER) - SR10 PTS

Hyung-Taik LEE (KOR) vs Igor ANDREEV (RUS)
Nicolas ALMAGRO (ESP) vs Flavio CIPOLLA (ITA)
Guillermo CANAS (ARG) vs Gianluca NASO (ITA)

Play starts at 1pm local time. :p Good luck :p
Send your picks to adee-gee :cool: If you play him, send your picks to GustavoM_Fan :p

Qualy Sunday Order Of Play

Arnaud CLEMENT vs Pablo CUEVAS - SR1 PTS
Luis HORNA vs Mischa ZVEREV - SR4
Jonas BJORKMAN vs Evgeny KOROLEV - SR5
Gael MONFILS vs Olivier PATIENCE - SR6
Benjamin BECKER vs Juan Martin DEL POTRO - SR7

All picks to adee-gee please. Play begins at 12pm local time. Please send SURNAMES ONLY!

Good luck everyone

Qualy Saturday Order Of Play

Stefano GALVANI vs Olivier PATIENCE - SR2 PTS
Arnaud CLEMENT vs Leonardo AZZARO - SR3 PTS
Andrey GOLUBEV vs Evgeny KOROLEV - SR6 PTS
Matteo MARRAI vs Pablo CUEVAS - SR7 PTS
Simone VAGNOZZI vs Benjamin BECKER - SR9 PTS
Juan Martin DEL POTRO vs Francesco ALDI

All picks to adee-gee


[/U]Match with nothing after it's name - Just pick the winner
Match with [U][B]SR[/B][/U] after it's name - Pick the winner and the sets (Ex: Arthurs 2-1)
Match with [U][B]PTS[/B][/U] after it's name - Pick the whole score (Ex: Arthurs 6:7 7:6 6:1)

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

:singer: Adam's Daily TT Commentary - Final Report :singer:

Serbia's Troickitard completed a dream week, claiming both the singles and doubles final for the 2nd time this season in a Masters Series event with a battling performance in tough circumstances. With the singles tournament being hit by withdrawals, it was the little Serbian who prevailed with a gutsy effort over Strangelove, who put up stern resistance in his first ever ATP final. It was the Dutchman who got off to the stronger start, racing into an early lead before the enormity of the match began to dawn on him, as well as fatigue following a heavy schedule recently and Troickitard used her vast experience in the game to take control and clinch the title. It was the perfect end to a fairytale week which has also seen her open up the possibility of some quality TT lessons from coach ExcaliburII, after the pair struck up an unlikely friendship. Clearly disappointed, Strangelove hit out at the schedule on the TT tour, blaming the TT clowns which work on the board for the "ridiculous workload" enforced on him, and in particular tournament director adee-gee whom he described as "undeserving of the nickname Mr Disney", saying "it is too kind for him". However, there are many positives to take from the week, and the sight of MuzzaWuzza cheering for her elder brother in his player's box brought tears of joy to this commentator's eyes.

In the doubles event, an exciting final between the two top seeds ended up being surprisingly one-sided, as savestheday91/Sheva overwhelmed keqtqiadv/scythe19pro to take home the title. Despite confusions over the name, savestheday91 is indeed the same player as Troickitard, she has merely decided to keep her previous name for doubles events as it has a nicer ring to it than Troickitard/Sheva. As it was, the double S duo cruised into an early lead, as keqtqiadv struggled with the warm conditions, becoming infuriated with the lack of carrots supplied by the tournament. Despite an attempted fightback, the result was never really in doubt as the top seeds romped hime. After the match, savestheday91 heaped praise on her partner, as the reuninted partnership rediscovered the form which took them to the top of the game and now look likely to play at Roland Garros together.


Adam's TT Final Preview


Name: Jessica
Nationality: Serbian
Location: Inside Viktor Troicki's pants
Plays: Right handed (single handed backhand)
Height: 155cm
Current TT singles ranking: 20
Current TT doubles ranking: 1
Celebrity fans: ExcaliburII, Gerry McNamara, Janko Tipsarevic's girlfriend
Number of correct picks: 36/51 ---> 71%
Match odds: 4/6 (0.66)
R1: def. Colt th magnific (FRA) 10-10 (# of correct SRs)
R2: def. [6] scythe19pro (ROM) 11-9
R3: def. [9] adee-gee (BLR) 7-7 (# of correct SRs)
QF: def. KalleOnAir (GER) 5-5 (# of correct SRs)
SF: def. [q] Robin Hood (BRA) 3-2
Interesting fact: Aiming to win singles and doubles title at a Masters Series event for the 2nd time this year.


Name: Rogier
Nationality: Dutch
Location: The red light district, Amsterdam
Plays: Right handed (single handed backhand)
Height: 176cm
Current TT singles ranking: 55
Current TT doubles ranking: 27
Celebrity fans: MuzzaWuzza, Edgar Davids, Raymond Van Barneveld
Number of correct picks: 33/51 ---> 65%
Match odds: 6/5 (1.20)
R1: def. Björki (GER) 9-9 (PTS3)
R2: def. vamos israel (ISR) 9-9 (SR2)
R3: def. Sheva (NED) 8-7
QF: def. Caralimon (ARG) 4-3
SF: def. [7] qczi (HUN) 3-1
Interesting fact: Had never reached an ATP Semi Final prior to this week.


:singer: Adam's Daily TT Commentary - Quarter Final Report :singer:

7th seed qczi ended the hopes of tournament favourite njnetswill with a ruthless display, increasing his hopes of a first ever major title. The Hungarian, who has taken the James Blake route of reaching the top 10 is the only remaining seed, and will rise to #2 in the world should he go on to take the title here. Strangelove will take on qczi for a place in the final, after a narrow win over Caralimon saw him seal a place in his first ever ATP Semi-Final. Despite his fantastic run this week, Strangelove admits to being hugely upset over the ongoing feud currently engulfing his family, as tearaway sister MuzzaWuzza continues to slaughter him in the press. Although details of what started the disagreement are sketchy, it is this commentator's hope to see them clear things up and play doubles together at his next tournament in Nottingham. The last 4 clash will be the first meeting between the two, with qczi holding the greater experience but with time running out on his career, the need for a win may be greater than Strangelove, who has little pressure on him and is expected to rise to the occasion.

TroickiTard continues to defy the critics, as she edged a high quality thriller against KalleOnAir to reach her 2nd Masters Series Semi Final of the year. Having produced some surprisingly good results on hard, it was expected that once she was back on her beloved clay she would look good, and she has certainly not disappointed. For KalleOnAir, it has been an excellent week and he has also been in great form, but unfortunately came up just short today. Robin Hood's dream run from qualifying showed no signs of letting up, as he stunned 8th seed TommyB to secure his best ever TT result and book a Semi-Final encounter with TroickiTard. Already at a career high of 85 in the rankings, the Brasilian has outshone his higher ranked compatriots, and one more win will take him to the brink of the top 50.

In the doubles event, hopes of a Semi Final clash between savestheday91/Sheva and Tytta!./Deboogle!. were ended as the latter were knocked out by KalleOnAir/Crocodile. However, the top seeds did make it through their battle with invu2day/bavaria100, giving KalleOnAir an instant opportunity to avenge his singles defeat. Although disappointed to lose out, Tytta!. commented that she was delighted to be able to spend a couple of days with her husband before heading to Hamburg. In the bottom half of the draw, Bugs Bunny was a surprise guest in the players box as keqtqiadv invited his hero along to see him and his wife defeat RRenno/gaynor. The loved-up couple now take on Netin!/Nando_L, who emerged victorious after saving a match point in their error-filled snoozefest with Ria/Nadie.


:singer: Adam's Daily TT Commentary - Day 3 Report :singer:

American njnetswill continued to oppose the myth that Americans can't play on clay, and also justified this column's faith in him with a crushing victory over 4th seed greatkingrat to reach the Quarter Final. Having been in unimpressive form all week, the Brit was simply unable to cope with his onfire opponent, who has now been slashed in the odds and placed as the new favourite for the title after heavy backing from punters. The American now goes through to the last 8 to take on qczi, after the Hungarian came through the match of the day against superhoops, riding his luck to win a 2nd consecutive match on a final set tie breaker as the Brit ran out of gas after an epic match yesterday where he saved 3 match points.

Sadly, the tournament lost star attraction adee-gee, as he suffered a desperately unfortunate defeat to TroickiTard. Keen to exact some revenge for the Davis Cup defeat, the Belarussian got off to the better start, and took the early lead but was unable to retain his focus after another dubious injury time-out from his opponent. The match was overshadowed by some heckling from the crowd, where TT novice ExcaliburII started throwing his golfing trophies onto the court. Luckily, security got hold of him before he'd thrown all the trophies, as the court would have been swamped due to the huge quantity of trophies possessed by the talented golfer. Despite the controversy, the actual encounter was played in surprisingly good spirits, with adee-gee saying "I was just happy to be back in the mix, it's nice to be competitive again. I think my TT pupil l_mac has reignited my interest in the game". TroickiTard wasn't quite so impressed with her own game, and showed how little respect she has for adee-gee's game later on when completely rejecting advice given by him for her WTA TT match. It is certain that she'll have to play better today, as she now comes up against the in-form KalleOnAir, whose surge through the draw saw him ease past gaynor, completing a miserable day for Belarus. Previously one of the TT players who likes to stay out of the spotlight, this week has seen a totally different side to the German which has seen his popularity grow, with his humour and charisma entertaining fans and organisers.

In other matches, Strangelove claimed victory in the battle of Holland with a tight victory over Sheva, marking a possible passing of the torch as the long rein of Sheva as Dutch number one seems to be coming to an end. Despite his rather unique style of playing in gangster sunglasses and smoking a cigarette at the change of ends, Strangelove is certainly one to look out for and even at this early stage looks in with a chance of the 2008 TT most improved player award. However, MuzzaWuzza, who looked as bored as Mirka at a Federer match whilst providing commentary for Dutch television dismissed her brother's success this week as "insanely lucky". Caralimon will now face Strangelove for a place in the Semi Final, as he ended British interest in the event by taking out Marksman. However, the Argentine later stated his love for Britain, saying he hoped to return to London in the near future. TommyB is one of only two seeds left in the draw, and the world number 9 came through a close match with M.C. to seal his place in the Quarter Final. Qualifier Robin Hood was the last man through to the QF, as opponent JMG produced a dire display to virtually hand him a walkover.

In the doubles event, there was more disappointment for adee-gee, as he and his partner virex crashed out to Netin!/Nando_L. Despite the best efforts of their beautiful fangirl Aimee, Team Gostoso were simply undeserving of such support and a disappointing display saw them swept aside. Top seeds Sheva/savestheday91’s happy reunion went on with victory over BgStallion/JbDV. Although they have looked in good form this week, it seems all is not well in the camp as the match saw more on-court squabbling between the two. Petty arguments are not something you would see on a court where Deboogle!./Tytta!. are playing, as the telepathic twins improved on their already brilliant Masters Series record. Following the match, Deboogle!. revealed the secret behind their close-knit relationship, stating that they do have occasional disagreements, but the with the 110% trust she has in her twin, she will always go along with her in the end. 2nd seeds keqtqiadv/scythe19pro seem to be benefiting from their long practice sessions with Deboogle!./Tytta!., and they also reached the Quarter Final by beating Renaud/Wolves68, as the French/Kazakh duo looked drained after their heroic victory over ExcaliburII/GustavoM_Fan in the previous round. Crocodile/KalleOnAir complete the final 8 line-up.


:singer: Adam's Daily TT Commentary - Day 2 Report :singer:

The upsets continued on day 2 in Rome, as TroickiTard defeated 6th seed scythe19pro to reach the 3rd round, setting up a mouth-watering clash with bitter rival adee-gee. Despite having won the Masters Series event in Miami, the Serbian is still reportedly short of funds, and is rumoured to be residing in some pants at present. With a guaranteed €24,200 in the bank and possibly more to come, it is hoped her progress here will enable her to move to a slightly more luxurious accomodation, perhaps even into a shirt. Belarussian adee-gee scored back-to-back victories for only the 2nd time this year, dedicating his victory to his Brasilian wife who was upset at opponent Zirconanga’s decision to defer from his home nation to represent Chile. Tomorrow’s encounter is sure to be explosive, with adee-gee still fuming at TroickiTard and her entourage’s behaviour in their Davis Cup clash last year.

Sheva followed his doubles partner into the last 16 by cruising past Aleksz and seems to have found a new level after following the Xristos school of thinking and only going to sleep at 5am on the day of a big match. Sheva will now take on compatriot Strangelove, who came from behind to defeat vamos israel as the 2006 Rome winner was unable to match his heroics from yesterday when he knocked out top seed keqtqiadv. With Sheva battling to retain his long standing position as Dutch number one, it should be a blockbuster. Also in the top half, Marksman will square off against Caralimon in the 3rd round after both managed scrappy victories against Foosimoo and Vicek respectively. With some bad blood between the nations in the last few days, this match is another to keep a close eye on.

10th seed FiBeR blew a golden opportunity to reach the top 10 after squandering 3 match points in an epic encounter with superhoops. The match was marred when FiBeR began making derogatory comments about superhoops’ mother, a remark which fired up the Brit and saw him raise his level. The Argentine, who was recently voted “luckiest TT player” on an online poll finally ran out of luck and will now look forward to Hamburg where his dream of reaching the top 10 should be fulfilled. Superhoops will now come up against 7th seed qczi, who ended Peta Pan’s recent revival with a battling win. In another uninspiring display, greatkingrat once again failed to impress but managed to battle through, this time against bavaria100. He will need a much improved display against njnetswill, who ousted 15th seed sploush and looks a good outside bet for the title.

M.C’s profile continues to rise, as the Canadian made further use of a LL spot by defeating Rrenno. One of TT’s quieter players, M.C. only recently cracked the top 100 but now looks set to soar higher, and with performances like this it will only be a matter of time before the top 50 is within sight. In other matches, it was another good day for Germany as JMG, KalleOnAir and TommyB. all progressed to the 3rd round. JMG finally looks back to his best after a lengthy slump, and he ended Italian hopes with victory over JM-Del-Potro who was in floods of tears after his loss. TommyB. And KalleOnAir have both had impressive starts to 2008, and used their increasing confidence to come through tight matches. However, ZackBusner was unable to join them, as the mental drain of yesterday’s topsy-turvy clash took its toll, and he was edged out by gaynor. In the final match, Forever-Delayed hopes were ended by Robin Hood, who kept Brasilian hopes alive.

In contrast to singles, the doubles event threw up few surprises, as Scala/Siders were the only seeds to depart. In the match of the day, top seeds TroickiTard/Sheva battled past Labamba/PMK Is Innocent in a thriller, with the Icelander whom had only come out of retirement for this event rolling back the years to show the youngsters how it is done. However, his lack of match practice began to show and he fatigued towards the end, leaving TroickiTard able to sleep easier with the #1 spot in doubles 99% secured for another week. The 2nd and 3rd seeds, keqtqiadv/scythe19pro and Tytta!./Deboogle!. both had to endure mammoth scares before going through, and 4th seeds adee-gee/virex, whom have been attracting a huge female crowd this week rose to the occasion. However, the tournament had to wave a sad farewell to legendary duo Gustavo_MFan/ExcaliburII, after the latter produced a miserable display, one which his partner will not let him forget in a hurry.


:singer: Adam's Daily TT Commentary - Day 1 Report :singer:

The Internazionali BNL D'Italia got off to a sensational start, as 4 of the top 5 seeds all crashed out on an action packed opening day. Virtually unknown vamos israel caused one of the shocks of 2008, sending top seed and world #1 keqtqiadv to a sorry exit for the second straight year in Rome. Strangely, the Brasilian's mind didn't seem fully concentrated on the match, and he revealed afterwards he was contemplating a name change which is believed to have pre-occupied his thoughts. As he left the court, fans mocked him by putting on bunny ears and waving him goodbye (
). Champions race leader Tytta!. followed her close friend out the tournament, losing the battle of South America against Caralimon. Despite vocal support from her husband, she seemed frustrated with the difficult draw she had been given, muttering her disappointment on a regular basis in her post match interview. With a furious GlennMirnyi and Netin! also being ousted in singles, it was left to the lesser knowns RRenno and Robin Hood to salvage national pride as the qualifiers both scored impressive victories.

The shocks continued as the in-form Labamba was beaten by JMG, the German dismissing thoughts that his best TT days are behind him. Despite not wanting to make excuses, 3rd seed Labamba hit out at tournament organisers, claiming they heaped pressure on him to arrive at the venue early to sign autographs for fans, preventing him from going along with his normal regime. Tomek. completed the woeful day for the top 3 seeds, failing to even turn up for his match and now looks in danger of losing his number 2 spot in the rankings. The highest seed to progress was greatkingrat, though he might have wished he also hadn't turned up after being booed off court by furious fans after a disgraceful match with invu2day. With not one winner being hit all match, the best shot in the game came when a disgruntled fan managed to hit greatkingrat with an apple.

On the outside courts, tears were shed as Amaris and Björki both suffered heartbreaking defeats due to injuries. Despite having to withdraw, Amaris believed she had won the match due to TT rules, until wily opponent ZackBusner managed to find a loophole in the system, leaving his pretty young opponent inconsolable until fiancé Bilbo came to take care of her. Björki was another to suffer a devastating defeat, as a chronic back problem forced her to pull out when on the verge of victory, gifting the win to Strangelove who can do with all the help he can get after being upstaged by little sister MuzzaWuzza in recent weeks. Allez-Alejo was another who looked on the verge of tears, leaving the court absolutely seething after being soundly beaten by Marksman. Clearly not a fan of the clay court season, the American hit out at almost every aspect of the game announcing his intention to stand for the role as TT player's representative, saying he was not happy how the game was being run and stated its need to be revolutionalized.

Hopes of a home winner were dashed as Gutturnio D.O.C. melted under the pressure of an expectant Italian crowd, and was overwhelmed by British qualifier superhoops, leaving JM-Del-Potro as the only remaining chance of a local winner. The talented youngster hasn't quite had the start to 2008 he would have liked, but will surely climb the rankings again shortly as well as the music charts when he releases his magnificent new single. It was however an excellent day for Germany, as bavaria100 took advantage of her dream draw against tennisfancroatia, ending a lengthy slump to claim a much needed victory after an ongoing threat of retirement. Compatriot TommyB. ousted SloKid, and KalleOnAir produced the performance of the day as he blitzed a stunned marcelwks to complete the tally of 4 Germans into the 2nd round, with only Hotzenplotz letting the side down.

Elsewhere, Forever-Delayed, who remains in with a chance of the coveted TT bandwagon of the month award after a popular blog in Monte Carlo continued to gain fans as he edged out Scala to set up a Round 2 meeting with Robin Hood. The ridiculously named TroickiTard squeaked past Colt th magnific to move closer to a hotly anticipated Round 3 encounter with adee-gee, who managed a rare victory. Despite the win, the Serb was in a petulant mood which even Andy Murray would have been proud of, constantly mouthing obscenities aimed at her partner Sheva who was sitting her box, though she is believed to have apologised later. Also in that section of the draw, 6th seed scythe19pro fought back from behind to see off muniu and Zirconanga, who has more names than victories this season defeated TankingTheSet, dedicating the victory to the Chilean TT federation who have welcomed him in with open arms after his switch from Brasil Norway Latvia Germany Scotland Japan Cuba Outer Mongolia some other country. In other matches, Peta Pan continued her good run of form by beating Wolves68 and King Mug TMJordan suffered another early defeat, bowing out to Dmitriy.

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

Singles Final Differences

Matches Counted: 2
Matches Remaining: 1

01:02 | Strangelove (NED) vs. Troickitard (SRB) ---> Wawrinka - Djokovic

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

Doubles Final Differences

Matches Counted: 2
Matches Remaining: 1

04:03 | [1] savestheday91 (SRB) / Sheva (NED) vs. [2] keqtqiadv (BRA) / scythe19pro (ROM) ---> Djokovic +2 - Wawrinka +2

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

That'll be enough :D

Feel free to start committing, if anyone wants to apply for the assistant manager position you may do so :hatoff:

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..


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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. .. singles

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

In for my favourite Masters Series tournament :bounce:

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

Adam you can write me IN :)

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Re: Tennis Tipping #26 ~ Rome - Benvenuto,Welcome,Willkommen,Bienvenue,Bienvenido. ..

in :wavey:
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