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This week, I was supposed to go to the Stockholm Open, first because, I love the city of Stockholm, and second because I wanted to see Thomas Enqvist play. The problem is that we had the confirmation of his participation two weeks ago and for me, it was too late to organise everything. And, I got problems with my back, and I had to go to the physio. Well, I prefered staying at home and following everything on the net.

Unfortunately, Thomas lost in the first round against Schuettler. Match totally weird. I still don't understand how he lost, but I wasn't there to watch. It's not easy to "judge" behind a computer :lol: So frustrating...
Now, we don't know where he is going to play, he may plays with his club in Sweden, but I don't think we'll see him again on an atp tournament this year. I hope we'll see him again in 2006, it will be his last season, I think. He's not eternal !!

I also wanted to go to Vienna, first because I have always wanted to visit the city, second, because I enjoyed my first trip to Austria this year (Kitzbuehl), and third because there were Carlos Moya and Fernando Gonzalez. Unfortunately, they had to face each others in the second round, I was divided cause I like them both. Fernando won, I was happy for him, but sad for Carlos. I hope Carlos will find the strengh to continue his carreer a couple of years. Fernando lost in the next round vs Ljubicic, the player of the moment. Ivan will play the final today vs JCF. I hope Ivan will win cause I don't like JCF. JCF seems to be back at the end of the season, his beginning was disastrous.

In Stockholm, James Blake will face Paradorn Srichapan, a very interesting match. I'm glad that James is back and it's great to see him. I like him without being a big fan, but I like watching him. I hope he'll win, even if I like Paradorn as well. He seems to have problems to come back, he would also deserve to win. Well, we'll see.

Soon, the MS Madrid draw will be available, I hope Fernando and Carlos will have a good draw for once. French satellite channel (Sport +) will broadcast the tournament LIVE all the day next week, so it will be great, even if I'll be at work :( :( But, try to record :)

On tv, right now, we have the commercial of Mac Enroe, for Seat Altea car, it's a funny one :)
and, we'll have a documentary about Chile :lol: :lol:
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