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Tennis Technology Takes Flight From Inside a Hangar

By Tennis Week

In a home typically reserved for airplanes, tennis technology takes flight today. Hall of Famers Pete Sampras and Jim Courier will face off on a tennis court housed in a Farmingdale, Long Island hangar this afternoon and you can watch the match from your PC for free as a member of global living room.

Paltalk, a real-time, video- based community that cites over four million users, announced it will be web exhibition match between former Grand Slam champions Sampras and Courier today at 2 p.m. Eastern time today (Thursday). Both Sampras and Courier are experienced playing at the U.S. Open beneath the occasional air traffic emanating from nearby La Guardia Airport, but this marks the first time they will face off in an airplane hangar.

The match, sponsored by Talon Air, will be staged at Republic Airport in Farmingdale, Long Island and will be web cast live and for free over Paltalk's interactive video community. Paltalk will enable viewers not only to watch the match but see, hear and interact with each other through voice, video and text chat while the match is taking place.

Paltalk has broadcast live shows from New York City comedy clubs in the past, but this marks the site's first foray into broadcasting a live sporting event. To view the Sampras-Courier match, log on to Paltalk, click the orange "New User? Download Paltalk Now" button and download the file. After successfully downloading the file, enter this room name for the match: Tennis - Courier vs Sampras shortly before the 2 p.m. Eastern time start to view the match live and free. You will also be able to interact online with other views from around the world.

"Our broadcast of the Sampras-Courier match is yet another compelling way our socialcasting platform is taking live webcasting to new levels. The layers of interactivity our platform provides to enable viewers not only to watch, but to interact with each other during the broadcast, truly presents a new type of 'virtual living room' where people can gather to enjoy all types of live programming, including sporting events," said Joel Smernoff, President and COO of Paltalk. "Online video viewing is rapidly changing, and we see it becoming more and more interactive as new technology presents compelling ways to experience traditional broadcast programming. Many professional sports with devoted fan bases are looking for more opportunities to bring events to viewers, opportunities that network television is not offering them. Paltalk presents a viable option for sports like tennis, hockey and other professional-level leagues to engage both existing and new fans in a unique community environment."
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