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Tennis Masters Series - Toronto

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Tennis Masters Series - Toronto

Singles Main Draw:

Roger Veliz Hingis v BYE
Simone Saretta v Tommy Sanchez
Stefan Keller v Greg Golduck
Vlad Safin v Alberto Calpena

Heath Izra London v BYE
Carlos Spencer v Jordan Dickhardt
Catriel Daniilidou v Leonardo Tavares
BYE v Flavio Lapentti

Arev Averanovz v BYE
Danny Nest v Gareth Thomas
Jan-Michael Esaiasson v Pete Pistol Seles
BYE v Mark Michael-Ferrero

Kristopher Kiefer v Felix Spears
Nathan Gambill v Benjamin Conde-Martinez
Kirilo Krasnoroutsky v Alexei Urumov
BYE v Mikael Kasaus

Doubles Main Draw:

Dickhardt/Tavares v BYE
Esaiasson/London v Krasnoroutsky/Urumov
Keller/Sanchez v Golduck/Seles
BYE v Conde-Martinez/Kasaus

Gambill/Thomas v BYE
BYE/WC v Lapentti/Spencer
Nest/Spears v Daniilidou/Kiefer
BYE v Ferrero/Hingis

Tournament Information:

Location: Toronto, Canada
Surface: Hard/Outdoor
Prizemoney: $2,950,000

Deadline for FMTT Points: 29th of July, 2002 - 7:00am (NY Time)

Send a points at [email protected] with 'TMS - Toronto (type here your FMTT player's name)' in subject line.
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:hearts: I won't be online all day at tomorrow so, I will be back again on this Saturday night (our time in Sydney).

:hearts: Please form a team for Doubles.
Dickhardt / Tavares on Doubles :bounce: :bounce:
Go Roger Veliz Hingis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyone for doubles with Thomas? Nathan Gambill?
I got a bye in the first round!!!!!

:D :D :D :D
Kirilo vs. Alexei in rd 1:fiery: :fiery: :fiery:

The two will play doubles...

Krasnoroutsky/Urumov in doubles
Danny Nest/Felix Spears for doubles
Kiefer/Daniilidou in double please

Against Spears in first round :fiery: :fiery:
Kiefer in the first round :sad:

Good luck though!!
Mikael Kasaus/Benjamin Conde-Martinez?
Thomas/Gambill for doubles
where is the doubles draw????


ok in with Mikael Kasaus
I need least six teams for Doubles so, please play Doubles!! :)
Confirmed Teams:

1. Dickhardt/Tavares
2. Hingis/Ferrero
3. Esaiasson/London
4. Krasnoroutsky/Urumov
5. Nest/Spears
6. Kiefer/Daniilidou
7. Sanchez/Keller
8. Kasaus/Conde-Martinez
9. Thomas/Gambill
10. Spencer/Lapentti
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1 - 20 of 105 Posts
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