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Group One

Heath Izra London
Greg Golduck
Carlos Spencer
Alexei Urumov

Group Two

Jan-Michael Esaiasson
Flavio Lapentti
Lleyton Clijsters
Catrel Daniilidou

Semifinals Draw

Alexei Urumov vs. Catrel Daniilidou
Jan-Michael Esaiasson vs. Heath Izra London

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:) Surface is HARDCOURT.

:) You will sent one set of points for the round robin play against the players in your division, due Sunday, November 10th at 3:00PM EST. Points will NOT be accepted after this date. If you fail to send points, you WILL BE REPLACED.

:) Round robin play will begin Monday and last through Wednesday. If you make the semifinals, you will send a new set of points, if you desire, that will be due Thursday, November 14th at 3:00PM EST. If you do not send new points, your round robin points will be used.

:) There is no doubles event.

:) ALTERNATES: please send your points also by November 10th in case you are to be included in the draw.

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Urumov uspets #1 London in Shanghai

Q: Alexei, could we say it's your best career win?
A: I think so! I mean, he is the best player in the world! He won so many tournament this year.

Q: It all started really bad. You went down 6-0 in 21 minutes. How did you turn the match around?
A: I had to take more chances and come to net more. He is great when you stay in the rally for a long time. When he gets his rythym, he is so tough! That is why I took more chances and I put a lot a pressure on him by coming to net. He struggled with his passing shots.

Q: You are 2-0 so far. Any comments?
A: I'm very happy and that is all I can say!

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London def. Golduck 7-6(0) 7-6(1)
Golduck def. Spencer 6-4 7-5

post match interview:

Q: After the London match, when you were defeated in straight sets, were you very dissapionted?

Golduck: Well, he is probably the best player in the world right now, especielly on hardcourts.
You know, i played him already a few times, & i never best him, i think.

Q: Have the fact that you never beat him affected you?

Golduck: No, why should it? After all, we both play tennis, he is not a god of some sort, i guess.

Q: Were you happy with your game today?

Golduck: Just with my serve. The rest was crap. Me & my coach (who is a member of called Niminator) worked on the serve especielly, & the results showed, i wasnt broken at all in the tournament.

Q: Ya, but suddenly, you won just one point in both tie-breaks

Golduck: Yes, i played crap.

Q: You seem to like the word crap

Golduck: Crap, you noticed

Q: In your second match, you played better.

Golduck: Yes. I returned better, & my forehand, which is usually crap, was actually working. Nice work, forehand.

Q: Next is Urumov

Golduck: His gameplan is very much against mine, im pretty nervous, but since im great, & not even afraid of god himself, ill go fearless

Q: You sound rather cocky

Golduck: Ya mama

Q: Ok... Thanx for the interview

Golduck: *dancing my way out*
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