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On television, that is :D

I haven't watched any men's tennis since USO ended. There has been a few finals shown here, but I tend to miss those broadcasts quite a bit, what with the reports and stuff... :yawn:

Before I go any further though, a HUGE congratulations for James for winning his 2nd title of the year. It's a feat not achieved by a lot - noticeably even players in the Top 10! :rocker2: Totally deserving :D
The only downside to this, probably, is not being able to qualify for Madrid :( We all know he's totally deserving that spot in the main draw...but then, well, c'est la vie...

Madrid Masters - possibly the most controversial Masters of the year...
First, they threatened to ditch the doubles, only to reinstate that later. And, how can anyone forget the 'display of beauty' on court :rolleyes: Looks like Taylor and Tim are getting the first taste of that this year. :lol: Good for those guys...

Andy - *Sigh*...
I think I've finally succumbed to the fact that I should never get my hopes high especially when we don't see Federer's name on the drawsheet. I seriously hope he'll do well in this run of events, carrying his form to Shanghai - don't get me wrong. But yeah - one match at a time... :)
Side note: Andy and James will be playing doubles at Madrid! :eek: First round - vs. ToJo/Mirnyi :unsure: What with the draw?! :smash: The Bryans got a pretty tough first round match-up as well.

No messing up, boys... Now, go and kick some serious ass :bounce:
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