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I do worry about more important things (in my life) than the shoulder of a favourite tennis player. But now, with Alexander Popp retired in recent times... everytime someone I like retired due to a shoulder problem, I panic a little.

He lost in Belgrade, to Janko Tipsarevic (which is ok. I like Janko, and I DID want them to play each other), 36 67(0). Then, I dropped by the Belgrade site, and checked the doubles results. They gave a walkover to Waske and Kohlmann.

My reaction...
Oh they lost. OH...a walkover!?!
F*CK... it's his shoulder. :tape::sad::eek::(

Positive for this week:
Jurgen is doing alright in doubles. Typical. Now that I don't pay attention, he wins some matches. Excellent work :yeah:

I have nothing against Jewish people... except for a select few of the rich, ridiculously arrogant south-african Jewish community from the North Sydney area, who occasionally like to throw extravagant (I know, they're Jewish and they like this sort of thing, but it's beyond extreme) barmitzvahs or weddings at the place I work. Yeah, where Lleyton got married. (No, I didn't work that night. The only thing of ours they used, were our tables). I also have a gripe with the kosher catering companies we've used in the past. Most are nice/tolerable, but there are a couple of arrogant sons of bitches. I don't know if they are Jewish, but they're enough to make me avoid kosher functions.

Usually, because of some really bad experiences with these people (catering) I refuse to do any kosher functions. I can't be bothered being treated like dirt. So, my boss asked me if I would work today... it was a day function. She gave me a funny look. I said "Is it Jewish?!". uhh... ok Peta. Just this once....

So, I was running late for work today, and I got the 12noon ferry. As I boarded the ferry, Peta called my mobile and told me to wait at the wharf (at work) because I was meeting the bride there. I had no paperwork, didn't know WHAT was going on, but I brought my work clothes with me for once, so I was in uniform (with my bag over my shoulder :tape: ) waiting for them to arrive. They came, but with no bride or groom. Noone knew what was happening for about ten minutes, but after the chaos, everything went according to plan. I got to the function centre, and found that I was looking after the bridal table (as I do with non kosher weddings...but this was my first kosher one and with kosher / cultural weddings it's a bit "omg... wtf is going on? what are they doing and how long will it take?". When you're not used to the dancing and singing intervals, and you run by a schedule, it gets a bit scary! hehe...)

It was a really good afternoon, the bridal party were lovely and sooo happy! Only problem: the catering company. There are a couple of things I like at work. Respect, and manners. it's not a big ask. There was the woman who would march up to the bar ands state her order. "I need a COKE." Later she managed to force out a please, and complained when her drinks weren't poured instantly. "But, I said pleeease?" well idiot, there were two people in front of you, and two barmen. YOU do the math. A different, possibly bi-polar woman (she's often quite friendly and will have a joke with you) having a go at a co-worker for not putting the band equipment out of sight. It helps if:
a) you actually saw the equipment to begin with
b) you knew you had to move it.

Band equipment movement doesn't quite fit under 'food and beverage', but we'd take care of it if we knew about the problem.

When I walked in after the bridal party, I was greeted by sour face.
Kristen: "Hi" to 'cherrybim' tosser, standing behind the people with their damp towels.
Cherrybim tosser says nothing. Instead, he does the following. Try it, you'll see what I mean:
-pulls his head backwards
-closes his eyes, whilst raising his eyebrows in a very "oh. I'm subjected to working with you, scum."

He later abused the bar staff for being too slow, but it's kind of hard when 20 people hit you at once, for sparkling wine. :retard:

No more kosher functions for me! At least not for a few months :p

**Reiterating it, for anyone who forgot... I don't dislike Jewish people... just the kosher catering companies ;)**
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