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I recently made a free Windows 64-bits application called Tennis Highlights that greatly simplifies the making of highlights of amateur tennis videos! It removes all the time where the ball isn't moving, and keeps only the longest exchanges. I made a video presenting it:

Basically you select a video, click on the convert button, after a while it shows you all the long rallies it detected in the video, you pick the ones you like, you can easily fine adjust where they begin and end, and then you click another convert button, which gives you a video with only those rallies after a while. You can also correct the video rotation and reduce its size/quality, so the resulting video is ready to be diffused wherever you want

It's very simple and experimental, but after 2 months and more than 20h of tennis videos converted, recorded in different courts and weather, it's been very useful to me, I'm able to edit a 1h video in less than 10 minutes (time that I spend actually editing the video, there's also the processing time spent by the computer analysing the video and then trimming only the selected rallies in the resulting video)

You can download it here: katsub/tennis-highlights

Hoping it can also be useful to you, and hear your feedback!
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