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More BS from the powers that be in the sport...
Governing Bodies Announce Integrity Plan
Tennis' governing bodies are turning to a pair of Scotland Yard veterans to lead an independent analysis of the sports integrity regulations and the nature of the current threat posed by gambling. Led by Jeffrey Rees and Ben Gunn, leading sports integrity experts, the analysis is the latest stage in the Joint Tennis Integrity Program's work to ensure that professional tennis remains a clean sport.

The analysis follows, and will complement, work already underway to create a common set of integrity rules, procedures and sanctions across the professional tennis industry and is intended to ensure those common regulations are practically and effectively implemented before the establishment of a tennis-wide integrity unit, according to the game's governing bodies.

The four Grand Slams, the International Tennis Federation (ITF), ATP and Sony Ericsson WTA Tour said the analysis by Rees and Gunn will be conducted during the course of January and February. The analysis will include:

1. An identification of the threats to the integrity of professional tennis
2. A review of the current systems in place designed to ensure the sport’s integrity
3. Advice on how best to practically implement the new common rules and procedures
4. An analysis of the structures, strategies and resources necessary to combat current and foreseeable threats to the integrity of the sport
5. A final report including recommendations on steps to be taken by tennis’s governing bodies to create an effective, industry-wide integrity unit. The review will include extensive interviews with key internal and external stakeholders, including consultations with betting exchanges and bookmakers. It will also ensure an analysis of best practice across the world of sport. The final report will be presented to leaders of tennis’s governing bodies within the coming months.

"Today’s announcement represents another important step by our sport’s leaders to ensure that we do everything in our power to combat the very real threat of gambling," said Larry Scott, CEO of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. “Each of tennis’ governing bodies has already taken proactive measures to keep our sport clean, but this independent review will help us ensure we are protecting the integrity of professional tennis into the future."
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