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"I don't care if I win another match for the rest of the year, if we can hold up that (Davis) Cup, I really don't care. That's probably the one time of the year where you can say that and be that selfless and mean it."
-- Andy Roddick after helping the U.S. advance into the Davis Cup semifinals.

We need more of Andy in GM. More of Vicente, more of Eitzinger. ANYONE but Nadal and Federer. I am so over them right now... or, the people who squabble (a word?) over their talents, who is better than this guy, and why such-and-such should hide his face after making remarks, and then losing to a guy. Who cares? There is so much more to tennis than the top ten. (I will say this until one of my own gets in there. *Jarkko?*).

I don't really have a point here. But, reading this repetitive crap on GM (and I can't avoid it, no matter how hard I try) is making me temporarily sick of tennis. OH MY GOD Nadal beat Roger on CLAY!? Who would've thought it possible?! I miss hearing about how crappy Andy is (which results in me liking him more), or that Vicente won a title, as did Rainer Eitzinger - a lovely Austrian guy who gave my friend his spare shirt when she was cold. THESE are the things I want to hear about. I'd post about them myself, but they would dwindle away, onto page 4, as more threads about Federer and/or Nadal and / or Ljubicic are bumped. I might have to think about starting a general thread about impressive results from players outside the top ten :scratch: I almost made one about Vicente's win, til I realised I didn't know what I was writing about, exactly. Just needed a break from the hysterical Federer/Nadal fans and haters.

Or maybe I just want the grass to be here. I don't know.
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